Seamless skin weft hair extensions in Dallas are becoming very popular for clients looking for fuller thicker hair or extra length hair extensions without damage.  Here is a simple look at Dallas seamless skin weft hair extensions:


What is a seamless skin weft?


Seamless skin weft is a type of base for hair extensions that is very thin and flat, and matches the hair color on the extension for a seamless blend.   This attachment base is made out of a polyurethane so as to keep the hair extensions in-tact and give a sturdy attachment for adding tape.  Sometimes a seamless skin weft is also used in micro-link hair extensions.


Seamless skin weft hair extensions are very flat and comfortable when worn.  They lay very flat against the head and don’t create any points of pressure when felt, or when you lay your head down.


How Much do they Cost?


Check out our salon menu for a complete Dallas hair extensions price list.