As Dallas Hair Color Specialists, we expect perfection from the products we use so our clients get the best possible results. With so many brands available, there is a tall task to stand out as unique, while offering tried and true hair color results.

We are proud to be one of, if not the only, hair color salon’s in Dallas who use Artego Hair Color.

About Artego

Artego was created by a group of haircare professionals across several countries who felt something missing in their work behind the chair. They sought to give life to a concept of ingredients first, business second, and products made from Italian high standards.

Artego’s main goal is to offer the tools and products that give hairdressers the tools to create anything their client’s desire.


Why We are Obsessed!

Most of all, what we love about Artego hair color is the multitude of options it gives us, as professionals, to customize the formulations we use from client to client. 


Having so many options allows us to create personalized formulas that maintain the health of your hair and give long lasting beautiful hair color. 

Something that caught our attention is how environmentally friendly Artego is. All of their products are strictly organic, ethically sustainable, and contain natural elements.


Artego hair color is designed to respect the health of your hair and give vibrancy and shine. Below we will go over some of the options offered by our brand of choice: Artego.

It’s Color: Permanent Hair Color

It’s Color is our go to permenant option that offers 100% gray coverage, with a fraction of ammonia compared to most other brands, and is infused with coconut milk for beautiful shine.

YouUp² : Demi & Semi Permenant Hair Color

YouUp2 is a great option for gray blending, refreshing hair color, or for anyone who likes to have flexibility. Since this is a Demi permanent color with no ammonia, the color fades true to tone.

This color also gives beautiful shine since it is infused with Argan oil.

One60Nine : Ammonia Free Color

One60Nine is an ammonia free color that gives 100% gray coverage or can be used for toning and glossing. This color is perfect for someone sensitive to hair color or the use of ammonia without risk of the color fading.

Lovely Light Bleaching Paste

The Artego Lovely Light Bleaching Paste is infused with corn protiens, castor oil, and beeswax to maintain the hair’s health and strength while lifting.

This paste lightener is perfect for on the scalp applications where a powder mix might be too aggressive on skin. This lightener is formulated to be as gentle of a lifting agent as possible while offering reliable results.

Lovely Light Bleaching Powder

This lightener is perfect for fine or fragile hair as it gradually lifts and begins to stop processing after 35 minutes. This lightener contains panthenol and jojoba oil to maintain the health and integrity of your hair.

NOAM Bleaching Powder

This lightener is free of ammonia, and offers a controlled and delicate lightening whether used in foils or for Balayage. This lightener is infused with milk protiens to help condition the hair while removing pigment.

My Color Reflex: Fashion Shades

My Color Reflex, by Artego are semi peremanant pure pigmented shades that are perfect for adding vivid pops of color. We can also use these shades to up the intensity of any Artego Hair Color.

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