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One of the most important things to having beautiful hair extensions, wigs, or clip-in hair extensions is the perfect color match so they blend into your own natural hair.  We specialize in hair extensions, wigs, and clip-in extensions and work with multiple brands so as to offer the perfect color match hair extensions to your own hair.   Here are a few things about the perfect color match hair extensions that we offer.

Do they need to be colored prior to installation?

We can (almost always) match your hair color using our color swatches, and we order the hair that is already pre-colored.  There are times for certain colors that require coloring the hair extensions before installing them.  While this is rare, this is something we are trained and experienced with doing so we can offer a perfect color match guarantee.

What if you have several tones in your hair?

Many times, we use multiple colors of hair extensions to create a perfect color match to your own hair.  In your hair extensions consultation, we will discuss the hair extensions do’s and don’ts so you are comfortable with the system that best suits your natural hair.  We will also match your color so we order the perfect color match prior to installation.

Color Match Guarantee

We stand behind our work by offering a perfect color match guarantee, and should there ever be something you feel doesn’t blend perfectly, we will always fix it.  This has yet to happen, but we ensure you the color match is nothing for you to be concerned with.

Can you change the color of hair extensions or wigs?

We definitely don’t recommend coloring hair extensions unless you absolutely have to.  The biggest reason is the hair has already been processed since it is usually from a dark haired ponytail that has been colored to get to its color you see when you purchase it.  Any additional coloring is additional chemical processing, which can decrease the soft quality of hair.  In times when it is absolutely necessary, we know which brands to work with and how to color the hair so as to not affect the quality.

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