Celebrity hair extensions tend to highlight the negative sides of hair extensions.  With celebrities changing their hair back and forth, they usually wear hair extensions to the extreme.  


We know Jennifer Lopez is a big fan of bigger better hair, but this video shows a funny mis-hap with a set of clip-in hair extensions gone rouge! Check out the video where she was performing at a concert and a clip in extension fell out of her hair.


I love JLo with hair extensions, but she needs to make sure they’re really secured if she is going to work the stage like that!

As a top hair stylist in Dallas, I had to be a part of the premier party to celebrate the premier of Big Rich Texas on the Style network at Hotel Zaza.  The second season premiered, and the ladies of the show came out to celebrate in style.

The night was full of good energy as great nibbles and cocktails were served. We ran into Dallas socialite, and Fashionista Heidi Dillon. She is anxious about her debut on the show, and we can not wait! She is the ideal Dallas socialite, and style icon.

The rest of the castmates were just as fabulous, and as gorgeous as could be. Sonia and I mingled with them in the VIP area, and could not have had a better time. These ladies are a ton of fun, and surely know how to party!

DeAynni is as petite as she looks on the show, but she is a fireball of energy. Love it! Pam was looking fantastic with her bodyguard nearby, and a bottle of Seven water in her arms. She apparently has a deal with Seven, which is a high-end bottled water looking to oust the veteran Voss. She was as nice as could be, and certainly knows how to work a room! We were pretty close to Cynthia all night, but only had a brief chance to mingle with her.

The ladies are all gorgeous and certainly live up to the title of the show! We had a fantastic time, and are looking forward to keeping up with season two of Big Rich Texas on the Style network on Sundays at 9/8 central

Part of being a great Dallas hair stylist is keeping up with the trends. This is a huge city, with a ton of licensed cosmetologists. It is of utmost importance to separate yourself from the rest, and that means constantly continuing your education in the field. Fellow Dallas hair expert, Sonia Isaguirre, and myself recently took an advanced cut and color course with Vidal Sassoon educators.

The Sassoon ABC cutting class was a great way to freshen up on some basics, as well as learn some advanced techniques. Staying true to their being, Vidal Sassoon is known for their geometric shapes, and hard lines in their hair cutting. While this may not be the mainstream, their reputation is stellar in the fundamentals of hair cutting and coloring.

In their color demonstrations, they showed advanced highlighting techniques using Wella hair color products. As you can see in many of my past blogs, I am a personal advocate of Wella color. Their products are known for consistency, and longevity. I always get stellar results, with optimal customizability, and very solid colors with little fading.

I was impressed with the techniques used at this course, and inspired to deliver the best results for my clients.

Brandon Stephens

Dallas Blonde Hair Women, listen up, this one is for you!

In Dallas, we experience some serious summers that inevitably flock everyone to the nearest swimming pool. Chlorine + Blonde hair + Sun + Flat Iron + Blow Dryer + Infrequent haircuts = TROUBLE. In the end of all that hot mess, you may be running into a mess between visits to the salon.

To cancel out brassy tones, or golden locks, your stylist usually tones the hair to keep it cool. As we all know, all hair color fades. By the time you need to have your roots touched up, you may be fed up with the golden tones. Using a purple or blue shampoo can deposit a tiny amount of pigment in your hair to keep it from turning gold.

My personal favorite is Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is a medium blue, which helps manage your tone. I absolutely love the conditioner, because it is perfect for most blondes who want to seriously condition their hair without heavily weighing it down.

-Brandon Stephens

Coloring your hair these days is like going to the mall: quick, easy, and it solves all your problems. These days, with everything going green, is natural hair color a formidable option versus traditional hair color? I wont get too technical into how hair color works, but if you want to read a great summary of the differences in each color process, check out this great article on www.about.com

Way back when hair color was first introduced, the chemical formulation used was seriously harsh. When the color was applied, there was an explosion of fumes that were almost intoxicating. As time has passed, and nano technology has advanced, the amount of ammonia, and peroxide used in hair color has severely decreased. If you read the above link, some form of chemical reaction must occur to open the cuticle and allow hair color to deposit. Modern hair color that’s used these days has very little ammonia fumes, and most major color lines have a very minimal odor.

I have no solid evidence to support my stance, and the internet is full of 50/50 reviews. Some think it is great, some terrible. But in my opinion, if the reason for going green with hair color is to protect yourself from harsh chemicals, I say why? The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry. Think of the number of people you know who color their hair. Is there a mass epidemic of cancers linked to hair color? No, because if there were we would all know about it.

My advice is to stick with the major, worldwide brands of hair color. I focus on Wella hair color personally, but there are many worldwide brands your stylist could use. With something as particular as hair color, and considering the cost involved, I would much rather get something that has a stellar track record, no mass negative side effects, and long-lasting results. After all, who wants to leave with their hair color looking great, but two weeks later it fades to an ungodly color?

My name is Brandon Stephens, and I am a Dallas Hair Extensions Expert.  Finding the best hair stylist in Dallas can be a daunting task in this giant metroplex full of 6.3 million people. 


I am currently providing hair extensions services at the best hair salon in Dallas nestled in between Uptown and Highland Park.  While my main focus are Dallas hair extensions and hair color, I provide full salon services to my clients in the salon.  


Be sure to check out my Dallas Hair Extensions Expert Guide before you make your choice for hair extensions.  I work with several brands, and am trained and certified in every hair extension type on the market.  My goal is to provide several options that suit every hair type, lifestyle, and budget.


I also focus on in-salon hair replacement options for women experiencing hair loss or fine thin hair on top.  Integrated hair pieces that are professionally applied and worn on a daily basis, and routinely maintained in the salon.  These hair systems are an amazing way to transform your look with a voluminous hair style.  For a look into these professional hair pieces in Dallas, check out my guide to Hair Replacement in Dallas.

Chunky highlights don’t necessarily need to look like thick stripes within your hair color. In the 90’s thick stripes were in, but it’s now 2012 and those highlights aren’t acceptable anymore. You can still get chunky highlights, though, that look current and classy.


The above pictures represent past trends that have come and gone. (Hopefully for good.) If your colorist is still doing your color in a manner that resembles this, it’s time for a change. As the days pass, so do the trends and it is your hair stylist’s obligation to stay up to date with the latest techniques. If you’re sporting the same do as you were ten years ago, try something new. If your stylist is unable to do that for you, it’s time to move on.


Above, you see pictures of more current chunky highlights. Current trends shy away from the striped look of having vertical lines in your hair. Try out a peek-a-boo highlight that shows off thick chunks of colors within your layers. As is true with most things, Less is always more!

-Brandon Stephens

Being a Dallas salon that focuses on hair extensions and color, we have to work with the best Dallas hair extension products on the market. There are three secrets to having great hair extensions: the quality of hair extension, the cut/color that blends them into your style, and the products you use on a daily basis. With hair extensions, it is of utmost importance to use products that keep the hair quality as if it is always new hair. To make sure you keep the hair soft, shiny, and easy to maintain, I recommend three stellar hair extension products. Each serves a different purpose, and I

Today I’m starting a new trend following celebrity hair extensions in Dallas: “Love it or Weave it!” This is a fun way to focus on celebrity hair extension trends I absolutely LOVE, and some unbeWEAVEable looks we should leave- no, ‘weave’ behind!


Let’s start with the Weave it list:



Paris, Paris, Paris. With the amount of money we can all assume she spent on her hair, she should have just donated the hair to Locks of Love. A strand by strand, or hair locks, system is not the ideal set of hair extensions for her hair type. Furthermore, they were placed way too high on her head making it impossible to hide. Unbeweavable! Lindsay Lohan looks to have the same hair extension problem in the first photo. In the second picture of LLo, she has a serious color match issue! Check out the difference in her roots, and ends. Wowza! As for Christina Aguilera, she either lost track of her hair extension care products, or she is wearing a 100% Horse Hair Clip in System.


Now, on to my Love it list:


Juliana Rancic has been wearing extensions for quite some time, and as you can see she is always looking classy and her color is fashion forward. She’s a personal favorite of mine. Another fave of mine is Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer has a ton of weave in her hair and she takes the time to have it styled to perfection. Last, but not least, is a Dallas resident herself. Khloe Kardashian is a big fan of hair extensions, and I love it! She always has a tremendous amount of volume, and her hair looks well taken care of, and fashion forward.

Dallas hair stylist review: Long wavy hair has been the hottest trend for the past few years. Anything resembling a ringlet is out of style, and looser waves are in. Think Kim Kardashian, or check out Selma Hayek at the 2012 Golden Globes. Simply gorgeous!

I recreated this look on a model and wanted to show how easy this can be. I didn’t buy a new tool, or a popular wand that is flooding the market. I simply used my existing curling iron, and wrapped small sections of hair around it without using the clamp. As always, I work with sections starting around the nape, and work my way up and around the head. By using sections, you have a clean, and organized palette to work with.

After I was done I sprayed the whole look with a light, finishing hair spray to help hold the style. By using a finishing spray, it allows movement, and wont freeze the style like a freezing spray would.

-Brandon Stephens

Dallas Hair Extensions Expert