After 38 years as an educator, I was ready for a change. Retirement provided the opportunity to continue learning and growing. I spent a year providing childcare for my only grandchild, and though it has been my favorite job of all times, this experience ended when my daughter and her family relocated. I began to think of all the jobs I could do, inside and outside of education.

For a couple of weeks, I served as a substitute assistant principal in an elementary school, which was challenging and wonderful.  Next, I worked for 5 weeks as an assistant principal in a junior high school. I really enjoyed interactions with student, teachers and parents, but I really didn’t want to re-enter the world of school administration with its long hours and never-ending responsibilities.

As luck would have it, a family friend, who was expanding his business, offered me an amazing opportunity to reinvent myself as the brand manager at one of the top salons in Dallas, Texas. What a leap of faith on the part of this brave salon owner! I knew very little about hair, other than my own, so I had to learn all about it, as well as salon systems, services, and products.

Myself and Lily, another one of our salon coordinators.

 On the plus side, I know and understand customer service, I enjoy getting to know people, and I have a strong work ethic. In my prior career, I served as a leadership coach for principals, deans, and assistant principals. That experience has been invaluable in working with the front desk team, the stylists, and the salon owner.

Soon, I was booking appointments for our clients, talking with them on the phone and in person, opening the salon in the mornings, increasing my knowledge and use of technology, and thoroughly enjoying this exciting world.

I learn new things every day, and I am never bored! Salon staff and stylists have welcomed me and have been compassionate, patient teachers. I love the culture of this salon and the people I get to interact with every day! Where else can I participate in celebrations such as “National Wear your Pajamas to Work Day?!”

Who says retirement is the end of the road? For me, it has been the beginning of an exciting, new highway! Next time you are in the salon, or if you give us a call feel free to say hello!


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