Want to know the secret to the best hair extensions that no one knows you’re wearing?  A perfect hair extensions customization service is the key to gorgeous hair extensions that blend perfectly into your own hair as if it is your own.


Clip in Hair Extensions Customization

In your consultation appointment, we will show you different types of clip-in hair extensions, or halo wire extensions that will best suit your needs.  Once you decide which is best for you, we will color match you to the closest color blend that matches your own hair.


From there, we will order the clip-in hair extensions and schedule a hair extensions customization appointment.  In this appointment, we will do whatever it takes to completely blend your new extensions into your own hair.  This includes cutting, coloring if necessary, and showing you how to properly wear and install them once you leave the salon.  If the hair extensions need specific sizing, we take care of this for you.  Customization appointments come with a tutorial, blending haircut, and styling them into your own hair.  Should your clip in extensions need additional hair color services,  a separate charge is necessary to cover the time and cost of color.


Professional Hair Extensions Customization

After we install your professional hair extensions, we include a complimentary customization blending haircut to blend your new hair extensions into your existing haircut.  We will also style your hair to perfectly match your gorgeous hair that was just installed.


Most professionally installed hair extensions do not need coloring to blend into your own hair, because we can order the extensions in quantities that match your multi-toned hair style if need be.

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