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The Best Hair Extensions for Fine or Thin Hair

The Best Hair Extensions for Fine or Thin Hair

Fine thin hair extensions in Dallas are something most of our clients are looking for.  Adding volume or length to your own hair is easily done with the best hair extensions.  As hair extensions specialists, we work with several brands and types of extensions for fine and thin hair in Dallas.  Here is a simple look at the best hair extensions for fine or thin hair in Dallas.


Best hair extensions for Fine or Thin hair


The most important thing to consider if your natural hair is fine or thin is the strength of the hair extension attachment.  The last thing you want to do is add hair extensions that look great for 2-4 months, then remove them to find you have done damage to your own natural hair.  We recommend tape hair extensions for clients with fine or thin hair.  Seamless tape hair extensions are durable enough for 6-8 weeks of reusable wear, but they are easily removed which results in the least amount of damage to your own hair.


There are many brands who offer tape hair extensions, and we work with several of them.  Each brand has a different weight per hair extension piece, and different type of tape used for the attachment.  Depending on your hair type, we will make our recommendation based on which would best suit your hair without causing damage.


In some instances, we recommend fusion hair extensions that are able to be customized with small bonds like Balmain fusion strands or Hairdreams fusion strands.  Other methods with links, or heavy wefts are not recommended for someone with a fine natural hair strand.


Interested in the best hair extensions in Dallas?  Check out our Dallas hair extension guide for a detailed look at several brands, and the types of hair extensions I offer for clients.


Hair Extension Consultation

If you are looking into hair extensions for fine thin hair in Dallas, we recommend you schedule a complimentary hair extensions consultation.  We offer hair extension consultations for free so we can take a look at your natural hair, discuss your lifestyle, and offer honest advice in regards to which hair extension system would work best for you.


The reason we work with several brands, and offer different methods of attachments is because we know there is no one-size-fits-all with hair extensions.  By working with several brands and methods of attachment, we can offer something for every hair type, lifestyle and budget.

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