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As Dallas Hair Replacement Specialists, we are so excited and proud to be certified in offering Men’s Hair Replacement Services in Dallas using the Hairskeen Systems.  Here we will give some insight and set some expectations of what the system looks like, some maintenance guidelines, and hopefully help you better understand our men’s hair replacement services in Dallas.


Who is a candidate?

Hairskeen Men’s Hair Replacement Systems are a fully customizable hair replacement system for men experiencing partial or full top of the head hair loss or balding.  Each unit is fully sized, cut, and designed to your own head shape and hair growth patterns.  Our stylists are trained and certified on the Hairskeen Systems and can confidently customize a unit for multiple scenarios:


Men's Hair Replacement Services in Dallas

  • Balding in a small isolated spot, such as the crown.
  • Receding Hairline
  • Full hair loss on the top, also known as male pattern balding.

The above graphic is a general depiction of who can benefit from a Hairskeen Men’s Hair Replacement system, but there are so many applications that would benefit as well.  The best way to determine whether the system would work for you would be to meet with a stylist, in person or via zoom to talk about the options and discuss how it can work for you.


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What is a Hairskeen Men’s Hair Replacement System?

Simply put, the Hairskeen System is a modern hair loss solution for the modern man.  Forget what you think you know, or what you think it looks like.  Hairskeen has a collection of unique hair replacements, combining high-tech aesthetics with natural-looking designs. Adaptable to all types of hair loss, Hairskeen solutions are made with extreme finesse, benefiting from the latest technological advances including innovative materials for an ultra-natural custom-made result.


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How does it work?

A Hairskeen System is installed to your own head using very strong Medical Grade Tape or is bonded to your head with a strong adhesive.  Half of our guests prefer to have it installed using tape, and the other half prefer bonding the system to their scalp.  Either way, the system stays secure for 3-4 weeks, at which point needs to be removed and re-installed.

Both adhesives, tape or bonding, actually use your very short hairs and your skin as a bonding point to anchor the system to your head.  There is absolutely no pain and it is very comfortable once installed.  In fact, most of our guests are completely shocked at how durable and strong the system is adhered to your head.   It truly becomes a part of you, not just in the way it looks but also feels when wearing.

After 3-4 weeks the system needs to be removed and re-installed to keep the attachment method (tape or bond) fresh, and to keep the length of any of your hairs underneath trimmed short.  See below for a before and after showing a client before, and after wearing a Hairskeen system installed with one of our Men’s Hair Replacement Specialists at Bigger Better Hair.

Mens hair replacement service Dallas


How can I talk with a stylist about this?

Our stylists at Bigger Better Hair were trained and certified in NYC by Hairskeen and have been perfecting their application techniques in a variety of scenarios.  Before proceeding with an install, our stylists need to meet with you to discuss the options that would best suit your needs.

They will also go over all of your maintenance, as well as take some measurements of your head prior to installation.  From there, you can decide if moving forward is right for you.  Once you order the hair, we will schedule your first installation, which includes a blending haircut to blend the system into your own hair for a natural cut.


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What is the cost?

There are a lot of variables and different timelines between hair costs, installation services, and maintenance appointments.  Here is a general timeline with pricing to help set your expectations of pricing to make sure this can fit into your lifestyle:

1st appointment: Consultation  $0

This is the most important step to starting you off with realistic expectations to start your next hair chapter.  Our stylists will explain the systems and show you which would work best for you and your lifestyle.  From there, if you choose to proceed you will need to purchase your system, at which point we will schedule your first installation.

Hairskeen Systems range from $500-$550+tax depending on which method you choose: the “Skin” or “Mono” base options.  Both are amazing and offer the same end result, however they offer different pro’s and con’s.  In your consultation, our stylists will explain each and help guide you to the option that would best suit your lifestyle and circumstances.


2nd Appointment: First Installation + Blending Haircut

This is where the magic begins!  At this point, your stylist will install your new hairskeen system, and perform a blending haircut to seamlessly blend your natural hair into your system.   Depending on which method of installation you and your stylist choose, the costs are as follows:

1st Installation (Tape) + Blending Haircut: $275

1st Installation (Bonded) + Blending Haircut: $325


3rd Appiointment: Removal & Re-installation

At this point, you will need the system removed & re-installed.  This is exactly what your stylist will do: remove the system, and re-install it.

If you are needing a haircut on the sides of your hair, you will need to let us know so we can add that to your services.  The Hairskeen re-application service only allocates enough time for the Hairskeen system maintenance, and a haircut will require additional time.

You will repeat this service over and over until it is time to start fresh with a new Hairskeen System

Re-Application for Tape-in System: $150

Re-application for Bonded System: $175

Clipper or Scissor Cut (Optional, for your natural hair) : $45

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System Lifespan

Most clients wear the same system and have it re-installed every 3-4 weeks for 3-6 months depending on how well you take care of it in between visits, and the overall cap construction you choose.

The Hairskeen “Skin” System is the most realistic base that looks almost identical to a scalp with natural hair growing from it, however it is more fragile and has a shorter life span.  This method can only be bonded and can not be installed using tape.  While the maintenance for both is the same: every 3-4 weeks, this means the system will need to be replaced more frequently, around every 2-3 months.

The Hairskeen “Mono” System provides a sturdier base that can last a bit longer than the “Skin” system, and can be installed using the bonding method or using hair extension tape.  This system is maintained the same: every 3-4 weeks, and can last up to 6 months with good maintenance in between salon visits.


How to Proceed or Schedule

If you are interested, or have additional questions the first step is to move forward with a consultation with one of our Dallas Men’s Hair Replacement Specialists.  Consultations are complimentary, and usually take 20-30 minutes.  Our men’s hair replacement specialists will show you the two different bases, and fill you in on which they think would best suit your needs.  Should you choose to proceed, you will purchase the system and we will setup your next appointment which would be the first installation and blending haircut.  From there, you will be in the salon every 3-4 weeks for a removal/re-install service until it is time to replace the Hairskeen System.

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