Dallas hair extensions

If you are interested in cuticle hair extension in Dallas, this is a simplified explanation for you.  Cuticle hair extensions are another way to explain remy hair extensions in Dallas.  Check out my guide for a more in depth look into what remy hair extensions are.  Here is a look at what cuticle hair extensions really means.

What is cuticle hair?

Cuticle hair extensions is, in general, another term for virgin remy hair extensions in Dallas.  The cuticle is completely in-tact and this results in higher quality hair strands.

What is non-cuticle hair?

This is another term for chemically treated non-remy hair.  Non-remy hair extensions have been chemically processed to melt the cuticles that are in opposite directions.  So, there are no more cuticles on these hair extensions because of this chemical processing.  Silicone sealers and fillers are used to add a smooth finish and shine to the hair, but this is not a permenant sealer.  In time, with shampooing and heat styling, this “sealer” wears off and the unnatural roughness and dry texture of the chemically processed hair will be exposed.  The result is increased dryness, tangling and matting.