Dallas hair extensions

Curious about tape hair extensions in Dallas?  Here is a simple look into tape hair extensions, how they work, and how they stay in your hair.


How do Tape Hair Extensions work?

Tape hair extensions usually have a very flat base, also known as a seamless skin weft.  This attachment base is made out of a polyurethane so as to keep the hair extensions in-tact and allow the tape to stay adhered.  The tape is usually a medical grade, hypoallergenic tape.  Two panels of these wefts are sandwiched together with a very thin slice of your hair in between the tape.  This means the tape is taped to tape, and your hair is just holding it in place.  No tape, or glue is exposed to your natural hair or scalp


After 4-6 weeks of wearing, the extensions are very easily removed in the salon.  While your hair color is processing we replace the tape, and re-apply the same extensions for another 6-8 weeks of wearing.


Will they Damage Your Hair?

Absolutely not.  Tape hair extensions are a great option for all hair types, especially someone with fine or thin natural hair.   Seamless tape hair extensions are also incredibly flat, and comfortable wearing.


How long does it take?

Application is very quick: 30 minutes to 2 hours.  Removal: 15 to 45 minutes. Reapplications usually last 1hour-2 hours.  (Not including color) 


How much do they cost?

Request a complimentary consultation with one of our stylists to get a fully accurate price based on your current length and your hair goals.