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Coming from the best blonde hair stylist in Dallas: Roots are a fact of life. Duh, right?  Here’s the deal:  I get it. If you naturally have dark hair and choose to go blonde, then let’s do it right. The idea that you can have low maintenance hair when going blonde is pretty far fetched. Your roots are probably 4 or more shade darker than your ends and it will be obvious that it’s time for your h air to be colored 5-6 weeks after having it done.


Being a gorgeous Dallas blonde means keeping up with the maintenance. There’s no easy way about it. You can ask your stylist if a base break will give you a few extra weeks before you come back in for a partial or full highlight. Sometimes you can opt to get a base break (if your hair isn’t too dark) and it will soften the harshness of the dark to light contrast of your root to ends. But in the end, being in the chair every 4-6 weeks getting your roots done is the only answer.


As I walk down the streets, and see women on television whose roots are more than an inch deep, I cant help but shake my head. Being blonde isn’t easy, and it simply means you just have to keep up with your roots before the overtake your look.

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