Dallas hair extensions

Tired of your curly hair style just looking frizzy? If you have curly hair, you will probably agree that it’s a workout to get your hair straight. We all don’t wake up every morning excited about the prospect of a 20 minute blow-dry, and 20 minute flat iron. There are those times when sporting your curly hair is a great option that can look great, and really ease your morning routine. The days of putting gel in your hair to lock in the curls are over.

Crispy, rigid curls are a thing of the past given new product advances. For instance, I love to work with the Moroccan Oil Intense Curl Cream. It has the sticky consistancy you get from a gel or mousse, but has the Moroccan Oil as well. We already know about, and love moroccan oil! The great thing about having the oil in the curl cream is its ability to further maintain frizz, and really soften the gel. In the end, you have a substance that locks in the curls, then the oil that softens them into a polished mane of locks.

Check out this video about the Moroccan Oil products, and a before and after of the Intense Curl Cream.

-Brandon Stephens
Dallas Hair Stylist

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