Dallas hair extensions

Dry Shampoo and hair powders are making a comeback, and I love it!  Here is a list of my top 3 favorite best dry shampoo products in Dallas.  Each serves a different purpose, and I will explain why I love them.

Bumble Pret a Powder Dry Shampoo

1.  Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-powder


Equal Part Dry Shampoo and volumizer.  It not only absorbs oil, it adds a cleansing frangrance and adds light texture for volume at the root.   Easy to use, and an amazing tool that’s airline TSA friendly.


Bumble hair powders dallas


2. Bumble & Bumble Hair Powders


While these technically aren’t “dry shampoo” products, they are FANTASTIC at absorbing excessive oil.  They are also incredible root texturizers and regrowth camouflage.    Yep, the pigmented hair powders are great for hiding your gray in a pinch.  Tip: With the tinted hair powders, less is more.  Don’t over-use, as the pigment can be messy.  





3.  Tigi Catwalk Session Series Dry Shampoo


Okay, so here’s the scoop:  This dry shampoo is extremely light on the powder, which some people prefer.  As a hair stylist, the more the better for me.  So why did this make the list?  It’s fragrance!   After a long night out, or sizzling fajitas we all know how hair just soaks up scents.  This fragrance is a show-stopper and lasts quite a while.