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Ombre Hair Extensions in Dallas | Re-Thinking Hair Color

Have you ever thought about using hair extensions to add an Ombre hair color, highlights and lowlights, or bright neon colors to your hair? If you think outside the box for a minute, it makes perfect sense to use extensions instead of coloring your hair in certain instances.  Working at a Dallas hair color salon, I see several people a year who want to add a pop of bright neon hair color to their hair.  Lately, Pastel hair colors have been becoming more and more popular.  My clients absolutely love keeping their hair healthy with Ombre hair extensions in Dallas and using extensions for other hair color purposes.  Here’s why:


If you’re looking for highlights or an Ombre hair color style, this can very easily be done with hair extensions.  For Ombre hair styles, you almost always have to lighten the ends of your hair with bleach.  So let me repeat what I just said:  You almost always have to bleach the ends of your hair to achieve an Ombre hair color.  Yes, the same ends of your hair that bear the beating from your flat iron, curling iron, and last summer’s sun damage from all that time at the pool.  Instead of bleaching the ends to lighten them, you could very easily throw in a few colors of hair extensions so you get a soft, seamless transition from dark to light.  In doing this, your ends weren’t lightened and you spare yourself any further damage.  Plus, when you move on from Ombre hair extensions hair styles, we take them out and can easily change into the next upcoming hair trend of 2013.

If you want to throw in some highlights  or lowlights with hair extensions you should seriously consider a Highline system. Though it is marketed for adding volume on top of the head, this is an incredibly versatile system.  First of all, who doesn’t want more volume on top of their head?  Not only does it do that, it’s an amazing tool to either get darker or lighter than your natural hair so you get a hair color with dimension.  All without coloring, or highlighting your own natural hair.

On another note, if you are wanting to throw in pops of bright funky hair colors then you should definitely be paying attention to this!  I always recommend using hair extensions any time someone asks me to throw a little bit of bright rihanna red, or any other crazy hair colors like blue, green purple, etc.  Here’s why:

To get those funky neon or bright hair colors, your hair has to be lightened with bleach to remove any dark pigment.  Then, we go in and color your hair with what ever color you so choose.  All is fun and you leave the salon with bright funky hair color, but let’s fast forward two weeks later:  That bright funky hair color has faded incredibly fast, and your bright blue is now a weird green blue teal color.  Or that Red is now orangish yellow.  Not pretty.

Hair extensions that are pre-colored with these colors do not fade.  Yep, I said it.  Working with either Easilengths, or Hairdreams hair extensions I can pre-order fashion hair colors that will keep their bright colors the entire wearing time as if it’s always freshly colored.  Even if we have to color the extensions to make your custom hair color, we can start with the lightest of hair extensions so you get that pop of color without damaging the cuticle – which in turn means the color lasts much, MUCH longer.


Not only can going this route be very similar to the cost of your hair color, you get results that last much longer.  Adding pops of color with hair extensions starts around $100 – yep, $100.  The best thing to do is to book a free hair extension consultation so you can see what best suits your needs.

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