Talking about celebrity hair styles and fashion is always a favorite past time of mine.There’s no shortage of subject material from the 2012 Emmy Awards.As always, there’s about as much good hair as there was unsightly that went down the red carpet.This year’s trends, much like the ones I saw at New York Fashion Week, seem to be longer waves and a lot of texture in the hair.For longer hair, I saw a lot of celebs wearing it down, or to the side with waves instead of curls.For mid length hair, I noticed a lot of the styles had curls that were brushed out and styled to soften the look.I’m a huge fan of combing out curls,as you can get such a soft classic look. As for a few of my favorites, I loved Christina Hendricks and Jessica Pare. Talk about classic beauties! Now, for the not so great looks… look no further than Ashley Judd. Its a shame because I love her! This time, someone should have told her less is better!Nicole Kidman really should have worked with a side part to conceal the elongation of her forehead. And Kate Mara takes the crown for worst hair for me. It looks like she curled it, and threw it up herself. The side ponytail is too high, the curls seem to have been lost in translation, and the whole look suffers.

Being a top hair stylist in Dallas requires that I  stay current with trends and continuously master my craft. Each year I do what I can to educate myself, further my knowledge, and perfect my skills. I recently took a trip to Chicago for the Aquage Master Class Academy to do just that. Surrounded by educators from all parts of the industry with tons of awards, and accolades, I left feeling newly inspired about my passion, which just so happens to be my career.


Luis Alvarez is the host of the two day (18+ hours) academy. Luis is VP of Creative & Education and cofounder of Aquage. He was named one of the Top 75 Educators of the century and one of the Top 50 Most Influential Hairdressers by Modern Salon. Not to mention being honored by Intercoiffure with the Knight of the Ordre de la Chevalerie in Paris. These two are just the tip of the staff, all of which have awards recognizable throughout the industry.


The instructors names are some of the whos who in our field. Ann Bray, for instance, is the United States ultimate master of hair styling and finishing. She is a long hair NAHA award winner and winner of Intercoiffures Createur de Mode award. NAHA, for anyone outside of the industry, is basically the Golden Globes of hair styling.


Upon arrival, I felt the energy of Chicago as anyone who has ever visited or lived there knows about. We focused on new hair cutting techniques that create versatile options for the client. A lot of clients I see for the firs time have complaints of being stuck with their current hair style. This class highlighted ways to cut and blend while giving the client the most time without needing to come back in for a hair cut because it was being unruly. It also focused on ways to allow a person to change their parts, do different styles, wear it curly or straight, all while the style maintained its perfection.


As for hair styling, we focused on building texture, and giving the hair enough pliant strength to maintain its style. Not only did we do avant garde styles, we did every day styles that clients would wear on a daily basis. We perfected new curling techniques that will set you apart from everyone else, all while maintaining current trends.


As I said earlier, I left this class feeling inspired to do more for my clients, and to do better on a daily basis. It is things like this that keep me going and set the standard for my clients. I refuse to be the hair stylist that I seem to hear about from new clients. The one who doesnt listen, or who is doing the same thing since 20 years ago. I strive to offer the best, do the best, and give my clients the best results for what they are looking for, with respect to the integrity of their hair, and up to date with current trends.

This post features a Dallas hair extensions makeover with tape hair extensions.   By offering the best of different brands, I can give my clients custom result with hair extensions in Dallas.

As is true with everything, there is no single type of hair extensions that works for everyone. Depending on your lifestyle, hair type, and your ultimate goal there are several types of hair extensions in Dallas. Once you find out how simple hair extensions are to maintain, and how beautiful Dallas hair extensions can be, you will be obsessed just like the rest.

Check out the above photos of Rosa, who decided to give the best tape hair extensions in Dallas a try.  As you can see from the pictures, she has a beautiful addition of length and volume.  Check out my hair extension guide for more information on the best hair extensions in Dallas.

We take pride in the gorgeous hair that leaves our salon on a daily basis.  We offer a Dallas Hair Extensions Free Consultation to take a hands on look at your hair, and offer our best advice on the type of hair extensions that will best suit your natural hair.  We also explain the maintenance, cost, and upkeep of the extensions as we guide you to the best fit for your own hair, and desired look.

We try to help you better understand our Dallas Hair Extensions services on our hair extensions guide page.  We do our best to offer a simple, honest, and consistent hair extensions service before you get in the salon, during your Dallas hair extensions free consultation, and each and every time you visit the salon.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

Options |  We offer several types of hair extensions so there are options for every hair type, lifestyle, and budget.  Any time you are sold on a one-size-fits-all hair extension you should run.  Each type of hair extension serves a different purpose and we make sure to offer every type available so we can correctly suggest the best extensions for your hair.

Cost |  One thing we make sure of, is giving clear cost expectations during your hair extensions consultation.  We will go over the total cost, products needed, and maintenance that is required for your hair extensions.  We want you to feel confident about what you are purchasing without worrying about any hidden costs.  There are no hidden fees, costs, or surprises in our pricing.

Maintenance | Hair extensions require at home, and in-salon maintenance.  In your consultation, we make sure to answer any questions you may have and inform you of the maintenance your hair extensions need.

Products | This may be obvious, but you must have certain products for hair extensions.  Using the right products can be the difference of loving your hair extensions or hating them.

If you’ve been considering changing up your look, bangs are an easy way to do the trick. There’s no better time than during the colder seasons to take the plunge. The problem with bangs during summer is they can easily get caught up in the notorious Dallas heat and drive you crazy. When your forehead is sweating, or it’s a thousand degrees outside, the last thing you want is hair sticking to it. If you add some fringe now, by the time it’s warmer outside they will have grown out into a longer side-swept bang that’s much better suited for spring, summer months.

If you are timid about making the jump, try out some clip in hair extensions for the bang area. Check out my blog regarding clip-in bangs. Clip in Bangs are a great way to envision yourself with the bangs, and by the end of wearing them for a day you will be able to see if you can tolerate hair on your forehead.

Big things to consider are how much hair you want in your bangs, or whether you want a slight fringe.

After having styled, and photographed two looks, the third and final look was the wedding hair style at a Dallas Hair Salon Weddings photo shoot. We really wanted to get creative with this look so pushed ourselves to explore the fringe of styling. We had a few looks that guided our inspiration, but there was nothing set in stone as to what we were looking for.Basically, we wanted to do crazy big Texas hair amplified tenfold. Everyone had their hand in this look as we all came in at different points to create this huge, sculpted style.The shoot was produced in its entirety by the amazing crew at The Beauty Box Salon. For this look in particular we worked with Rosa Clara, a fantastic Bridal Gown Boutique with gorgeous gown selections. Dallas photographer, Jessica Grammon did an amazing job capturing our hair model, Jennifer Brown.This little salon nestled in the middle of Dallas Uptown and Highland Park has some amazing tricks up their sleeves and we cannot wait to share them with the world!Things like this are what keep the inspiration that got me into this industry still fresh and hungry for more. Creating a new standard for hair dressing at the local level is what I strive to with my career.Photos By : Jessica GrammonLooking for Dallas Bridal Hair? The Beauty Box does fantastic Dallas Wedding Hair!

Finding a Beauty Salon in Dallas is no easy feat, much less finding the best hair stylist in Dallas It seems there is a beauty salon around every corner, so finding the dallas beauty salon that suits your needs is important. Whether you are looking for dallas hair extensions, dallas hair color, or even just a hair cut, it is important to do your research.

First and foremost, check online to find the best beauty salon in Dallas. Use google, yelp, and ask your friends. The great thing about websites such as yelp, or google, is they offer personal reviews that the salon has no control over. You get honest reviews from people who have been to the salon.

There is all this buzz about Bigger Better Hair Salon in Dallas. We are known for our extensions, and color but what’s the real deal: Let me tell you.

Bigger Better Hair is an awesome place where you get more than just your hair done. You can hang out with some pretty awesome beautification experts, and have a glass of wine while we talk nonsense and have a great time. You can come in a foul mood, but you will leave all smiles. Never the opposite. It is a place where you can get your head massaged like never before.  We can tease your hair higher than you thought possible. We can whip hair back and forth better than Willow Smith. Our products work more than they cost. We get blondes blonder without the damage. Our salon is a one of a kind without the plastic cookie cutter image.

I am not only in this industry because it’s a job, I am passionate about making my clients look and feel great.  Bigger Better Hair Salon is conveniently located at Knox and 75.  Known for my color, and hair extensions I am here to open your eyes to things you never thought possible. Get the length and volume you have always wanted while sporting gorgeously colored locks.

First date hair is a pretty big deal since it’s a huge accessory that can either compliment or bring down your look. We all know the importance of first impressions, so it’s crucial to make an effort to put your best foot forward. After all, you could be meeting the man of your dreams!In my opinion, wearing your hair down with some sort of wave or curl is best. There’s nothing more flirtatious about a woman than having gorgeous hair and the way it moves. (Even if it’s just round brushed so the ends have a slight bend.)Stick straight hair has been done, and there just isn’t much to it other than it being stick straight. Having polished curls or waves sets you apart from the rest and gives you individuality.On the same note, over styling your hair can also set you off on the wrong footing. You don’t want to have your hair so teased and perfect that it sends off vibes of being high maintenance and rigid.We all love big hair and all, but let’s keep that tamed on your first date. After all, remember Snooki is most often used as a punch line, not a term of endearment.Check out the pictures of what I think is great hair for a first date. To keep the stress out of it, call your stylist and book a blow out so you can get the best look for the night.

After seeing the Hunger Games, and all the hot braids rocking the runways and streets we are ready to put you to the test. The Beauty Box Salon is having a Dallas Hair Style contest to see how well you can braid your hair, and who can get the most likes on our facebook page. Details:


Anyone in the DFW metroplex can participate. Even if you have never been to The Beauty Box Salon, we would love to have you post your best braid. (And visit the salon 😉 )


Like The Beauty Box Salon on facebook, and post a picture of you sporting your most inspired braid. Get creative with it, because the person with the most likes will win the prize. Think well beyond the french braid style your mom used to torture you with. Try a French fishtail, waterfall, upside down French, or what ever you can think of. The person whose picture has the most likes will win.


* Sebastian Microweb Fiber

Mixed with the Sebastian Liquid Gloss, this gives you control of your hair, and keeps the braid from looking a tangled mess.

* Sebastian Liquid Gloss

* Sebastian Shaper Hair Spray

Finish off with this extremely light hair spray to tame any fly-a-ways and you are all set.

*A free visit to the salon where the stylist of your choice will do an awesome braided style for you.


Photos uploaded now until May 1st will be count. The winner will be announced on May 2nd on our facebook and twitter. The winner will then have 30 days (until June 2, 2012) to claim the products, and have their hair styled.


Like us on facebook, then post your picture on our wall, and check out our website for inspiration.


Because everyone is doing it, and it is free!

When I meet someone for a Dallas hair extensions consultation, one of the first questions I am asked is “Do Hair Extensions Damage my Hair?”  This is a very serious question that I take to heart because keeping your hair in the best possible condition is my number one priority.  That’s why I work with several hair extension brands in Dallas so I can give options for every hair type.   Here is a look into whether hair extensions damage hair.


The type of hair extensions you should have really depends on your own natural hair.  (Check out my guide into the best hair extensions in Dallas.)  The extensions I recommend to someone with very fine hair normally will not work for someone with thick/coarse hair, and vice versa.   It is very important to have a set of hair extensions that are suited for your hair type.  Heavy attachments, and braiding, for example, are not meant for fine hair. In fact, they are a recipe for disaster on the wrong hair type.


Next, the amount of time you go in between visits to your extension expert helps avoid damage.  With each system, there are suggested intervals in which I recommend you visit the salon.  Some brands allow the same hair to be removed, and re-applied.   Some extensions stay on your strands for longer periods of time, but they also need in-salon maintenance.  If you follow the suggested time-frames I outline in my salon menu, and in our consultation, you should have no problems with damage.  


When you follow these basic rules, there is minimal chance of damaging your own natural hair.   I do everything I can to educate you on your extensions in the consultation, and during your installation.   I value long term relationships with clients, and I always avail myself should you ever have any questions or concerns.