Balmain  Fusion Hair Extensions Fill In Strands are a great way to add volume or length to your own hair.  This salon installed hair extension system is uses a keratin bond to adhere to your own natural hair.  Fill-In Exdtensions are great for someone with normal to medium hair strands and density.  Here is a brief look into why we love Balmain Fusion Hair extensions.

How Balmain Fusion Hair Extensions Work

This system is best for someone with normal to medium density hair. It can be used to add volume, as well as length up to 16 inches. Application takes anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours, depending on how many bonds are installed.  The bond that holds on to your hair is made up of a keratin material.  When this keratin is heated with hair extension tools, it softens.  While it is soft, we wrap the bond around your hair strands to form a water-sealed bond.  As it cools it hardens, and remains securely attached to your hair for 3-4 months.

The extensions will remain installed for 12-16 weeks.  There is no moving up, or re-installing of the same extensions with this method.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Maintaining fusion strands is quite simple considering they do not need to be moved up inbetween installations.  These extensions grow with your own hair, and after 3-4 months, will need to be replaced.


Balmain Double hair weft extensions in Dallas are one of our client’s favorite hair extensions methods.   These 100% human hair weft extensions are perfect if you have normal to thick hair density.  Here is our professional review of Balmain Double Hair Weft Extensions that we use in our Dallas Hair Extensions Salon.

How they Work

Each DoubleHair weft is a 3.75 in. wide hand-knotted strip of 16 in. long human hair. (22″ length is also available) One DoubleHair panel has as much hair as 18 extensions and consists of 3 layers of hair.

Double Hair Weft Extensions are one of our clients’ favorites because they require no heat or glue to install.  The double hair weft extensions system is installed using a silicone lined hair extension tubes/beads.  When clamped down, these metal beads secure your hair to the extensions for a great grip without risk because of the silicone protection.

Why we Love Double hair Weft Extensions in Dallas

Double hair weft extensions are a bit thicker than most hair extensions, since they are double wefts.  This is something our clients love because they give a level of fullness and body that most other extensions don’t offer.

Each weft has a significant amount of hair, which means fewer extensions need to be added.  5 Doublewerfts is comparable to 100+ fusion bonds, which is always great.  Less is more with hair extensions, and these offer a lot of hair with such few pieces.

They are re-useable, and the hair quality is guaranteed by Balmain for 6 months.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Doubleweft extensions need in-salon maintenance every 5-7 weeks.  This is usally in line with hair color appointments.  After the initial application, the extensions rotate between these two services:

Move-Up Service – 5-7 weeks after installation, the extensions need to be moved up.  At this appointment, the beads are opened, we slide the beads up closer to your scalp to account for the new growth, and clamp them closed again.  We do this for all of the extensions so they are secured as close to your scalp and discreet.

Removal/Re-Install Service – 5-7 weeks after a Move-Up appointment, you will need a Removal/Re-Install service.  At this time, all of the extensions are completely removed from your head.  After color/shampoo/blowdry, we re-install the same hair using new beads.  This ensures there is no tangling, or over-stressing of the same hair strands for too long.

After 6 months of re-using the same wefts, new hair will need to be applied.


Interested in Fusion hair extensions in Dallas?  As hair extensions specialists, we work with many brands, and offer many types of hair extensions to match every hair type and lifestyle.  Here, we will take a look at fusion hair extensions and help answer any questions you may have.

What are fusion hair extensions?

Fusion Hair Extensions use small bundles of strands that are connected to a tip that is made of some form of adhesive: keratin, nylon, crystal bond are a few of the most common materials used. When this adhesive material is heated with extension tools, it slowly softens to a gel like adhesive.  We then wrap this adhesive bond around a section of your hair, and it cools almost immediately.  Once cooled, these extensions will remain in your hair for 3-6 months.  At that point, they need to be removed, and a new set installed.

Recommended Hair Types

The fusion hair extension method can be used on all hair types, but in our professional opinion, this type of system is best for someone with normal – thick hair strands, and density.  The reason we do not recommend these extensions for someone with fine hair strands is the increased possibility of damage to fine and weak strands.


  •  Fusion hair extensions will remain installed for 3-6 months.  The amount of time they remain is a personal preference, and depending on the brand used for installation.  Some are meant to last longer, some shorter.
  • Fusion hair extensions can not be moved up, or re-used.
  • These extensions take more time than most others to install, which explains why they come with a higher installation price.

Looking for the best hair products for hair extensions? We are a top rated hair extensions salon in Dallas, and have many years of experience on wearing, maintaining, and helping clients have the best Dallas Hair extensions.  With hair extensions, it is very important to use products that keep the hair quality looking shiny, soft, and to prevent tangling.  We have worked with many brands and products, and this is our list of the best hair products for hair extensions, using products from Wet Brush, and Alterna Haircare.


#1 The Wet Brush | Detangling Brush




The Wet Brush detangling brush should be the only one you use when you wear hair extensions.  The wet brush has soft bristles that flex when you brush over the hair extensions attachment.  This prevents stress and breakage on your own hair.

#2) Shampoo & Conditioner | Caviar Repleneshing Moisture

Alterna Caviar Dallas


CaviarRepleneshingMoistureAll of the products from Alterna Haircare are absolutely incredible for hair extensions, but our go-to-favorite shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions is the Caviar Repleneshing Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner.  This luxurious sulfate, paraben, and gluten free cleanser restores nourishing moisture to your strands.  Because these products use skincare quality ingredients, your strands are moisturized from the inside out, resulting in bouncy, healthy, and shiny hair extensions.


#3 – Thermal Protection | Caviar Multi-Vitamin Heat protection Spray



This weightless spray is part leave-in conditioner, part multi-vitamin for your hair extensions.   It instantly helps repair weak, distressed strands while adding these amazing perks:

  • Vitamins A & C: Anti-oxidants, protect against free radicals
  • Biotin, B6 & B12: Restore strength, shine & body
  • Vitamin E: Nourishes, conditions & smooths
  • Heat/UV Protection: Prevents breakage and protects from heat up to 450*F


#4 –  Conditioning & Shine | Caviar Omega+ Oil



This powerful treatment oil contains a highly concentrated dose of Omega-3 and C22 Fatty Acids.  It adds moisture that maintains soft and silky strands without split ends.  It also helps prevent dry and brittle hair while adding intense shine.  The skincare quality ingredients deliver all of this amazingness without weighing your hair down or making it feel oily.





Lets face it, hair extensions are a luxury service and are an investment in your image. Having the right products to maintain your hair extensions is your insurance to having a healthy, beautiful set of hair your entire wearing period.  With the right brush, and the amazing products from Alterna Haircare, this is the perfect hair extensions product cocktail to maintain your investment for as long as possible.



What are they?

Tape Hair Extensions in Dallas are one of the most popular types of hair extensions our clients love!  Tape Hair Extensions are one of the easiest, most comfortable methods available. These human, remy hair extensions are a fantastic, non-damaging, and quick way to add volume,  and length.  Our Skinny Tape Hair Extensions are the thinnest base available, and are only offered at Bigger Better Hair in Dallas, TX.


Our Skinny Tape hair extensions in Dallas are thin panels of hair on a discreet weft, and use hypoallergenic surgical grade tape on a polyurethane base.  They come in bundles of 14 wefts, which make 7 complete extensions.  We offer 5 services for every extension method we offer at Bigger Better Hair.  Which service you need depends on the look you want to achieve.


Our Skinny Tape Services

Fill In Service (7 panels)

With only 7 panels, this system is rarely used. We recommend this service for someone who experienced a bad haircut, or has a hard time filling in the hair around their face.


Volume Service (14 panels)

This is one of the most popular systems. With 14 panels you see a significant addition of volume in your hair.  If length is added with this service, the ends will be very fine and tapered.  


Length & Volume (21 panels)

This is our other most popular service. 21 panels of our skinny tape extensions are when you start to really transform your hair and add length and volume.  This can offer a natural, but dramatic change in your length.  


XL Length & Volume Treatment (28 panels)

Anything is possible with 28 panels of our skinny tape extensions.  This is when we get into #instagram worth hair.  This amount of hair allows you to have a perfectly blended and beautifully full style.  


XXL Length & Volume Treatment (35 panels)

If you are looking for #biggerbetterhair this is the service.  This is for the girl who wants an extremely full, beautiful, long, and dense head of hair.  


How Long Do They Last?

Most clients wear they same hair for 6 months, with regular re-applications.  Once applied, the extensions are good for daily usage for 6-8 weeks.  After six to eight weeks (which usually falls within a time frame to refresh hair color) the extensions are removed. New tape is applied while the color processes, and the same hair is reapplied.  You re-use the same hair extensions multiple times until the hair needs replacing.


Why Choose Skinny Tape? 

Our Skinny tape hair extensions in Dallas are the bomb dot com. They are a fantastic way to amp up your hair style in a cost effective way. If you have a fine, or thin hair texture they are the absolute best method of hair extensions for you. The base is a very flat panel that is hardly noticed, extremely discreet, and are the most comfortable you can possibly wear.  This method of extensions comes with the least amount of drawbacks compared to any other type of extensions.  Last but not least, we are the only Dallas Hair Extensions Salon who carries Skinny Tape Extensions as they have been developed by our stylists, tested on our clients who have worn extensions for years.



When looking for longer thicker hair extensions in Dallas you should not make the decision on a whim.  Luxury services such as hair extensions are something that may be offered by many, but you should really seek the leaders in the field.  Cost and potential damage are the two big reasons why you should research before having hair extensions installed.  Here’s why:



Lets be honest, hair extensions are a luxury service.  Even at the low end, they bear a cost that’s not something to take lightly.  Having said that, it is important that you do your research so the hair stylist applying your hair extensions has years of experience.  The last thing you want to happen is having buyers remorse due to botched hair extensions or bad hair quality.


Potential Damage

Just like having an inexperienced colorist working on your hair, having an inexperienced extensionist can cause tremendous damage. There are several types of hair extensions targeted towards different hair types and different results.  If you find a stylist that has a one-extension-fits-all approach I have one bit of advice: RUN. There is no way I would use the same system of extensions on someone with thick, curly hair as I would on someone with very fine, straight hair.



Always remember: you only have one shot with hair. If hair is damaged, it is a grueling, time consuming process to grow it back.


Examples of what good hair extensions should NOT look like:



What you may not be aware of is the amount of people who actually wear extensions that perfectly match their own hair.  I definitely have quite a few clients who love adding extra length with hair extensions, but my average client is looking for fuller or thicker hair.


Klix cold fusion hair extensions are made from great quality 100% Remy Human Hair. Each strand is individually hand threaded onto a skin-like weft, which allows them to remain tangle free while looking very natural. The silicone-lined micro links match the color of the hair to help blend, and also protect the hair within the copper link.

Klix hair extensions are perfect for someone with a thicker, or a coarse hair texture. Other systems, like Easilengths are great for someone with finer hair. Klix extensions have a slightly bulkier base, but with thick or coarse hair, this is nothing to worry about. They’re no thicker than a strand by strand extension’s bond. Even better, with Klix there is no tape, heat, or glue.

The application process of Klix is extremely quick. After being color matched, the extensions can be put in, and the cut customized in about 90 minutes. They are minimally damaging to the hair, given there is no heat, or glue needed to secure the extensions to your hair. As you can see from the picture, the extensions are secured by pulling your own hair through the silicone-lined micro link.

Cold fusion hair extensionsThe best part of these extensions is their ability to be moved up. After about 4-6 weeks, depending on your rate of hair growth, a touch-up is recommended. You come in, and in about 30-60 minutes, the micro-links are opened, and the hair is moved closer to the scalp, and then they are closed again. Moving the extensions up comes at a very fair cost: $100. I guarantee they can be moved up once, giving them a life span of 8-12 weeks.

Even better, depending on the hair and micro-link’s integrity, in some cases they are able to be moved up twice.


I like to consult with every client before I recommend a line of extensions. As is true with anything, there is no extension that is perfect for everyone. Depending on your hair type, lifestyle, and desired results, I have several lines of extensions to suit each scenario. If Klix are right for you, my pricing is as follows:

Full Volume: $500  Full Length: $800 Re-application: $100

These prices include the hair, the application, and my customization/cut.

The time has come to address a trend that has gone haywire: Feathers. What once was a cute, trendy idea is quickly becoming an overdone, tacky accessory that is quite the eye-sore. Here is the problem…


Bad Hair Extensions in DallasSupply and demand. Unfortunately the trendsetting feathers that were first to hit the markets were legitimately feathers that came from the tail of a rooster. Originally used for fly-fishing, they could be found at local fishing/outdoor stores.

It is obvious that farmers who sell the feathers at fishing stores had no clue the beauty industry was about to take over their market. Therefore, we see what is happening now: a shortage of the actual rooster feathers, and a surplus of synthetic, terrible look-a-like feathers.

Now it seems like people who want to make a quick buck are mustering up all the feathers they can find.


In fact, feather look-a-likes are even on the market!

In the end, you see feathers sticking out of someones hair like antennas, sometimes by the dozens. Then there is that girl with something that looks like a feather, or is it dirty hair??? Who knows.

As is often done with trends, over doing a certain thing is never a good thing. Take, for instance, Christina Aguilera and the platinum hair and red lipstick. Girl, let it go! And the everlasting leapord print mess. Lets not let feathers get to that point ladies. They came, and they are going. Don’t be the last to let go of a dwindling trend.

When it comes to hair extensions, we know what it takes to maintain their health and condition by using our favorite products for hair extensions.  Our recommended (and favorite) brush for hair extensions is The Wet Brush.  With its simple, yet genius design, it is offers great detangling of your natural hair, while not harming the hair extensions attachments.



Why we love The Wet Brush

The Wet Brush can be used on wet or dry hair and is perfect for all hair types. It features a soft, non-slip rubber grip for a secure, comfortable hold, and is very lightweight.  The Intelli-flex bristles move and flex through tangles, and hair extensions attachments.  Normal brushes have stiff bristles that rake through tangles which can cause hair breakage, and can tug on your hair extensions.  This brush works very gently, yet effectively without the risk of damage.

Wet Hair Tips

Pro tip: We recommend using your wet brush when doing a pre-shampoo treatment, hair masque, or even after applying your hair products to your hair.  The soft, flexible bristles are great at making sure you dispense the product to all of your strands.  This ensures even coverage, and optimal results of the conditioner, masque, or styling products you are using.

Check out this video on The Wet Brush