Dallas hair extensions

If you have done your research on hair extensions, you will see many terms that describe the hair such as virgin, remy, cuticle.  Here, we will dive into virgin hair extensions and take a simplified look into what virgin hair really is, and why it’s so important to hair extension quality.


What is Virgin hair?

In the salon, if someone says your hair is “virgin” that simply means it hasn’t been touched by any sort of checmical.  Virgin hair extensions generally refers to hair that has zero processing – chemical, or hair color.   If this is true, the hair is the exact same color as it was when someone donated it.  Once hair color, or any chemical straightening has touched virgin hair extensions, the hair is no longer virgin hair.


As can be imagined, virgin hair extensions are very rare, which equates to low supply and high cost.  Virgin hair is the best quality hair extensions you can buy yet they are also the most expensive.


Do you need Virgin hair extensions?

While virgin hair extensions are rare, and of the highest quality, there comes a point where you have to ask: how good of quality do I need? In other words: Is there much of a difference between an Infinity, and a Lexus car?  Also, you have to consider the legitimacy of what hair extension companies claim they offer.  Since virgin hair extensions haven’t been colored, do you really believe there is a huge source of 22″ long blonde hair extensions that they got from a blonde ponytail?   If a company promises 100% of their hair is virgin, and they offer multiple colors of hair extensions, we tend to not believe these claims.  Anything is possible, but this is highly unlikely.


All in all, Virgin hair extensions seem to be something brands have thrown out there as a marketing gimmick.  Virgin hair extensions do offer amazing quality, but this quality can only be found by very very few vendors, and only in the darkest of hair colors.


We only work with brands that guarantee the quality of hair.  What this means is, while the hair may not be truly virgin, they stand behind the quality of hair with a warranty.  The hair comes pre-colored, and we can match it to your own color.