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Dallas Blonde Hair Salon

Working behind the chair as a stylist, I’ve learned many people do not know how to care for their blonde hair. In this blog I’m going to go over all the details on how to take care of your locks so that you have long lasting, beautiful blonde hair.


Also let me know if you have any other ideas, I’d love to see them! If you are looking for a blonde specialist in Dallas, I would love opportunity to make your hair dreams come true!

Haircare & Products


Let’s be honest, lightening your hair means you need to take care of it. Here are my go to product recommendations to keep your color looking better, but also maintaining the best health of your hair.

Purple Shampoo & Conditioner

Every blonde needs purple shampoo/conditioner. Using the right purple shampoo will keep your blonde vibrant and from turning yellow. However, overdoing it can either dull your blonde or turn it purple.


A good rule to follow would be to use it every other time you shampoo. My go to purple shampoo and conditioner is the Artego Shiny Silver shampoo and Blueberry mask. It refreshes blonde hair to the perfect color! Don’t worry, it’s not too purple or ashy!

Color Safe & Moisturizing Shampoo

A lot of shampoos still have sulfates and other things that can strip your color and keep it from lasting as long. It’s so so important to invest in your hair and use quality products for your own specific needs. Some blondes need moisture, some need repair to help strengthen your hair.


My best advice is to ask your stylist to recommend a sulfate free shampoo that suits your personal haircare needs. One of my favorites for blondes is the Alterna Caviar Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s great!

The Perfect Brush: Framar Detangling Brush

It’s so important to use a soft bristle brush no matter the color of your hair. However, the Framar Detangling brush has flexible bristles that don’t tug on your hair which in turn prevents breakage. I personally don’t use any other brush!


Stylist tip: is to apply a deep conditioning treatment and brush it through using your wet brush. Makes for soft, tangle free hair.

Pool Time

Pools typically have harsh chemicals that can dry your hair out and turn it green. To prevent both of those happening, apply a leave in conditioner on dry hair to protect it or simply secure your hair in a loose braid or top knot. My go to product cocktail for the pool is the Alterna Caviar Bond Repair leave in conditioner paired with the Anti Frizz Nourishing oil.

Styling Without Damage

When styling it’s so important to use a heat protectant and low heat. Remember: you’re blonde now, so you have to take care of your hair.

A good temperature to use your hot tools, like your flat iron or curling iron/wand, is 300-350 degrees. Any higher and you’re basically cooking your hair.


Another tip is to find a heat protectant that covers more than the temperature of heat you will be using. A really great one with everything I mentioned is the Alterna Caviar Bond Repair heat protectant.


Think of it like this: you wouldn’t grab a hot pan out of the stove without a glove. A heat protectant is a layer of protection on your strands when you use a hot blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron or wand.

Consistency is key!

It’s so important to be consistent with a stylist to work towards a hair goal. Good hair doesn’t happen in one appointment, it takes time and a plan.


Trying to achieve a major transformation in one appointment is unrealistic, and it really can damage your hair. Staying consistent with one stylist will help you reach your hair goals.

Have Realistic Expectations

Let‘s talk about changing your hair and the expectations to have when doing so:


You can most definitely make changes, however going from blonde to brown and back to blonde every other appointment is damaging to your hair.


Think of it like this: you only have one head of hair, and going back and forth between colors affects the integrity of your hair. When it comes to expectations of being blonde you have to be okay with the phases of doing so.


Big hair changes happen over time and multiple appointments. There will definitely experience warm phases from dark brunette to a pale light blonde. Patience, sticking to a stylist, and trusting the process is the key!

Looking for a Dallas Blonde Specialist?

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out. And as always, if you’re in the DFW area, come see me! I’d love to help you reach your hair goals! Also follow me on social! @hairwithsaradise on Insta and Facebook.


About Sonia

Sonia Isaguirre is a Dallas hair extensions specialist and hair color guru that is part of the Bigger Better Hair family. With over 13 years of experience in the beauty industry, she excels at understanding the needs of her clients and provides a level of service that exceeds their expectations.  Sonia answers some of our questions to give you an idea of who she is, and what she does best.

What are some interesting things to know about you, Sonia? 

I was born in San Diego but raised on a very small farm outside of Dallas.  (I like to call that balance, ha!)  I have 3 adult children, a toy Yorkie and a kitty named Flash.

Although I have always worked in the Dallas area, I actually just recently moved to Dallas.

I come with 13 years of being in the hair and beauty industry.  I’ve worked with some of the top hair professionals all around the world and I would love to name them here but I don’t want to brag 😉

I started in this industry working with hair extensions and have actually worked for a few of the brands I still use today.

Why did you choose Bigger Better Hair as your salon home?

I love that the clients come first, we work as a team to constantly deliver a better experience, and it is a salon that believes in catering to clients. If this means ordering food or adding on last minute services when possible. The salon’s hospitality extends to everyone not just our celebrity clients and that has always stood out to me.

BBH is also all about all team members staying on top of their education!  We keep up with trends as they evolve, and work together to learn and grow.

It’s also fun to work in an environment that knows when to be silly and when to be professional.

What sets you apart as a Dallas Hair Stylist?

I’d like to think I am a great listener.  I listen to what my clients want and we talk about hair health and hair needs. It’s important to me that my clients leave my chair knowing their hair’s integrity is the best it can be.

I also work hard to achieve the look my clients want.  Show me a style and I’ll do my best to have you walk out looking just like the picture you showed me.

I’m very honest.  No Bull shit here.  If it’s not possible to have the color you want when you want it, I will let you know.  I don’t over promise or try to sell you on a dream that can’t happen.  It’s a waste of time for everyone and it never ends well.  I’ve been in the hair industry too long and understand how important honesty is.

What are some of your favorite services to do for clients?

Hair extensions, Brazilian blowouts and cuts

Who are some of your beauty inspirations that you are inspired by and follow?

Elizabeth Saltsman, Sandra Amador and my sweet friend Shane Sullivan.  So much talent in these stylists! (Oh and ladies Shane is a looker!)

What are some of your favorite places to spend off time in Dallas?

I live in the Bishop Arts area and there are so many places I love in that area.

Coffee and juice

My go to is Tribal All Day Cafe.

Latin food

Veracruz Cafe and Taco y Vino .

If I want to pick up a new book

You can find me at The Wild Detectives.

Three of my fav spots and someplace you will most likely find me at least once a month:

Eno’s Pizza, Ceviche Oyster Bar, or Whitehall Exchange  Ask for Crystal she’s amazing!

What beauty products are your “must haves” if you are stranded on an island? 

This one is tough! I have natural wavy hair and without electricity I guess I couldn’t have the Brazilian Blowout.   So since I can’t have that I would probably want some smoothing oil to moisturize and keep my hair at bay.

And definitely some Kitsch hair coils so I can throw my hair up when it gets hot or just in case some cute fisherman get stranded with me, ha!

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