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Once you purchase clip-in hair extensions, then it is time for a hair extensions customization.  This usually requires a blending haircut, tutorial, and any additional hair color services for clip-in extensions that may be necessary.  All brands of clip-in hair extensions come in different colors, but sometimes they need to be colored for a perfect color match.  In this instance, we offer services to help perfectly blend your hair extensions into your own hair.  Here we explain the hair color services for clip in extensions that we offer.

Toning and Gloss Color Services

If your clip-in hair extensions need a simple toner, or gloss service, we are very experienced with coloring hair extensions.  We can color your clip-in extensions to add extra gloss, or change the tone to cancel any unwanted tones.


We never ever recommend bleaching hair extensions.  This severely diminishes the quality, and the life-span of your beauty investment.  We highly advise against this, and only suggest toning, or adding a darker tone to hair extensions.


We can definitely add lowlights to help add dimension and perfect color blends to help naturally blend into your own hair.

How to Color Clip-In Extensions

We generally will only color clip-in hair extensions that are purchased through the salon.  The reason for this is because we know each brand that we work with and its capabilities.  Since we offer a perfect color match guarantee, we will only be able to extend this to products that we sell through our preferred vendors.

For a list of our services and pricing, refer to our salon menu for pricing.

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