Hot fusion hair extensions in Dallas are very common, yet can be very confusing to someone new to hair extensions.  Here is a simple look into fusion hair extensions so you can get a better understanding when looking into Dallas hair extensions.


What is fusion?


The process of using adhesives to attach hair extensions to your own hair.  Hot fusion means heat is used to fuse (or attach) hair to your own hair strands.  Heat is used to soften (or melt) some sort adhesive that will then harden when it cools back down.  While the adhesive is soft, it is wrapped around a section of your hair so when it hardens it remains attached.


How it works


Fusion hair extensions are individually wrapped around small sections of your own hair for a very natural look.  They usually remain attached for 3-5 months, and then they need to be removed and either re-applied or a new set installed.  During those 3-5 months, you will visit the salon for regular maintenance appointments where they are individually inspected for shedding and separated to prevent tangling.  With regular maintenance visits, the possibility of damage is minimized.


Are they damaging?


Fusion hair extensions have been wildly popular for around 20 years, so there are strong opinions on both sides of the answer to this question.  In my professional opinion, fusion hair extensions are not damaging when these 3 basic rules are followed:


  1.  They are properly applied by a trained professional who recommends them for your hair type.
  2. They are maintained in the salon every 4-6 weeks for a Tidy Cut.
  3. They are removed by a trained professional with proper tools and solutions.


Who should wear fusion hair extensions?


The ideal client for fusion hair extensions has moderately thin to normal natural hair, not thick.  They have an active lifestyle that requires frequent ponytails, and/or minimal visibility.


How long does it take?


Fusion hair extensions in Dallas usually take 1.5 – 3.5 hours depending on the amount of hair extensions that are applied.  Removal generally takes 1 – 1.5 hour(s).


How much do they cost?


Fusion hair extensions have a very wide range of pricing.  Much of this depends on the length of hair you need, and how many extensions your end result requires.  For a better idea of how much Fusion hair extensions in Dallas cost, refer to my salon services and price menu.