At Bigger Better Hair we offer a wide variety of hair extensions for clients looking to enhance their natural hair. As a stylist, I am here to give you some helpful info about our Hand Tied Weft Extensions that might help you to decide if they are the right hair extension method for you.


Are you the right candidate for Hand Tied Weft Extensions??

This method is great for clients with medium to thick hair density looking to increase their current length and volume.  Hand Tied Weft extensions are also great for someone who lives an active lifestyle since there is no glue to worry about.  For clients with short hair and are looking to add extreme length, we might suggest another method for you.


Are Hand Tied Extensions the right method for your hair??

Hand Tied is a glue free, no heat, no braid extension method that causes zero damage to a clients hair when being installed.


Installation in a Nutshell!

First we secure beads to your hair, then we hand tie the wefts into your hair with a durable string. Once all the wefts are installed and secure, the hair is cut and blended into your hair to give it a more natural look.



Check out this video to see how they are hand tied into the anchor beads.

Maintenance Appointments

Just like all extensions, hand tied wefts need maintenance every 6-8 weeks after your new install.   After a new installation, you will rotate between two services until it is time to replace the hair.  The two appointments are a push up, and a removal and re-install.  Here is a breakdown of each maintenance services for hand tied extensions.

Push Up 

Your first service after a new installation is called a “Push-Up” service.  At this appointment, we open the beads using a tool and push the wefts up so they stay close to your scalp.  After all of the extensions are moved up, we follow up with a shampoo and style.

Check out this video to see how we push up the extensions.  

Next: Remove & Reinstall

6-8 weeks after your “Push-Up” service you will return for a “Removal Reinstall” (R&R) appointment. In this service, the wefts and beads will be removed, we will then shampoo you and your hair extensions.  If you are having your color done, we do this while the extensions are out.  After, we will install new beads and secure the wefts with new string just like a new installation.

Check out this video to see how simple it is to remove hand tied extensions: 

How to take care of your extensions

Its vital to use the proper tools and products at home. A soft flexible bristle brush is recommended for detangling, paired with a leave-in conditioner, lightweight oil or moisturizing cream for the ends of your hair and the extensions to keep them moisturize and looking fresh!! Depending on how much hair is installed, up-do’s can kind of be tricky but low-do’s are attainable.


There is always a Price for Beauty!

The cost for hand tied extensions depends on a few things:

  1. Hair Cost depends on where your natural hair length is at, and where you want your hair to be.  Each pack of hair consist of (two) 12 inch wide wefts, with 20 inch length hair. For someone looking to add a natural bit of volume, 1 pack of hair will do.  For a dramatic addition of volume and a few inches at most of length, you will need two packs of hair.  For dramatic additions of length, you will need either 3 or 4 packs of hair, depending on how much length we are adding.
  2. Installation cost depends on how many rows of hair we need to install for your goal look.  For volume, 1-2 rows does the trick.  When adding length, you can have 2-4 rows of hand tied wefts installed.

We offer complimentary consultations, either in person or virtually over a zoom call to discuss your hair goals and give exact pricing for your desired look.

If you have any further questions on our hand tied extensions or would like to schedule a consultation, feel free to reach out! We would love to meet and talk about how to make your hair goals a reality.

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