Bead Weft Hair Extensions are a great hair extension option for women with normal to thick hair. These hair extensions use no heat, glue, or tape to attach to your own natural hair. They are a great way to add volume or length using no glue hair extensions Dallas.


What we like most about beaded weft hair extensions is the easy, quick, and seamless installation. Because there is no heat or glue, they are incredibly quick to apply. Due to the weight of the weft, and the link attachment, they are not meant for clients with thin or fine hair types. For someone with a fine hair type, consider hair extensions for fine hair .


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How they work:
Bead Weft  extensions are made from great quality 100% Remy Human Hair. The Hair is attached on a very thin weft, which allows them to remain tangle free and look very natural. Silicone-lined links, which vary in color depending on the color of hair, are what secure your hair to the extensions. These extensions do not require heat when installed, so there is minimal damage to your own hair. The silicone inside the link protects your hair from the rough edges of metal, and prevents hair extensions damage.


How long they last:
After the initial application, bead weft hair extensions need to be maintained every 4-6 weeks. During this maintenance appointment, each link is re-opened, and the wefts are moved up. Keeping the weft closer to your scalp keeps them secure, and keeps them from being visible. The same hair extensions are worn for 3-6 months, depending on how well they are maintained.


How long is application?
For a full volume application, it is usually 45 minutes. Full length application usually takes 1.5 hours. These hair extensions with no glue are very easy and quick to install.


Do Bead Weft Extensions cause Damage?
When put on the right client, and they are maintained properly at home there should be no noticeable damage. This is where the importance of a hair extension consultation comes into play. You want to find the best hair extensions salon in Dallas for a free consultation. In a good consultation with a professional who is trained and certified on several options of hair extensions, you should not even be directed to try a system that would damage your hair.

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