Clip In & Halo Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become a popular accessory for those looking to add length, volume, or color to their hair. With various types of hair extensions available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In this article, we’ll discuss the two most popular types of hair extensions – clip-in and halo hair extensions. We’ll take a look at how they work, their pros and cons, and how to maintain them.

Hair extensions are a great way to transform your hair without having to wait for it to grow. They are a popular choice among women who desire longer, thicker hair or want to experiment with different styles. In this article, we’ll explore the two most common types of hair extensions – clip-in and halo hair extensions.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are made of real or synthetic hair strands that are attached to small clips. They are easy to apply and can be done at home without the help of a professional hairstylist. The clips are attached to your natural hair, giving you instant length, volume, and thickness.

Clip-in hair extensions are available in different lengths, colors, and textures. The materials used to make them range from synthetic fibers to human hair. The quality of the clip-in hair extensions can affect the overall look and feel of the hair.

To apply for clip-in hair extensions, separate your hair into sections and clip the extensions into each section. You can start from the bottom of your hair and work your way up. Make sure the clips are securely attached to your hair so that the extensions don’t slip or fall out.

Clip in hair extensions has several pros and cons. They are easy to apply, affordable, and can be reused multiple times. On the other hand, they may not be suitable for those with thin hair as the clips may be visible. They also require regular maintenance to keep them looking natural and in good condition.

Halo Hair Extensions

Halo hair extensions are similar to clip-in hair extensions in that they are also made of real or synthetic hair. However, instead of clips, halo hair extensions come with a thin wire that sits on top of your head like a halo. The hair extensions are attached to the wire, which is then hidden under your natural hair.

To apply for halo hair extensions, place the wire on top of your head like a headband, with the hair extensions hanging down on either side. Use a comb to pull your natural hair over the wire to hide it. The result is natural-looking, longer, and thicker hair.

Halo hair extensions have several advantages over clip-in hair extensions. They are easy to apply and can be done quickly. They are also suitable for all hair types and do not damage your natural hair. They also require minimal maintenance.

However, halo hair extensions can be more expensive than clip-in hair extensions. They may also be less secure, which can result in them slipping or falling out. Additionally, they may not be as versatile as clip-in hair extensions when it comes to styling options.

Comparison between clip & halo hair extensions

Clip-in and halo hair extensions are two popular types of hair extensions that can add length, volume, and thickness to your natural hair. Both clip-in and halo extensions are easy to use and can be styled to achieve various hairstyles, but there are some key differences between the two.

  1. Installation:

Clip-in extensions are attached to your natural hair using clips. They come in wefts that you can clip in and out of your hair as needed. You can install them yourself or with the help of a stylist.

Halo extensions, on the other hand, are installed by placing a thin, clear wire around the crown of your head. The hair extensions are then attached to the wire, giving the appearance of a halo of hair around your head. They are typically easier to install than clip-ins.

  1. Comfort:

Clip-in extensions can be heavy and uncomfortable, especially if you’re wearing them for an extended period of time. They can also pull on your natural hair, causing discomfort and even pain.

Halo extensions, on the other hand, are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The wire is adjustable, so you can ensure a comfortable fit without any pulling or discomfort.

  1. Durability:

Clip-in extensions can last for several months if they are well-maintained and not worn too frequently. However, the clips may become loose or break over time, which can make the extensions less secure.

Halo extensions can also last for several months if they are well-maintained. However, they may not be as durable as clip-ins since the wire can become stretched or damaged over time.

  1. Style:

Both clip-in and halo extensions can be styled in various ways, including straightened, curled, and braided. However, since clip-ins are attached to your natural hair, they may be more versatile in terms of styling options.

Halo extensions may be less versatile when it comes to styling since they are attached to a wire that sits around your head. However, they can still be styled in a variety of ways, especially if you use additional clips or bobby pins to secure them.

  1. Price:

Clip-in extensions are generally more expensive than halo extensions since they require more individual pieces to achieve a full look.

Halo extensions, on the other hand, are typically less expensive since they only require one or two pieces to achieve a full look.

Our Process

clip-in and halo hair extensions are both great options for adding length and volume to your natural hair. The choice between the two ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs. If you want a more versatile option that can be styled in a variety of ways, clip-ins may be the way to go. If you prioritize comfort and ease of use, halo extensions may be a better fit.

Once you decide if clip-in or halo extension is best for you, we color-match you to the extensions and place the order.  Once you order the hair we schedule a follow-up Customization & Tutorial appointment.  At the follow-up appointment, we do a blending haircut so the extensions perfectly blend into your existing style.  Then we spend the latter half of the appointment showing you how to put in, take out, and wear your halo on a daily basis.

Bigger Better Hair,

As Dallas Hair Replacement Specialists, we are so excited and proud to be certified in offering Men’s Hair Replacement Services in Dallas using the Hairskeen Systems.  Here we will give some insight and set some expectations of what the system looks like, some maintenance guidelines, and hopefully help you better understand our men’s hair replacement services in Dallas.


Who is a candidate?

Hairskeen Men’s Hair Replacement Systems are a fully customizable hair replacement system for men experiencing partial or full top of the head hair loss or balding.  Each unit is fully sized, cut, and designed to your own head shape and hair growth patterns.  Our stylists are trained and certified on the Hairskeen Systems and can confidently customize a unit for multiple scenarios:


Men's Hair Replacement Services in Dallas

  • Balding in a small isolated spot, such as the crown.
  • Receding Hairline
  • Full hair loss on the top, also known as male pattern balding.

The above graphic is a general depiction of who can benefit from a Hairskeen Men’s Hair Replacement system, but there are so many applications that would benefit as well.  The best way to determine whether the system would work for you would be to meet with a stylist, in person or via zoom to talk about the options and discuss how it can work for you.


hair replacement service Dallas

What is a Hairskeen Men’s Hair Replacement System?

Simply put, the Hairskeen System is a modern hair loss solution for the modern man.  Forget what you think you know, or what you think it looks like.  Hairskeen has a collection of unique hair replacements, combining high-tech aesthetics with natural-looking designs. Adaptable to all types of hair loss, Hairskeen solutions are made with extreme finesse, benefiting from the latest technological advances including innovative materials for an ultra-natural custom-made result.


hair replacement service

How does it work?

A Hairskeen System is installed to your own head using very strong Medical Grade Tape or is bonded to your head with a strong adhesive.  Half of our guests prefer to have it installed using tape, and the other half prefer bonding the system to their scalp.  Either way, the system stays secure for 3-4 weeks, at which point needs to be removed and re-installed.

Both adhesives, tape or bonding, actually use your very short hairs and your skin as a bonding point to anchor the system to your head.  There is absolutely no pain and it is very comfortable once installed.  In fact, most of our guests are completely shocked at how durable and strong the system is adhered to your head.   It truly becomes a part of you, not just in the way it looks but also feels when wearing.

After 3-4 weeks the system needs to be removed and re-installed to keep the attachment method (tape or bond) fresh, and to keep the length of any of your hairs underneath trimmed short.  See below for a before and after showing a client before, and after wearing a Hairskeen system installed with one of our Men’s Hair Replacement Specialists at Bigger Better Hair.

Mens hair replacement service Dallas


How can I talk with a stylist about this?

Our stylists at Bigger Better Hair were trained and certified in NYC by Hairskeen and have been perfecting their application techniques in a variety of scenarios.  Before proceeding with an install, our stylists need to meet with you to discuss the options that would best suit your needs.

They will also go over all of your maintenance, as well as take some measurements of your head prior to installation.  From there, you can decide if moving forward is right for you.  Once you order the hair, we will schedule your first installation, which includes a blending haircut to blend the system into your own hair for a natural cut.


Hair Replacement Salon


What is the cost?

There are a lot of variables and different timelines between hair costs, installation services, and maintenance appointments.  Here is a general timeline with pricing to help set your expectations of pricing to make sure this can fit into your lifestyle:

1st appointment: Consultation  $0

This is the most important step to starting you off with realistic expectations to start your next hair chapter.  Our stylists will explain the systems and show you which would work best for you and your lifestyle.  From there, if you choose to proceed you will need to purchase your system, at which point we will schedule your first installation.

Hairskeen Systems range from $500-$550+tax depending on which method you choose: the “Skin” or “Mono” base options.  Both are amazing and offer the same end result, however they offer different pro’s and con’s.  In your consultation, our stylists will explain each and help guide you to the option that would best suit your lifestyle and circumstances.


2nd Appointment: First Installation + Blending Haircut

This is where the magic begins!  At this point, your stylist will install your new hairskeen system, and perform a blending haircut to seamlessly blend your natural hair into your system.   Depending on which method of installation you and your stylist choose, the costs are as follows:

1st Installation (Tape) + Blending Haircut: $275

1st Installation (Bonded) + Blending Haircut: $325


3rd Appiointment: Removal & Re-installation

At this point, you will need the system removed & re-installed.  This is exactly what your stylist will do: remove the system, and re-install it.

If you are needing a haircut on the sides of your hair, you will need to let us know so we can add that to your services.  The Hairskeen re-application service only allocates enough time for the Hairskeen system maintenance, and a haircut will require additional time.

You will repeat this service over and over until it is time to start fresh with a new Hairskeen System

Re-Application for Tape-in System: $150

Re-application for Bonded System: $175

Clipper or Scissor Cut (Optional, for your natural hair) : $45

hair replacement service

System Lifespan

Most clients wear the same system and have it re-installed every 3-4 weeks for 3-6 months depending on how well you take care of it in between visits, and the overall cap construction you choose.

The Hairskeen “Skin” System is the most realistic base that looks almost identical to a scalp with natural hair growing from it, however it is more fragile and has a shorter life span.  This method can only be bonded and can not be installed using tape.  While the maintenance for both is the same: every 3-4 weeks, this means the system will need to be replaced more frequently, around every 2-3 months.

The Hairskeen “Mono” System provides a sturdier base that can last a bit longer than the “Skin” system, and can be installed using the bonding method or using hair extension tape.  This system is maintained the same: every 3-4 weeks, and can last up to 6 months with good maintenance in between salon visits.


How to Proceed or Schedule

If you are interested, or have additional questions the first step is to move forward with a consultation with one of our Dallas Men’s Hair Replacement Specialists.  Consultations are complimentary, and usually take 20-30 minutes.  Our men’s hair replacement specialists will show you the two different bases, and fill you in on which they think would best suit your needs.  Should you choose to proceed, you will purchase the system and we will setup your next appointment which would be the first installation and blending haircut.  From there, you will be in the salon every 3-4 weeks for a removal/re-install service until it is time to replace the Hairskeen System.

     Men's Hair ReplacementMen's Hair Replacement



Bigger Better Hair

We are honored to be among the top 5 nominees for the Dallas Observer’s “Best of Dallas” for Best Hair Salon category in 2021.  Tap to vote for your hair family at Bigger Better Hair!

Bigger Better Hair

What’s up Friends lets’ talk extensions today, Microbead extensions to be specific. There are many types of extensions and microbeads are one of the most popular in today’s world. If you are looking for some added length and volume, microbeads might be an option.


MicroBead Extensions

These extensions are held on to your hair with a …[ Drumroll Please]  you guessed it a microbead. This is a metal or plastic ring that is clamped to your hair used to hold the hair link. Each pack will come with about 20-25 hair strings and should all have a shoelace link at the tip of them. This will be the end that is clamped into the bead onto your natural hair.



Is my hair a candidate for Microbead Extensions??

There is an extension method for everyone, but not every method is for everyone. This method in-particular can be perfect for clients with medium to thick hair with a natural wave or curl. Clients with fine straight hair might have a harder time trying to disguise the extensions. This is also healthy for your hair because there is no glue or heat used during the application. The bead has a layer of silicone to help protect the hair.



Installation can take anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on how much hair will be needed to reach your hair goals, and how fast your stylist moves. It is recommended that any color service is done before. Every install begins with freshly cleansed hair to make sure there is no oils left that could possibly cause a slip. Small sections of your hair are then pulled through a loop wand to place the bead, which will help to secure the hair link when clamped closed.

MicroBead Extensions | Stylist Review



With any extensions there is always some maintenance appointments required to help with the health of your hair and the extensions. It is important that you do not miss these.

  • 6-8wks after your install service, clients are to come in for a “Push-Up”. In this service, the beads are opened then pushed up towards your scalp. Wash and style included
  • 6-8wks after your “Push-up” appointment, clients will come in for a “Removal & Reinstall”. In this service the beads and extensions are removed and cleansed. Once the client’s natural hair has been cleansed and dried your stylist will then reinstall the extensions.


Maintenance does not stop with just salon visits, at home care is strongly encouraged with every client. The proper use of tools and products should be implemented with every wash at home. Washing should be 2-3 times a week, ideal being just twice, using a gentle sulfate free shampoo. Conditioner or any oil products should only be placed on mid-length to ends never on or near the beads as this can cause slipping.

MicroBead Extensions | Stylist Review


Thank you for reading my blog on MicroBead Extensions and Maintenance, if you have any questions about the service feel free to book a consultation and I’m currently offering 10% off all services.

MicroBead Extensions | Stylist Review


Bigger Better Hair

What color hair looks best on your skin tone?

Are you always wondering which is the best hair color for your skin tone? Do you find yourself wanting change or a completely new look but don’t know what will look good on you? This blog is here to help you and tell you everything you need to know about matching your hair color with your skin tone!


How to decide if your skin is warm, cool or neutral.

Warm skin usually shows warm colors such as reds, yellows, and oranges. Most people with a warm skin tone have brown, hazel, or honey eyes and tan very easily.



Cool skin usually shows colors such as pinks, rosy tones, or bluish-reds. People with a cool skin tone typically have blue, grey, green, or deep brown eyes and a lot of the time burn to a crisp in the sun.



If you have a combination of some warm traits and cool traits, then your skin is most likely neutral. Now that you know what skin tone you are, let’s find out what hair color suits you best!


How to choose the perfect hair color?


You always want to go with a hair color that compliments the undertones of your skin, if you have warm skin, warm hair compliment your skin best. If you have cool skin, cool, ashy hair would compliment your skin best. If you have neutral toned skin, then lucky you! Many colors would compliment your skin! I would say Miley Cyrus has neutral skin, or maybe she’s just lucky and everything looks great on her!



When you choose the wrong hair color for your skin it tends to make you look like these photos.



These photos show how great people look when they match their hair and skin!



If you have cool hair with warm skin vise versa, don’t feel the need to change your hair color.


In the end hair color is an opinion and it matters if you love it, so if you love it, just go with it! Want to talk to a hair stylist to get a second opinion or advice? Tap here to book a consultation with our hair stylist and they can help you reach your hair goals.

Bigger Better Hair, Consultations | Virtual Consultation | Dallas Hair Specialists

I think I want to go blonde. Should I get extensions? My hair needs a cut. I hate my frizzy hair!… Have you ever thought about changing your hair, but not sure how or where to start? We got you friend, at Bigger Better Hair we offer complimentary consultations in-person or virtually with a professional to help you reach your hair goals.

Why meet virtually instead of in-person?

This is the 21st century, and technology makes our lives easier! We use virtual consultations to assist busy clients who want to talk with us prior to booking a service, such as extensions or color, or before they buy a product. This method is also a way to extend the reach of our salon to clients located outside the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We have clients who live in Austin, Lubbock, Houston, Chicago, and all parts in between. Finally, in this day of social distancing, virtual consultations ensure that clients can remain in the safety of their own space while they learn about hair services or products.

Consultations | Virtual Consultation | Dallas Hair Specialists

What to expect during the Virtual Consultation?

You will be provided with an introductory email and a link to access the virtual meeting platform – currently we are using Zoom. We ask that you follow the instructions and check out your personal technology device to ensure that it is compatible. If you have difficulties, we are ready and able to assist you. At the time of the scheduled meeting, one of our stylists will begin video chatting with you. They are experts in their field, so they are more than able to give you explanations, walk you through processes, discuss costs, answer questions, help you with color-matching, and book follow-up appointments.  The meeting will last approximately 30 minutes, and it is free to the client.


Extension Consultations

We offer many different types of extension services so that we can address a variety of hair needs. Do you want to add length and volume? Are you seeking to cover up hair loss? Do you want more flexibility in styling? Are you willing to commit to extension care? Are you aware of the costs of hair, installation, and maintenance?

Clients can effectively present their hair goals and inspiration to our stylists in the comfort of their home or office. We can make recommendations based on the type and condition of their hair and thoroughly explain the advantages and disadvantages of different types of extensions. We can discuss care and maintenance of extensions as well. Stylists will analyze the cost of hair, extension installation, and regular maintenance for each client.

Want extensions that you can put in and take out whenever the mood strikes? Stylists are happy to outline the advantages of Hidden Crown Halos and clip-ins.

Want to think about it before committing to getting extensions? You have the information you need to make the decision that is right for you! At no time is the client pressured to move forward with hair extensions.


Color Consultations

Virtual Consultations are a great way for you to discuss your hair color goals with a stylist. Often clients will see an amazing hair color/style on social media and want to have an “Instagram Makeover” themselves. The stylist can advise if the desired color transformation will be possible considering the current condition of the client’s hair, and he/she can advise how long the color change may take.

Sometimes clients need color correction, having used box dye or some other method to color their hair and the result is not what they desired. The stylist can advise the best course of action and the length of time it will take to correct the color.

Some clients desire fantasy or specialty colors. In the Virtual Consultation, the stylist can discuss length of service, how to maintain the color, and how to grow it out.



Hair Loss

For clients who have experienced premature hair loss, the Virtual Consultation is a great resource. The stylist can discuss options available including extensions, toppers, volumizers, or wigs. The meeting is held in the comfort and privacy of the client’s home or office.


Are you interested in booking a consultation?

Interested in booking a consultation? Reach out to the salon by email or phone. If you would like to book at your own leisure, tap to book here.


Consultations | Virtual Consultation | Dallas Hair Specialists



Bigger Better Hair

At Bigger Better Hair we offer a wide variety of hair extensions for clients looking to enhance their natural hair. As a stylist, I am here to give you some helpful info about our Hand Tied Weft Extensions that might help you to decide if they are the right hair extension method for you.



Are you the right candidate for Hand Tied Weft Extensions??

This method is great for clients with medium to thick hair density looking to increase their current length and volume.  Hand Tied Weft extensions are also great for someone who lives an active lifestyle since there is no glue to worry about.  For clients with short hair and are looking to add extreme length, we might suggest another method for you.

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Are Hand Tied Extensions the right method for your hair??

Hand Tied is a glue free, no heat, no braid extension method that causes zero damage to a clients hair when being installed.

Extensions Salon Near me


Installation in a Nutshell!

First we secure beads to your hair, then we hand tie the wefts into your hair with a durable string. Once all the wefts are installed and secure, the hair is cut and blended into your hair to give it a more natural look.



Check out this video to see how they are hand tied into the anchor beads.

Maintenance Appointments

Just like all extensions, hand tied wefts need maintenance every 6-8 weeks after your new install.   After a new installation, you will rotate between two services until it is time to replace the hair.  The two appointments are a push up, and a removal and re-install.  Here is a breakdown of each maintenance services for hand tied extensions.

Push Up 

Your first service after a new installation is called a “Push-Up” service.  At this appointment, we open the beads using a tool and push the wefts up so they stay close to your scalp.  After all of the extensions are moved up, we follow up with a shampoo and style.

Check out this video to see how we push up the extensions.  

Next: Remove & Reinstall

6-8 weeks after your “Push-Up” service you will return for a “Removal Reinstall” (R&R) appointment. In this service, the wefts and beads will be removed, we will then shampoo you and your hair extensions.  If you are having your color done, we do this while the extensions are out.  After, we will install new beads and secure the wefts with new string just like a new installation.

Check out this video to see how simple it is to remove hand tied extensions: 

How to take care of your extensions

Its vital to use the proper tools and products at home. A soft flexible bristle brush is recommended for detangling, paired with a leave-in conditioner, lightweight oil or moisturizing cream for the ends of your hair and the extensions to keep them moisturize and looking fresh!! Depending on how much hair is installed, up-do’s can kind of be tricky but low-do’s are attainable.


Hand Tied Weft Extensions | Hand Tied Weft Extensions Near me

There is always a Price for Beauty!

The cost for hand tied extensions depends on a few things:

  1. Hair Cost depends on where your natural hair length is at, and where you want your hair to be.  Each pack of hair consist of (two) 12 inch wide wefts, with 20 inch length hair. For someone looking to add a natural bit of volume, 1 pack of hair will do.  For a dramatic addition of volume and a few inches at most of length, you will need two packs of hair.  For dramatic additions of length, you will need either 3 or 4 packs of hair, depending on how much length we are adding.
  2. Installation cost depends on how many rows of hair we need to install for your goal look.  For volume, 1-2 rows does the trick.  When adding length, you can have 2-4 rows of hand tied wefts installed.

Hand Tied Weft Extensions | Hand Tied Weft Extensions Near me

We offer complimentary consultations, either in person or virtually over a zoom call to discuss your hair goals and give exact pricing for your desired look.

If you have any further questions on our hand tied extensions or would like to schedule a consultation, feel free to reach out! We would love to meet and talk about how to make your hair goals a reality.

Hand Tied Weft Extensions | Hand Tied Weft Extensions Near me

Bigger Better Hair treatments

Hair Treatment Services Dallas


At Bigger Better Hair we offer treatments to help different hair types and textures ranging from conditioning, wave and expansion, as well as color supplemental services. We can help you reach your hair goals and understand the treatment services offered here at BBH. Take a look below to see which treatment would be best for your hair.


Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout


A Brazilian Blowout is fit for someone who has very frizzy and unmanageable hair. This treatment is great for anyone wanting to smooth their hair with a protective protein layer, but also wanting to keep their natural wave.



Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment


A Keratin Treatment is great for anyone wanting to not only reduce frizz but improves manageability, leaves the hair softer and shinier, and even repairs damage!


Wave Perm & Cut

Wave Perm & Cut


The American Wave Perm is great for anyone wanting to add texture to their hair whether you have straight or semi- wavy this service will give you a nice wave to wear however you would like.


Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning


Deep conditioning is a must when you come to the salon it leaves the hair healthier and smoother than before and repairs damage plus prevents any future damage.


Split End Seal

Split End Seal


Split ends can really ruin the length of your hair but with split end treatment correction it will minimize and mend split ends to save some of your length.


B3 Demi Permanent Conditioner

B3 Demi Permanent Conditioner


B3 Demi permanent conditioner provides intensive repair to extremely dry and damaged chemically treated hair.





Malibu Treatment essentially prepares the hair for color by removing any build up from old color and chlorine from swimming so that you can get a brighter outcome from your color service.



Olaplex Treatment


Olaplex is a great treatment to get when trying to achieve healthy blonde hair this service helps reduce or prevent damage when going lighter so you can keep your hair strong. book your service.


If you have any further questions on our treatments or would like to book, feel free to reach out and schedule a consultation where a stylist will go over details and book your service.

Hait Treatment Service


treatments service


Bigger Better Hair, Summer Blonde Hair Colors 2023 | Artego Blueberry Shine


In Dallas, there is no shortage of blondes and we want to share the love during our Dallas Blonde Summer Special!  If you are looking to brighten up your look, or even just maintaining your blonde, we got you girl!  Book a blonding service in July and receive a complimentary Purple Masque that maintains a brass free blonde and add beautiful moisture and shine.

*Select stylists only



Summer Blonde Hair Colors 2023 | Artego Blueberry Shine


What is Artego Color Shine Masque?

The Artego Color Shine Masque is a three minute treatment that helps correct unwanted brassy tones in blonde hair. This mask also adds brilliant shine to the hair and cancels out any unwanted yellow or golden tones.


Summer Blonde Hair Colors 2023 | Artego Blueberry Shine



Who should use this product?

This treatment works best for anyone who is looking to enhance there hair to the desired tone their trying to reach. The blueberry color mask works best with light blondes trying to prevent yellowish and golden tones. There are several other color shine masks colors specifically made for different hair colors to enhance desirable tones. The color mask is easy to use and helps hide grey hair.

Summer Blonde Hair Colors 2023 | Artego Blueberry Shine


The color mask is recommended to use once a week to prevent your hair from turning brassy.  Or, if you prefer an icy blonde color, you can use the masque every time you condition your hair.



The deep conditioning treatment is a three minute process. First, shampoo, then squeeze out excess water from hair. Apply the color mask like regular conditioner or in specific areas that need extra toning.

Summer Blonde Hair Colors 2023 | Artego Blueberry Shine

Bigger Better Hair, COVID-19 - Salon Message Regarding Corona Virus
Our Commitment

We have always held ourselves to high standards with respect to the trust our guests give us with such personal services. Now more than ever we want to update you with our sanitation practices and protocols we will practice to ensure a safe and healthy salon. We want to assure you that the health of our customers and our employees is our highest priority.

Due to the personal & scheduled nature of our business, we are fortunate to know who is coming into our business and when. We trust that you will be understanding should your service provider need to reschedule in the event health concerns become an issue.  Should this be the case, our support staff will reach out to you as soon as possible to re-schedule you with another stylist or to find another date for your service.

Preventative Measures We are Taking

COVID-19 Guild lines

We are taking measures to ensure that all are safe at Bigger Better Hair, and that the client experience continues to be a positive one.  We commit to adding extra time to each service to properly sanitize and disinfect our salon multiple times throughout the day, using Barbicide, a hospital-grade, broad spectrum germicide, virucide, and dinsinfectant.

In addition to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, we commit to disinfect all tools and laundry after every use. These are precautions we took before COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and we will continue them after the threat of infection has subsided.


Our salon is equipt with HEPA and Ultraviolet Light filtration, both of which work to prevent the spread COVID-19 particles. Our current capacity of filters purify and sanitize the air in our business 8 times every hour.

We look forward to seeing your beautiful faces!