What color hair looks best on your skin tone?

Are you always wondering which is the best hair color for your skin tone? Do you find yourself wanting change or a completely new look but don’t know what will look good on you? This blog is here to help you and tell you everything you need to know about matching your hair color with your skin tone!


How to decide if your skin is warm, cool or neutral.

Warm skin usually shows warm colors such as reds, yellows, and oranges. Most people with a warm skin tone have brown, hazel, or honey eyes and tan very easily.



Cool skin usually shows colors such as pinks, rosy tones, or bluish-reds. People with a cool skin tone typically have blue, grey, green, or deep brown eyes and a lot of the time burn to a crisp in the sun.



If you have a combination of some warm traits and cool traits, then your skin is most likely neutral. Now that you know what skin tone you are, let’s find out what hair color suits you best!


How to choose the perfect hair color?


You always want to go with a hair color that compliments the undertones of your skin, if you have warm skin, warm hair compliment your skin best. If you have cool skin, cool, ashy hair would compliment your skin best. If you have neutral toned skin, then lucky you! Many colors would compliment your skin! I would say Miley Cyrus has neutral skin, or maybe she’s just lucky and everything looks great on her!



When you choose the wrong hair color for your skin it tends to make you look like these photos.



These photos show how great people look when they match their hair and skin!



If you have cool hair with warm skin vise versa, don’t feel the need to change your hair color.


In the end hair color is an opinion and it matters if you love it, so if you love it, just go with it! Want to talk to a hair stylist to get a second opinion or advice? Tap here to book a consultation with our hair stylist and they can help you reach your hair goals.


In Dallas, there is no shortage of blondes and we want to share the love during our Dallas Blonde Summer Special!  If you are looking to brighten up your look, or even just maintaining your blonde, we got you girl!  Book a blonding service in July and receive a complimentary Purple Masque that maintains a brass free blonde and add beautiful moisture and shine.

*Select stylists only




What is Artego Color Shine Masque?

The Artego Color Shine Masque is a three minute treatment that helps correct unwanted brassy tones in blonde hair. This mask also adds brilliant shine to the hair and cancels out any unwanted yellow or golden tones.




Who should use this product?

This treatment works best for anyone who is looking to enhance there hair to the desired tone their trying to reach. The blueberry color mask works best with light blondes trying to prevent yellowish and golden tones. There are several other color shine masks colors specifically made for different hair colors to enhance desirable tones. The color mask is easy to use and helps hide grey hair.


The color mask is recommended to use once a week to prevent your hair from turning brassy.  Or, if you prefer an icy blonde color, you can use the masque every time you condition your hair.



The deep conditioning treatment is a three minute process. First, shampoo, then squeeze out excess water from hair. Apply the color mask like regular conditioner or in specific areas that need extra toning.

fall hair color dallas

Looking for fall hair color trend inspiration? I can’t speak for you, but I am ready for this “icy blonde” season of hair to be done with! It takes too much of everything, money, time, and let’s be honest: the health of our beautiful hair. Not to mention, not all of us are meant to rock out cooler hair tones. Needless to say, I am beyond excited to bring back rich, beautiful hair colors that radiate with warm tones!!!

As a Dallas hair stylist working behind the chair, what I am seeing and hearing from clients this fall are hair colors with richness and warmth. Fall hair color trends are following the Autumn colors that we are waiting to see in Texas: rich chocolate browns, chestnut tones, auburn all day and some delicious honey blondes!!!!

YAAAAS!!! There are many ways to bring these colors alive.

You can do a beautiful rich solid color, the beauty about this is you just come in to touch up your roots as needed, which usually happens every 6-8 weeks. Usually, we will refresh your ends every 3-4 months to keep your hair looking perfect!

Want to add a little contrast, we can do that with a partial balayage service. Your first visit will be the longest and more costly of the hair sessions to make this hot hair trend happen. After that, this look is easy to maintain since we will just be up keeping your base color.

Now if you want to get extreme with your fall colors you can do that by rocking a darker base and honey blonde ends.

The beauty about all of these techniques is that you can play with all kinds of tones!! Again I can’t wait to play with some warm tones again, so let me say again… BRING ON THE WARMTH!

Wanting a change but not sure where to start or what the fall trends are? I have seen these colors trending on social media and here are four of my fall 2019 celebrity hair crushes!

Rooted Blonde

I’m living for this rooted blonde on Katy Perry. Whether you’re cool toned, neutral, or warm anyone can pull off a rooted blonde. This is the perfect way for blondes to go “darker” in the fall without going brunette.

Tip: To keep it looking fresh and not drab make sure you ask your stylist to connect a few highlights on top and around your face.

Copper/Red Tones

Feeling fiery and wanting a change? Channel your inner Brittany Snow with this beautiful rich copper toned hair. This look is perfect for warmer toned blondes who are feeling dull and want to spice things up with a new color.

Tip: To insure your color lasts you as long as possible, invest in a salon grade color hold shampoo and conditioner.

Brunettes with Caramel Dimension

All brunettes look amazing with pops of caramel. Whether you’re solid brunette or already have some dimension, vamp up your color by adding dimension like Lea Michelle!

Tip: If your hair is naturally dark, make sure you ask your stylist to keep the brightness away from your root, highlights too close can create a harsh grow out and look stripey. Also to keep your hair looking fresh, try using a purple or blue mask between appointments!

Warm Blondes

Loving this warm golden blonde on Emma Roberts! This color is a perfect transition from brunette to blonde or vice versa! Start your journey to blonde with this color and if desired work your way blonder as it gets closer to summer.

Tip: This will be easy to maintain as warm tones love to stay in the hair! To refresh, connect a few highlights in the front or add a clear gloss.

Ready for that change and live in the DFW/Dallas area? Come see me at Bigger Better Hair!

As a Dallas Hair Stylist, I absolutely love that every client comes with a different color they want to achieve! When it comes to fashion shades like the fantasy hair color trends we all see on instagram, they come with some definite rules to maintain the color for as long as possible. Here is my best advice to maintain fantasy hair color!

What is fantasy color?

Any color that isn’t a natural shade such as pastel, silver, rose gold or anything that is not in the natural series of browns, blondes, and reds.

Below are just a few examples, and even the client whose hair is gray was a fashion shade because we used hair color to give her this naturally gray look.

Week 1: Helpful Tips

You should allow your new color to fully saturate as long as possible after leaving the salon. Make sure you wait to shampoo your hair as long as possible.

Your hair goes through quite the process to prepare for a fashion shade; we have lightened your hair to a pale yellow, meaning we have removed natural oils and every bit of pigment to accomplish your desired color.

The first week of having your color done, try to wash it only once, maybe twice if totally necessary. This would be a great time to bust out a dry shampoo!

Living Proof Dry Shampoo is my jam these days! You can also grab a few bobby pins and your teasing brush and create some quick 5-minute hairstyles to help extend the time in between shampoos.

How to shampoo

How could this be difficult, right? You want to make sure you are set up for success to maintain your beautiful new color. Don’t ruin your investment by not working with the right products.

Definitely invest in and use a color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo. My current favorite is the Good Society Rich Color shampoo by Artego.

Shampoo once, and rinse your hair with cool water ( I know, I know…Brr cold!) Think about when you do laundry. If you wash color clothes in hot water, they fade. The same concept applies for hair color.

Conditioning Tips

Apply conditioner mid-strand down through your ends, let it sit for at least 3 minutes and rinse with cooler water. My go to recommendation is the Good Society Rich Color conditioner by Artego.

If you have a pigmented conditioner that helps refresh your color until your next service then use it as instructed by your stylist. A mask treatment is another great thing to throw into your conditioning regimen.

Styling Tips

The biggest thing to consider when styling your hair is to avoid excessive heat on a daily basis. Make sure to keep your iron temperature between 200-250F for fine hair and 275-325 for medium to thick hair.

Please always remember that just because your tool is at a higher temp doesn’t mean it is working any faster.

That’s it!

These are the best tips to maintain the longevity of your hair color. Do keep in mind, these are fantasy colors and require more frequent trips to the salon to keep up with these amazing color trends.

Hopefully if you follow these tips your color stays beautiful and vibrant for as long as possible!

As Dallas Hair Color Specialists, we expect perfection from the products we use so our clients get the best possible results. With so many brands available, there is a tall task to stand out as unique, while offering tried and true hair color results.

We are proud to be one of, if not the only, hair color salon’s in Dallas who use Artego Hair Color.

About Artego

Artego was created by a group of haircare professionals across several countries who felt something missing in their work behind the chair. They sought to give life to a concept of ingredients first, business second, and products made from Italian high standards.

Artego’s main goal is to offer the tools and products that give hairdressers the tools to create anything their client’s desire.


Why We are Obsessed!

Most of all, what we love about Artego hair color is the multitude of options it gives us, as professionals, to customize the formulations we use from client to client. 


Having so many options allows us to create personalized formulas that maintain the health of your hair and give long lasting beautiful hair color. 

Something that caught our attention is how environmentally friendly Artego is. All of their products are strictly organic, ethically sustainable, and contain natural elements.


Artego hair color is designed to respect the health of your hair and give vibrancy and shine. Below we will go over some of the options offered by our brand of choice: Artego.

It’s Color: Permanent Hair Color

It’s Color is our go to permenant option that offers 100% gray coverage, with a fraction of ammonia compared to most other brands, and is infused with coconut milk for beautiful shine.

YouUp² : Demi & Semi Permenant Hair Color

YouUp2 is a great option for gray blending, refreshing hair color, or for anyone who likes to have flexibility. Since this is a Demi permanent color with no ammonia, the color fades true to tone.

This color also gives beautiful shine since it is infused with Argan oil.

One60Nine : Ammonia Free Color

One60Nine is an ammonia free color that gives 100% gray coverage or can be used for toning and glossing. This color is perfect for someone sensitive to hair color or the use of ammonia without risk of the color fading.

Lovely Light Bleaching Paste

The Artego Lovely Light Bleaching Paste is infused with corn protiens, castor oil, and beeswax to maintain the hair’s health and strength while lifting.

This paste lightener is perfect for on the scalp applications where a powder mix might be too aggressive on skin. This lightener is formulated to be as gentle of a lifting agent as possible while offering reliable results.

Lovely Light Bleaching Powder

This lightener is perfect for fine or fragile hair as it gradually lifts and begins to stop processing after 35 minutes. This lightener contains panthenol and jojoba oil to maintain the health and integrity of your hair.

NOAM Bleaching Powder

This lightener is free of ammonia, and offers a controlled and delicate lightening whether used in foils or for Balayage. This lightener is infused with milk protiens to help condition the hair while removing pigment.

My Color Reflex: Fashion Shades

My Color Reflex, by Artego are semi peremanant pure pigmented shades that are perfect for adding vivid pops of color. We can also use these shades to up the intensity of any Artego Hair Color.

Dallas Blonde Hair Salon

Working behind the chair as a stylist, I’ve learned many people do not know how to care for their blonde hair. In this blog I’m going to go over all the details on how to take care of your locks so that you have long lasting, beautiful blonde hair.


Also let me know if you have any other ideas, I’d love to see them! If you are looking for a blonde specialist in Dallas, I would love opportunity to make your hair dreams come true!

Haircare & Products


Let’s be honest, lightening your hair means you need to take care of it. Here are my go to product recommendations to keep your color looking better, but also maintaining the best health of your hair.

Purple Shampoo & Conditioner

Every blonde needs purple shampoo/conditioner. Using the right purple shampoo will keep your blonde vibrant and from turning yellow. However, overdoing it can either dull your blonde or turn it purple.


A good rule to follow would be to use it every other time you shampoo. My go to purple shampoo and conditioner is the Artego Shiny Silver shampoo and Blueberry mask. It refreshes blonde hair to the perfect color! Don’t worry, it’s not too purple or ashy!

Color Safe & Moisturizing Shampoo

A lot of shampoos still have sulfates and other things that can strip your color and keep it from lasting as long. It’s so so important to invest in your hair and use quality products for your own specific needs. Some blondes need moisture, some need repair to help strengthen your hair.


My best advice is to ask your stylist to recommend a sulfate free shampoo that suits your personal haircare needs. One of my favorites for blondes is the Alterna Caviar Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s great!

The Perfect Brush: Framar Detangling Brush

It’s so important to use a soft bristle brush no matter the color of your hair. However, the Framar Detangling brush has flexible bristles that don’t tug on your hair which in turn prevents breakage. I personally don’t use any other brush!


Stylist tip: is to apply a deep conditioning treatment and brush it through using your wet brush. Makes for soft, tangle free hair.

Pool Time

Pools typically have harsh chemicals that can dry your hair out and turn it green. To prevent both of those happening, apply a leave in conditioner on dry hair to protect it or simply secure your hair in a loose braid or top knot. My go to product cocktail for the pool is the Alterna Caviar Bond Repair leave in conditioner paired with the Anti Frizz Nourishing oil.

Styling Without Damage

When styling it’s so important to use a heat protectant and low heat. Remember: you’re blonde now, so you have to take care of your hair.

A good temperature to use your hot tools, like your flat iron or curling iron/wand, is 300-350 degrees. Any higher and you’re basically cooking your hair.


Another tip is to find a heat protectant that covers more than the temperature of heat you will be using. A really great one with everything I mentioned is the Alterna Caviar Bond Repair heat protectant.


Think of it like this: you wouldn’t grab a hot pan out of the stove without a glove. A heat protectant is a layer of protection on your strands when you use a hot blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron or wand.

Consistency is key!

It’s so important to be consistent with a stylist to work towards a hair goal. Good hair doesn’t happen in one appointment, it takes time and a plan.


Trying to achieve a major transformation in one appointment is unrealistic, and it really can damage your hair. Staying consistent with one stylist will help you reach your hair goals.

Have Realistic Expectations

Let‘s talk about changing your hair and the expectations to have when doing so:


You can most definitely make changes, however going from blonde to brown and back to blonde every other appointment is damaging to your hair.


Think of it like this: you only have one head of hair, and going back and forth between colors affects the integrity of your hair. When it comes to expectations of being blonde you have to be okay with the phases of doing so.


Big hair changes happen over time and multiple appointments. There will definitely experience warm phases from dark brunette to a pale light blonde. Patience, sticking to a stylist, and trusting the process is the key!

Looking for a Dallas Blonde Specialist?

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out. And as always, if you’re in the DFW area, come see me! I’d love to help you reach your hair goals! Also follow me on social! @hairwithsaradise on Insta and Facebook.


As a Dallas blonde specialist at Bigger Better Hair, I take our blonde hair color services seriously because, after all, this is Dallas! We offer several blonde hair color services to cater to current trends, so I hope this breakdown helps explain the difference between them. After reading this, I hope you will be able to confidently pick which of our Dallas Blonde services will get to you to the look you are wanting!

Service: Balayage (Partial)

Client Back Story: This client transitioned from foil highlights and came in requesting the Balyage look. So we kept the blonde that was already on her ends, and just did a Balayage (Partial) service to bring up some soft blonde around her face and around her crown.

Service Breakdown: A balayage (partial) service includes highlighting part of the head, usually from ear to ear, and front of your hairline to your crown. This is the perfect service to brighten up your hair around your face and to break up your new growth to brighten it up softly.

This service is good for maintaining existing balayage or transforming from a traditional highlight.

Timing for this depends on how much hair you have but ranges anywhere from 1hr30-2hrs.

Pro Tip: Most of the time, we also need to schedule an +add on color gloss service after the balayage appointment to tone and balance the blonde afterwards, unless your natural hair is fairly light to begin with.


Service: Balayage (Full)

Client Back Story: This client went quite a while after her last highlight while she was deciding her next hair move.

She wanted to transition into a more lived in look, so we decided on a Balayage (Full) Service.

This brighened up around her face and connected her new growth to the old blonde around her crown. Then we brightened up some of her ends to create more brightness throughout her mid lengths to ends.

We finished the look with an +add on gloss service to perfectly balance and tone her hair to a cool shade.

Service Breakdown: A balayage (full) has no limitations, since we are working with the entire head you can achieve a complete transformation with this service.

Most of our clients get this service every couple of months to brighten up their entire head so the back doesn’t get too dark. This service is also good for someone who has never had a balayage and is looking for a major change.

Timing for this depends on how much hair you have but ranges anywhere from 1hr30-3hrs.

Pro tip: Most of the time, we also need to schedule an +add on color gloss service after the balayage appointment to tone and balance the blonde afterwards, unless your natural hair is fairly light to begin with.


Service: Foil | Partial

Client Back Story: This client has a very light natural color, and she just wants to brighten her look while leaving her nape area her natural color

Because her natural hair is so light to begin, we don’t need to tone her hair after highlighting. Most clients, however, need a toner to even out their blonde after highlighting.

Foil |Partial: This service is good for maintaining your blonde and saying goodbye to those roots. Most of my clients get this service every 6-8  weeks. It takes anywhere from 1hr30-2hrs. If you are lucky enough to lighten perfectly like the client shown above, no toner is needed. However, most of us need a toner to help balance the tone and perfect the shade you are wanting.

Pro tip: Most of the time, we also need to schedule an +add on color gloss service after the highlights to tone and balance the blonde afterwards, unless your natural hair is fairly light to begin with.


Service: Foil | Full

Client Back Story:
This client has a very light natural color, and she just wants to brighten her overall look to a lighter blonde. Because this was a Full Foil, we placed foils on her entire head.

Because this client’s natural hair is so light to begin, we don’t need to tone her hair after highlighting. Most clients, however, need a toner to even out their blonde after highlighting.

Foil Full: A full highlight is good for brightening up the bottom of your hair every so often. This can also be good for those who are working their way towards being super blonde. It can take anywhere from 2-3hrs.

This service does not include a toner

Pro tip: Most of the time, we also need to schedule an +add on color gloss service after the highlights to tone and balance the blonde afterwards, unless your natural hair is fairly light to begin with.


Service: Blonding | Double Process (Partial)

Client Back Story: This client has a bit darker of a natural, so after doing a Foil Highlights | Partial, we toned and balanced her blonde.

Double Process Partial: A double process Partial is almost the same as a foil partial, except it includes a toner, root color, or gloss. This takes anywhere from 1hr30-2hrs and needs to be maintained every 6-8 weeks, even just for a toner refresh.

Service: Blonding | Double Process (Full)

Client Backstory:
This client has a bit darker of a natural, so after doing a Foil Highlights | Full, we toned and balanced her blonde.

Double Process Full: A double process full is a full highlight and includes a toner, root color, or gloss. This takes anywhere from 2-3hrs and can be done every so often to brighten everything up or go blonder.

Service: Blonding | Double Process Lift & Tone (Roots)

Client Back Story:
This client prefers a solid blonde look, so every 6-8 wees we do a Lift & Tone service where we lighten her entire new growth. We followed up with a gloss to balance her blonde, which is included with this service.


Double Process Lift and Tone Roots: A double process lift and tone is for those blondes who don’t like to see an ounce of roots. This look is a solid blonde and needs to be maintained every 3-5 weeks.

Service: Blonding | Double Process Lift & Tone (Full Strand)

Client Backstory: This client prefers a solid blonde look, so every 6-8 wees we do a Lift & Tone service where we lighten her entire new growth. We followed up with a gloss to add a shadow root and gloss to balance her blonde, which is included with this service.

Double Process Lift and Tone Full Strand: This service is very similar to a Double Process Lift and Tone Root, except it’s full strand. With this service, you can brighten up your already solid blonde color, or we sometimes offer this service if someone is looking for a major change of their overall color.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out. And as always, if you’re in the DFW area, come see me! I’d love to make you even more beautiful!


Working behind the chair as a stylist, I often get asked what the current Hair Style trends are in Dallas.  In this post, I am going to list what I am seeing and hearing clients ask for when it comes to 2019 color, cut, and hair extension trends.  

As always, let me know if you have any other ideas! If you are looking for a stylist in Dallas, I would love opportunity to make your hair Bigger or Better at our top rated Dallas Hair Salon. 



Color Trends

Icy blonde | Cool toned blondes are still in

If your goal is to have an icy blonde with no “yellow,” most people will need more than one process to remove all of the warmth in your hair. There’s two ways to achieve an icy blonde:

  • Low Processing & Slow Results – This is the ideal way to maintain the health of your hair. Set a goal color, and I will help you with a timeline. We can plan slowly lightening your hair in segments so we maintain a healthy blonde.
  • One Visit + Multiple Processes – If you are looking to achieve a major color change in one day, we need enough time for it. To do a major change in one visit, I can book multiple processes back to back for you so we can make it happen. For example, the blonde pictured above needed 3 back to back services, which came with a hefty price tag, but she wanted icy blonde in one day.

Bronde | For the Blondeish Brownish kind of girl

Bronde is personally my favorite color trend. It’s the perfect mix between blonde and brown.

This color is perfect for those who are currently blonde or brunette and are needing a change.

How to achieve: Book a “Balayage Partial” appointment and we can discuss what it would take to get to your future “bronde” color.

Lived In Balayage | The Best of Both Worlds

Lived in balayage isn’t necessarily a certain color, it’s customized to each person to add brightness 1-3 shades within your color and only needs to be touched up every so often.

How to achieve: Book a “Balayage Full” appointment so we have more time to balayage, and/or add a root color to customize a “lived in” look for you.



Cut & Style Trends

Blunt Bob

Loving this edgy blunt bob. It’s super on trend right now and I’m obsessed

Looking for a major change? We partner with Children With Hair Loss, a hair donation company who donates wigs to kids every year until they turn 18. If you are loving this cut as much as I am, book a hair cut appointment and let’s make a change!


How to achieve: To style yours like the picture above, I would suggest a round brush blowout, or a low temp flat iron to smooth your hair without taking the body out.  Style using Alterna Caviar CC Cream and Smoothing Gelee for form and smoothness.


Pr(lob)ably my favorite trend ever. Anytime someone comes in wanting a Lob, I’m convinced that I need one too. I might be one client away from getting the cut myself! .

How to achieve: It’s easy, book a haircut! Lobs look great straight or wavy, but for waves, I love a big barelled curling iron so it’s not “too curled.” Finish with Alterna Caviar Perfect Texture Spray and your waves look more undone than perfectly polished.

Textured Shoulder Length or Longer

Whether it’s shoulder length or longer, textured layers are in. They give movement and body and help hold your curls.

How to achieve: Let’s be honest, long hair is always in style. Current trends still show lots of movement and texture, so I definitely recommend a natural amount of layers and movement in long cuts. Not having enough movement in your long hair can take it from sexy to blah.

2019 Hair Extensions Trends

Skinny Hand Tied Extensions

Skinny hand tied extensions are perfect for adding thickness and a little bit of length. I wear them myself and they are one of my favorite extensions. They’re super low profile and make it easy when putting my hair up. For someone with normal to thick hair, they are definitely worth a try!

How to achieve: Before it’s time for your next “new hair” appointment, ask us about our Hand Tied Wefts to see if they would work for you! Check out my youtube video on our hand wefts!

Skinny Tape-Ins

Skinny Tape-Ins are best when wanting to fill in trouble areas or wanting a dramatic length/thickness change. They are also super low profile and are our most popular extension service.

How to achieve:

First book a consultation so your stylist can recommend the right service according to your needs. This service can be achieved in as little as 1-2hrs. Check out our video on Skinny Tape Extensions!

Hidden Crown Halo

Hidden Crown Halo Extensions are super on trend and are best suited for one who loves added length and thickness but doesn’t want to commit to wearing extensions full time. They can be thrown in anytime your style needs that extra “oomph.”


How to achieve: Schedule a consultation so your stylist can recommend the right hidden crown according to your needs. Once purchased, you can throw in and out to vamp up any style.




Once you purchase clip-in hair extensions, then it is time for a hair extensions customization.  This usually requires a blending haircut, tutorial, and any additional hair color services for clip-in extensions that may be necessary.  All brands of clip-in hair extensions come in different colors, but sometimes they need to be colored for a perfect color match.  In this instance, we offer services to help perfectly blend your hair extensions into your own hair.  Here we explain the hair color services for clip in extensions that we offer.

Toning and Gloss Color Services

If your clip-in hair extensions need a simple toner, or gloss service, we are very experienced with coloring hair extensions.  We can color your clip-in extensions to add extra gloss, or change the tone to cancel any unwanted tones.


We never ever recommend bleaching hair extensions.  This severely diminishes the quality, and the life-span of your beauty investment.  We highly advise against this, and only suggest toning, or adding a darker tone to hair extensions.


We can definitely add lowlights to help add dimension and perfect color blends to help naturally blend into your own hair.

How to Color Clip-In Extensions

We generally will only color clip-in hair extensions that are purchased through the salon.  The reason for this is because we know each brand that we work with and its capabilities.  Since we offer a perfect color match guarantee, we will only be able to extend this to products that we sell through our preferred vendors.

For a list of our services and pricing, refer to our salon menu for pricing.