Our Commitment

We have always held ourselves to high standards with respect to the trust our guests give us with such personal services. Now more than ever we want to update you with our sanitation practices and protocols we will practice to ensure a safe and healthy salon. We want to assure you that the health of our customers and our employees is our highest priority.

Due to the personal & scheduled nature of our business, we are fortunate to know who is coming into our business and when. We trust that you will be understanding should your service provider need to reschedule in the event health concerns become an issue.  Should this be the case, our support staff will reach out to you as soon as possible to re-schedule you with another stylist or to find another date for your service.

Preventative Measures We are Taking

We are taking measures to ensure that all are safe at Bigger Better Hair, and that the client experience continues to be a positive one.  We commit to adding extra time to each service to properly sanitize and disinfect our salon multiple times throughout the day, using Barbicide, a hospital-grade, broad spectrum germicide, virucide, and dinsinfectant.

In addition to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, we commit to disinfect all tools and laundry after every use. These are precautions we took before the Corona virus, and we will continue them after the threat of infection has subsided.

Our salon is equipt with HEPA and Ultraviolet Light filtration, both of which work to prevent the spread COVID-19 particles. Our current capacity of filters purify and sanitize the air in our business 8 times every hour.

We look forward to seeing your beautiful faces!

If you’re looking for help on wearing that so hard to do naturally wavy hair style that looks like it should be easy, we’ve got you covered. Here we will go over how to achieve this spring hair trend that gives you a hair style without having to worry about the rain or humidity that spring tends to bring.

Real talk time, ladies.  Spring is in the air, and frizz is in the hair. 

Sure, most of us love the smell of flowers, trees, and grass; everything lightens and brightens up!  Sadly, along with nature’s beauty comes April Showers!  Ugh, and ain’t nobody got time for that! Especially for girls who deal with curls and frizz!  We spend what feels like forever smoothing out our hair – which, let’s face it, never really gets smooth – only to walk outside and *POOF.* We get to wherever we need to go, do a hair and lipstick check, only to find Mufasa staring back at us!  The struggle is real, y’all. Well, my beautiful curly-haired gals and pals, let me share a little secret with you: STOP SMOOTHING YOUR HAIR!

Dare I wear my hair curly, we ask ourselves? 

That’s a double-dog-dare! Not only will you save time and the hassle of sore arms from round brushing, you will also learn to embrace that beautiful bouncy, curly mane.  I’m here to share my step-by-step styling secrets when it comes to beautiful, natural curly hair.  

It all begins with the suds.  Make sure to use an anti-frizz, hydrating, or curl- enhancing shampoo and conditioner.  My personal favorite is the Arrojo American WAVE ReHab Shampoo and Submerge Conditioner. These products are filled with Lemon Bark, which vitalizes Vitamin E and provides perfect moisture balance and Sweet Almond Oil to make hair shiny and luscious. 

“Time to make waves and curls cascade with confidence 

-Rosa Marrufo, Dallas Hair Stylist

My super curly-haired peeps out there, you should get a wide tooth comb and keep it in your shower to comb out your hair.  I don’t have super curly hair, but I still definitely do this.  It’s not totally necessary but it helps!  How, you ask? You wrap untangled, coiled curls into a towel which helps set the curl in, avoiding stretching out the curl.   You should not keep your hair wrapped in a towel for more than 3-5 minutes, because hair starts to dry quickly, and the frizz will begin to reveal its ugly face.  

Once you unwrap your hair, tilt your head to each side, shaking it in between your fingers, lifting your hair off your scalp. This also helps avoid hair falling flat and sticking to the scalp.  Next, grab pieces of hair from around your face and randomly throughout your hair, wrap them around your finger (working with your natural curl), and let them go.  Once you have created these finger curls throughout your hair, SCRUNCH like your life/hair depends on it.

That’s it! LOL, J/K!  Our hair should still be pretty wet right now, not dripping wet, but more wet than dry.  Here is where we are going to apply our products and use our tools.  Start with products – again my personal favorite these days is the American WAVE line, their Structure Styling Cream cocktailed with Elixir Defrizzing Gel and for that instant oomph you want at the end, you will need to get your hands on Glint Texture & Shine Spray.  For your tools you will need a blow dryer, a diffuser (yes you need it) and a 1” curling iron.  

Boom – we have them all?  Perfect, take your Structure and Elixir and mix them together (I would start off with a nickel size amount of each and mix up more if needed.  You want to avoid putting all your product in one spot, so work with a little product at a time, one a section at a time.  I like to tilt my head from side to side, then back, then flip my head over and scrunch away!


Literally.  Step away from your hair, do your makeup, get your outfit ready, shoot, get your kids ready.  Allow your hair to air dry for about 10 minutes (if you have the time), come back, grab your dryer and diffuse your hair in the same manner that you scrunched in your product.  Now I’m just going to keep it real, your hair may not be 100% dry, nor do you really want it to be.  Dryness takes out moisture which then causes static and frizz, so don’t over dry it.  

Once you’ve dried it about 85-90%, flip your hair back over and scrunch away to allow the bounciness to come through.  Set your part in, grab your curling iron and work on hair that needs finessing by wrapping it around the curling iron, using it as a wand.  I recommend working with the natural direction of the curl.  Glint it up to add that last tousled look to a beautiful curly mane. Have yourself a fabulous hair day! 

See – it’s not so hard! It may sound complicated, but the reality is you must set yourself and your curls up for success; otherwise, you will be all frizzed out and have the hair to match.

About Rosa

Rosa Marrufo is an exceptional hair stylist in Dallas with 13 years of experience. Her number one priority is for every client to leave her chair looking and feeling incredible. Rosa takes pride in tailoring each person’s cut, style, color and extension application to be what they absolutely want for their hair. 

Several of her clients consider Rosa to be their ‘best kept hair secret’, she’s more than just a good stylist – she’s one-of-a-kind that’s hard to find. Rosa’s passion is to share her love of hair and for everyone to look and feel great in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. 

What are some interesting things to know about you, Rosa Marrufo?

My husband and I have three beautiful daughters and family is everything to me.  I am one of six siblings – five girls, one boy and yes, he is completely spoiled.  I love to travel as much as I can, shop ‘til I drop and strive to be the best wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend and stylist I can be! I learned at a young age that I wanted to help other people fall in love with themselves and I am blessed to be able to do that!!! I ventured to Dallas at the age of 20 to pursue this dream of mine.  After I finished my training at Toni & Guy, I went through a very extensive apprenticeship where I found another passion, the passion to teach what was taught to me. Since then I have trained stylist here within Dallas, I even had the opportunity to educate for EasiHair Pro and travel extensively throughout my region and the Midwest. My teachings don’t end there, I really make it a point to educate you (my guest) on how to properly style and care for your hair. I want you to be able to go home feeling confident and comfortable recreating a beautiful style.  

Why did you choose Bigger Better Hair as your salon home?

My people here! Not only are they talented, beautiful souls, everyone here inspires me to be more, which I think is crucial to this industry.  If you aren’t constantly growing and working to improve your craft you can become trapped.  In this business, you must be ready to jump to the next big trend at a moment’s notice.

What sets you apart as a Dallas Hair Stylist?

Not to toot my own horn, but I’m amazing, LOL! In all seriousness, I prioritize customer service over my many years of precision training and experience.  I give 110% to every beautiful soul and head of hair that hits my chair. I also love that I don’t just see one trend in my chair; I do it ALL: straight, curly, long, short and everything in between. Beauty, integrity, and results that my clients love are my top goals.

What are some of your favorite services to do for clients?

Cutting hair is where it is at! Whether it’s a head of natural hair, extensions, or a wig; cutting hair is my therapy.  I also love working with extensions – including halo and clip-in – because so many of us suffer from fine hair. It’s incredibly fulfilling to be able to give a woman confidence by adding just a little bit of hair (or a lot). I truly believe that cutting hair and extensions are the ultimate duo.  You can put in an entire head of hair, but if you don’t know how to cut extensions then you really just have all this beautiful hair not helping the client feel their best. I also love me some color action!  Bright blondes and brilliant brunettes are my niche, from balayage, full color to highlights. But I do it all, including fantasy colors. 

Who are some of your beauty inspirations that you are inspired by and follow?

I have quite a few stylists that I love to follow because they inspire me to be more.  A few of these stylist are @mane_ivy ; she is fierce and is so talented! Dominick Serna @domdomhair is also a talented soul who just works his shears and a head of hair so effortlessly and seamlessly that you just can’t help but watch him over and over again!

I aspire to be that good, that fluid, that everything! Oh, and to be able to inspire and influence like him! Yaaaas #goals! 

What are some of your favorite places to spend off time in Dallas?

I love food. I love socializing. I love being where the action is, so please take me there! LOL 

What beauty products are your “must haves” if you are stranded on an island? 

If I was stranded on an island, these would be my 3 must haves…  

Oribe texturizing spray 

Arrojo hydrating mist detangler

Red Lipstick

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Are you a soon-to-be Dallas bride seeking hair stylists for your big day? We’ve got you covered.  We have an amazing team of Dallas Wedding Hair Stylists with more than 30+ combined years of bridal hair styling experience.

From gorgeous updo styles, to trending bridal styles, we can create your dream hair for your special day! As always, consultations are complimentary so you can discuss your goals with a stylist, and we can help setup a game plan with one of our Dallas wedding hair stylists

What sets us apart is that our stylists are also very experienced with all types of hair extensions that other stylists may not be familiar with.  We offer a variety of services for Dallas Bridal Hair whether you are looking to come in to the salon for your style, or having a Dallas Bridal Hair Stylist who comes to your wedding location. 

Below is an outline of our Bridal Hair Services so you can see which best fits your needs. 

On-Site Services | We come to you

Our on-site services include one of our Dallas Bridal Hair Stylsits traveling to your location up to 10 miles from the salon.  Should your location be further than 10 miles, no problem; we just may ask for a travel fee not to exceed $50.

What the stylist provides:

Everything you will need to style you and/or your bridal party’s hair.  We bring clips, combs, products, and tools to create the perfect styles. 

What you need to know before:

Please come with clean, dry hair as a shampoo bowl doesn’t usually fit in a stylist’s car 😊 Also, inspiration pics of your desired style are always welcome so you and your stylist are on the same page. 

On Site Services FAQ

VIP Blowout

This on-site service includes a salon quality blowout.

VIP Single Person

This on-site service is for one person and includes a blowout and extended iron work, or upstyle.

VIP Full Day

This on-site service entails 8 hours of a stylist dedicated to your style, and includes touch ups or re-styles throughout the day.

This is great for bridal photos, special events, or times where you know you will need a beauty guru beyond the initial style.

Group <5

This on-site service includes 4 hours of a stylist, who can perform styles for up to five people. Detailed iron work and/or an upstyle is included for each person with this service. We recommend this for a bride and her bridesmaids.

Group <10

This on-site service includes 1 stylist for 8 hours, or 2 stylists for 4 hours who provide styles for 6-10 people. This service includes detailed iron work and/or upstyling for each person.

This service is perfect for the bride and her bridesmaids, or family members.

Group 11+:

This service includes multiple stylists and would require a complimentary consultation so a game plan can be created.

In-Salon Services | You Come to the Salon

If you aren’t interested in a stylist being on-site, we offer the same services in our Dallas Hair Salon for Brides.  Below is an outline of these services so you can better understand our In Salon Bridal Hair Styling Services. 

What you need to know before:

We highly recommend consultations and trial runs before such important events.  It’s always best to come in for a complimentary consultation and discuss your options with a stylist. 

If you are not in Dallas, and your event will be here, we can also do this via email where we see pictures of your hair and inspiration pictures so a stylist can game plan before your actual day. 

On Site Services FAQ


This in-salon service includes a shampoo, and round brush or flat brush style for one person.

Blowout and Ironwork

This in-salon service includes a shampoo, and blow dry with extended time for flat or curling iron work.

Blowout and Upstyle

This in-salon service includes a shampoo, blow dry and extended time for ironwork and an upstyle.

If you have any further questions on our special event styles or would like to book, feel free to reach out and schedule a consultation where a stylist will go over details and set up a game plan for your special day.

Ryan Bushman is one of our newest Dallas Hair Stylist at Bigger Better Hair and we are so excited to introduce you to him. Ryan comes with several years of experience in hair and makeup, which we are so excited to now offer at our salon!

Below, Ryan answers some questions to give you a bit of insight as to who he is as a person, and a hairstylist.

What are some interesting things to know about you, Ryan?

I am originally from a small town on the coast of New Hampshire. I’ve been a model, hair stylist and makeup artist for 8 years. Besides loving fashion and everything beauty, I like to make people laugh and feel good, as much as I like to make them look good!

Why did you choose Bigger Better Hair as your salon home?

Honestly it was the feeling I got when I walked through the front door. Since I was in cosmetology school I’ve always dreamed of working in a busy downtown salon, constantly busy doing beautiful hair.

The fact that the phones are constantly ringing, blow dryers to the left and right, music pumping in the back ground sold me: I am supposed to be here.

Besides that feeling, the fact that every one at Bigger Better Hair strives for perfection and to be the best in Dallas was the cherry on top!

What sets you apart as a Dallas Hair Stylist?

I believe my versatility and passion for perfection is unmatched. You literally can get your whole life together in one visit with me. I can lay your hair down, beat your mug for the ‘gawds and make you feel like a million bucks!

What are some of your favorite services to do for clients?

I believe a woman can take on the world with a bomb blowout and I pride myself on my blow out and style out’s. Give me a round brush and 45 minutes, and I’ll give you Victoria Secret hair!

I have extensive training in all hair types: from thick and curly to fine and straight. I believe a woman can take on the world with a bomb blowout.

Who are some of your beauty inspirations that you are inspired by and follow?

Depending on the day, my taste can vary from A to Z! Currently I love Graham Nation  from his editorial work to celebrity red carpet hair styles.  I am inspired by Jacob Khan his cuts and techniques are goals!!!  Last my makeup queens: @lipsticknick @namvo @patmcgrathreal  I love the artistry of these ladies!!

What are some of your favorite places to spend off time in Dallas?

First the gym. Its my get away! My time to recharge and get my mindset right before or after work. Second would have to be any restaurant with bomb food, I LOVE TO EAT!!! Pare that with a good happy hour and your boy is set!!

What beauty products are your “must haves” if you are stranded on an island? 

Well your boy is bald. So hair product and tools are out of the question. But I love my skin! So must haves would be Cleanser moisturizer and good SPF!!

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Eric Rodriguez is one of our newest Dallas Hair Stylists at Bigger Better Hair, and we are so excited to introduce you to him. Eric has had the opportunity to work with the salon since spring of 2019, perfecting his techniques and learning from our top stylists. After a lengthy apprenticeship, Eric has shown a passion for the beauty industry and a skill set we are proud to have on our team.


Below, Eric answers some questions to give you a bit of insight into who he is as a person and as a hairstylist.

What are some interesting things to know about you, Eric?

I was born and raised here in Dallas; I currently live in Oak Cliff, so I know Dallas very well! I absolutely love being a part of the beauty business, and I am also a member of the Young Advocates for Sexual Health group.

Why did you choose Bigger Better Hair as your salon home?

I was given the opportunity to interview for an apprentice position where I would be able to work with the amazing stylists here at Bigger Better Hair. There was no way I was going to pass that up! When I was offered the position as a stylist, I was very excited to work behind the chair.

What sets you apart as a Dallas Hair Stylist?

I have a strong background in customer service, so I will always commit to listen to clients and do my best to deliver results that are well beyond their expectations. I also value the relationship aspect of this profession, and I commit to being trustworthy and respectful to every guest.

What are some of your favorite services to do for clients?

Honestly, what I love the most about this industry is the variety that every day brings. From maintaining color to making major color changes, to giving clients the haircut that suits their face shape, to providing treatments or extensions that can give a customer the head of hair she always wanted, the creative possibilities are endless!

Who are some of your beauty inspirations that you are inspired by and follow?

I am around amazing stylists every day here at Bigger Better Hair and they give me so much inspiration. I fall under a spell when I watch them work their magic.

A couple of my newest obsessions are stylists Alfredo Lewis and Philip Wolf. That duo is amazing and work so well with each other.

What are some of your favorite places to spend off time in Dallas?

When I am not working, I love to spend my time hanging out with my family and friends, going out to eat, having drinks or just relaxing at home. My go-to bar is for sure PhD, in Bishop Arts; it’s such a laid-back place to hang out, and it’s also my part-time job. Thrift stores are another place I love to explore. My sister and I go nuts for them!! I love breakfast, so whenever I get the chance, my mom and I love to eat at Carmen’s Mexican Café in West Dallas or Norma’s in Oak Cliff. I am a crazy movie fanatic. My boyfriend and I love to catch them at our new favorite spot, Alamo Draft House.

What beauty products are your “must haves” if you are stranded on an island? 

I love my hair to look big and bold, so I would for sure need some thickening/volumizing products!! Stuck on an island I would also need sunblock to protect my skin!!!

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fall hair color dallas

Looking for fall hair color trend inspiration? I can’t speak for you, but I am ready for this “icy blonde” season of hair to be done with! It takes too much of everything, money, time, and let’s be honest: the health of our beautiful hair. Not to mention, not all of us are meant to rock out cooler hair tones. Needless to say, I am beyond excited to bring back rich, beautiful hair colors that radiate with warm tones!!!

As a Dallas hair stylist working behind the chair, what I am seeing and hearing from clients this fall are hair colors with richness and warmth. Fall hair color trends are following the Autumn colors that we are waiting to see in Texas: rich chocolate browns, chestnut tones, auburn all day and some delicious honey blondes!!!!

YAAAAS!!! There are many ways to bring these colors alive.

You can do a beautiful rich solid color, the beauty about this is you just come in to touch up your roots as needed, which usually happens every 6-8 weeks. Usually, we will refresh your ends every 3-4 months to keep your hair looking perfect!

Want to add a little contrast, we can do that with a partial balayage service. Your first visit will be the longest and more costly of the hair sessions to make this hot hair trend happen. After that, this look is easy to maintain since we will just be up keeping your base color.

Now if you want to get extreme with your fall colors you can do that by rocking a darker base and honey blonde ends.

The beauty about all of these techniques is that you can play with all kinds of tones!! Again I can’t wait to play with some warm tones again, so let me say again… BRING ON THE WARMTH!

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Helpful hint: always make sure to notify your delivery drivers that we are a business in the building and not a residence.

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