Patrice Wyatt

What are some interesting things to know about you? 

I am born and raised from California and recently moved to Dallas, Texas. I have two lovely kids named Kaylie, 16,  and Jaxen , 11. My family moved to Texas for a fresh new start. My favorite karaoke song to sing is “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt. When I am not behind the chair, chanting out lyrics, or studying for graphic design, I enjoy spending my time watching my daughter run bases for her softball team.



Why did you choose Bigger Better Hair as your salon home?

Everything about Bigger Better Hair grabbed my attention. I was still living in Cali when I was researching salons in Dallas. From the online presence, reviews, to their unique services they have to offer, Bigger Better Hair captivated my attention. I knew I’d miss out by not reaching out!

Bigger Better Hair

What sets you apart as a Dallas Hair Stylist?

Being in the beauty industry for 17 years, I have spent 6 of those years as an educator. My career has taken me all across the United States. From New York, Arizona, and Oregon, to California, I have experienced and received education from platform artists.

What are some of your favorite services to perform?

Color corrections and hair extensions bring me LIFE!

Bigger Better Hair


Who are some of your beauty inspirations that you’re inspired by and follow?

Patrice Wyatt follows Redken artists and some local artists. I pull inspiration from people I find most relatable to me. Something I use to help me find inspiration are the #hashtags used in beauty blogger’s posts.

What are some of your favorite places in Dallas to go to?

So far I have come to love Terry Blacks BBQ and King Fu. I haven’t gotten a good lay of the land yet, so I’d love to update you guys as I learn more about Tejas!

What beauty products are must-haves if you were stranded on an island?

The entire L’Oréal Professional Metal Detox Collection, L’Oreal Professional Liss Unlimited Serum, and the REDKEN Brushable Hairspray !

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