Beach Wave Perm | Body Wave Perm | Hair Perm Salon Near Me

Yep, you read that right: Perms are back!  I have to admit I was in denial when I heard the perm was back on trend.  I literally shook my head and said “nah”. Then I saw what the “American Wave” looked like and how it was way different from what I learned in beauty school on those sweet, little ladies with blue hair. 

As much as I love working with women of all ages, the truth is most clients today aren’t looking for the same perm our mothers and grandmothers are used to!  Today, modern beach waves are a new Dallas hair trend that I’ve been loving seeing on social media and celebrities recently. 

Here are my thoughts on the new “American Wave” modern beach wave we are now offering at Bigger Better Hair, in Dallas.  

Beach Wave Perm | Body Wave Perm | Hair Perm Salon Near Me

This isn’t the “old school” perm

When I was doing perms in cosmotology school let’s just say none of the other students volunteered to have one done. It wasn’t the look anyone wanted, the curls looked like our grandmother’s version of a perm, and let’s not mention the smell. Plus, they were so damaging that most of the time the client’s hair looked like total dry and frizzy hair.  


Beach Wave Perm | Body Wave Perm | Hair Perm Salon Near Me

Client who had American Wave @arrojonyc

New Technology and Formulations

The “American Wave” is an entirely new formula that creates soft, natural-looking wave and curl patterns for today’s style-conscious client.  Whether you want to increase volume, make curls, or add beach waves this salon service offers the permanent creation of texture that’s all over magazines, and trending on social media.


Strong Curls or Soft Waves: This wave perm allows us to customize the look!

The system uses editorial hair setting techniques for fashionable looks.  Unlike previous perm formulations, this product reduces stress on hair, smoothes the cuticle, and encourages wave and curl patterns that are tailored to the look you want to achieve: strong curls, light volume, or soft waves.


Beach Wave Perm | Body Wave Perm | Hair Perm Salon Near Me



5 things to know before getting an American Wave perm

1.) Your styling routine will immediately change! 

No needs to stress, we are trained and love helping people step outside their box.  Part of the service includes us helping you with some tricks and tips to easily style your newly wavy hair.  You can still blowdry, and use hot tools, but why would you keep doing all of that to your hair when it will air dry beautifully? (Being a natural curly haired girl myself, I know all the ins and outs!) 


2.) Your hair products will probably need to change. 

Just like if you were to go platinum blonde in the summer, deepen your hair with a rich color in the fall, or as the seasons change, this wave perm is going to alter your hair.  Having hair products that help protect your strands, and encourage the natural wave can either make or break your experience.  


3.) This will not look like the 80’s perm your grandma got!

If you are looking for something retro I’m sure we can refer you to a local beauty school that’s learning perms nearby.  This is a modernized version, with much more on-trend end results!  


4.)  No, they don’t smell as bad as you may remember.

Part of the re-formulation from American Wave is to soften the harsh smell we all think of if we knew what old versions of perms smelled like!  The chemical inside the formula that re-structures your hair’s wave pattern is, unfortunately, not the best smelling thing but the American Wave helps masque it significantly.   


5.) You aren’t stuck with curly hair after having the service done.

What the wave does is re-structures your hair to air-dry wavy.  You can still use hot tools to blowdry your hair, and irons to smooth and/or straighten.  Full disclosure: we highly recommend you use heat protectants, and low to medium heat when using hot tools after a wave perm.  After all: why get the wave if you’re going to smooth it out or use a curling iron more than half the time you style it?   


Hair Perm Salon Near Me

Who should NOT get a wave perm

At Bigger Better Hair, we have no problem saying “No” if our gut says it’s not right.  After all, we want you to love your hair, and we want to be happy with the end result ourselves as professionals!  Damaging your hair, or doing this on someone who hasn’t thought the whole thing through is something we will never do intentionally.  We’re all about full disclosure, and if it fits what you’re looking for then let’s do it!  Here are some things that automatically say a wave perm is not for you:

  1.  50% or More Highlighted/Lightened hair: Sorry ladies, but hair that has 50% or more highlights/bleach is not a good match for any other chemical as it highly increases the odds of damage.  So anyone who is a solid blonde that you didn’t grow naturally, sorry girls but it’s not for you!
  2. Previously Damaged Hair: If you’ve recently had a crazy mishap with color that damaged your hair, the answer isn’t another chemical.
  3. The girl who only styles her hair one way – The secret to having wavy hair is being flexible with your style expectations.  One day you might diffuse your hair and it look perfect, the next time you might have to touch up a few curls if they didn’t dry right, and occasionally you may blow out your hair for a smooth style with natural body.


Salon Near Me

Example of a client who had American Wave service @arrojonyc


So if this “yes list” sounds good, let’s schedule a consultation!

  • If you’re looking for an easy air dry style with Waves…
  • If you’re looking for more body to your style and want some Instagram trending hair…
  • If you’re willing to commit to a style regimen with minimal hot tools…



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