Dallas hair stylist review: Long wavy hair has been the hottest trend for the past few years. Anything resembling a ringlet is out of style, and looser waves are in. Think Kim Kardashian, or check out Selma Hayek at the 2012 Golden Globes. Simply gorgeous!

I recreated this look on a model and wanted to show how easy this can be. I didn’t buy a new tool, or a popular wand that is flooding the market. I simply used my existing curling iron, and wrapped small sections of hair around it without using the clamp. As always, I work with sections starting around the nape, and work my way up and around the head. By using sections, you have a clean, and organized palette to work with.

After I was done I sprayed the whole look with a light, finishing hair spray to help hold the style. By using a finishing spray, it allows movement, and wont freeze the style like a freezing spray would.

-Brandon Stephens

Dallas Hair Extensions Expert

If you’ve been considering changing up your look, bangs are an easy way to do the trick. There’s no better time than now, during the colder winter months to take the plunge. The problem with bangs during summer is they can easily get caught up in the notorious dallas heat and drive you crazy. When your forehead is sweating, or it’s a thousand degrees outside, the last thing you want is hair sticking to it. If you add some fringe now, by the time it’s warmer outside they will have grown out into a longer side-swept bang that’s much better suited for spring, summer months.

-Brandon Stephens


Interestingly enough, one of California’s most notorious celebs now calls Dallas home. Talk about a major change! Although we can be known for our Dallitude, or a snobby outlook, it looks like everyone is welcoming Khloe Kardashian with open arms. She seems to have her life together, and bringing good energy to the city.


She’s a poster-child for hair extensions, so I’m curious to see how she manages those long locks in the middle of 100+ degree summers. From me to you, Khloe, I welcome you to Dallas and I look forward to working with you at the best hair salon in Dallas

(Wishful thinking, but I at least need to put that energy out there!)

Are you a yelper, or have you even heard about it? Yelp gives you the chance to search for places based on personal reviews. The website has a super secret method of weeding out fake reviews, so they keep it legitimate.  Here are some reviews of Brandon Stephens yelp reviews:



Dallas hair Salon: The Beauty Box Salon is featured in the current issue of La Mode Magazine! The article touches base on our salon, and staff being the premier color and hair extensions salon in Dallas.

Check out the Fall 2011 issue of La Mode to support the magazine, and read about our salon.

-Brandon Stephens

I wanted to share some pictures showing hair extensions in Dallas, a true makeover on a client. With this client she has medium length hair, which falls around her shoulder blades. Her ultimate goal is thicker, fuller hair with 3-4 more inches of additional length.

Having red hair and extensions can be pretty tricky because there are so many shades of red hair color. With this client, we did a custom set of Klixtensions, and Balmain hair extensions. Along with coloring her hair, and throwing in a few caramel highlights, we added the extensions. As you can see from the end result, she has a beautiful mane of hair that’s naturally beautiful.

I wanted to share a few after pictures after I did hair extensions in Dallas with long hair on a client who has naturally shorter hair (chin length). In this particular instance, the client has very short hair and always envied long hair styles in Dallas. Her natural length falls right at her nape. She also has a naturally wavy hair texture, so we went with Klixtension hair extensions. Klix hair extensions come in two varieties: straight and wavy. To see the wavy extensions, check out a previous before and after photos of Sonia, whom we also applied wavy extensions to.



Given the nature of her hair, we went with the wavy extensions so she has an easy go-to style. In these pictures, I straightened them to perfect the blending in my hair cut. As you can see, she was able to get about 6 inches of extra length, and much more volume.


A lot of women worry about hair extensions looking natural, and I wanted to show you with these pictures that extensions, when done properly, can look just like a gorgeous Hollywood head of hair.

What’s next from the Kardashians? New Kardashian hair styles? The amount of money they reportedly made last year literally made my jaw DROP!

The family who reportedly made $65 million last year is notorious for making business deals that suppliment their lack of any real talent. I must admit, I definitely am one of the 4 million who tuned in to see the beautiful mess of a wedding between Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphrey. I’m also one of the 312 million people in this country who knew it wouldn’t last.

Just how do they make so much? Let’s see…

Getting Married
Kim’s wedding cost $10 million dollars, yet she made 15+ million. Yet according to her mother, she didn’t make a dime. Yeah….right!

Diet Pills
Remember those cheesy Quick Trim commercials? The diet pill reports $45 million in sales since their commercials aired.

Kim charges $25,000 just to mention a business on her twitter. And you thought you were cool, right? #NotSoCoolNow

Kim’s rate goes from $100,000-$500,000 inside the US. If she has to find her passport, that number goes up to the million(s).

Birthday Parties
Are you thankful for your Nana’s $25 check, and a bag of oranges you get for your birthday??? Try being paid to celebrate your birthday at a notorious club, or venue. The girls get up to $500,000 for hosting their birthday party at a club.

Clothing lines, shoe endorsements, tummy tuck endorsements, fragrances, clothing stores, books, magazines, baby/family photos. The list goes on.

All of this leads me to wonder… what’s next? Just as quick as they make their money, it seems they’re spending it. But that’s why we’re all “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” on E! I’m sure one of these days they will follow Jessica Simpson’s lead and have some endorsement deal with a line of hair extensions. If and when that happens, I’m eagerly awaiting to find out their secrets. Are you?

-Brandon Stephens

Short hair styles can lead you to thinking of creative ways to style your hair. In the past, flipping hair outwards to showcase layers was a big hit. Current trends, however, are quite the opposite. A more relaxed, flowing ease of style is preferred by many women today. To do this, use a flat iron, or round brush to create a slight bend towards the face and soften the angular nature of the cut. Arc your flat iron towards your face as you pass through the strand to give it a soft bend. If you’re looking for a wavy style, try using your flat iron to create a soft wave in your style. Check out the picture of Charlize Theron. Isn’t she gorgeous?


-Brandon Stephens

Coming from the best blonde hair stylist in Dallas: Roots are a fact of life. Duh, right?  Here’s the deal:  I get it. If you naturally have dark hair and choose to go blonde, then let’s do it right. The idea that you can have low maintenance hair when going blonde is pretty far fetched. Your roots are probably 4 or more shade darker than your ends and it will be obvious that it’s time for your h air to be colored 5-6 weeks after having it done.


Being a gorgeous Dallas blonde means keeping up with the maintenance. There’s no easy way about it. You can ask your stylist if a base break will give you a few extra weeks before you come back in for a partial or full highlight. Sometimes you can opt to get a base break (if your hair isn’t too dark) and it will soften the harshness of the dark to light contrast of your root to ends. But in the end, being in the chair every 4-6 weeks getting your roots done is the only answer.


As I walk down the streets, and see women on television whose roots are more than an inch deep, I cant help but shake my head. Being blonde isn’t easy, and it simply means you just have to keep up with your roots before the overtake your look.

Dallas Hair Stylist