Raquel Welch wigs & extensions is one of the top brands in the wig and hair addition market under the Hairuwear umbrella of brands.  We are proud to offer Raquel Welch Wigs & Extensions at our wig hair salon in Dallas.  Raquel Welch has been a notorious celebrity for many years, and she has always been known for her beauty.  Today, she is the namesake to one of the best wig companies in the world.  Here is a brief snippet into the Raquel Welch brand, and what types of hair additions they offer.

Wigs | Human Hair, Heat Friendly Synthetic, and Synthetic options

Raquel Welch wigs offer a huge variety of options for just about every woman looking for wigs, and temporary hair extensions.  The company focuses on wigs for every face shape, age, and lifestyle.  They offer hair types in synthetic, heat friendly synthetic, and 100% human hair.  With a variety of cap constructions and lengths, this company has some of the best wig options available to date.

Raquel Welch is a real woman who focuses on real wig results without the fake wig looks.  This brand offers a multitude of cap constructions to fit just about every type of need.  On top of that, these wigs are some of the lightest, most comfortable available today.

Wig Accessories

For a frequent wig wearer, the tolls and accessories you have on hand to maintain and style your wigs can either make or break your love for wig wearing.  From stands, combs, to steamers, Raquel Welch offers the perfect accessories for your wigs.

Clip-In Hair Extensions & Toppers

Raquel Welch also offers salon inspired clip in hair extensions and toppers for added coverage, or a quick go-to style addition.

Complimentary Consultation

We offer free wig consultations to hear what you are looking for, and show you options we feel would best suit your needs.  We work in a professional salon environment with zero judgement, a door for privacy, and a promise of professionalism.

If you do not live near the salon, one of our wig specialists will gladly answer any of your questions over e-mail.  Many questions are answered via our wig blogs, and on each wig in our Bigger Better Hairshop to better help you understand each wig.