Dallas hair extensions

Shine and Gloss with hair color in Dallas is something most people expect.  Sometimes, especially after a lot of heat styling, time by the pool, or sun damage to hair – the shine can quickly become dull.  Adding a color gloss or glaze to your hair color service is a great option for longer-lasting shine.  Here is the 411 on a color gloss service:


What is a color gloss?


A color gloss is a solution that adds shine and conditioning agents to your hair strands and helps seal the cuticle.  In turn, you get a semi-permenant, usually 2-4 weeks, of continuous shine and condition to your hair color.  They are also great at sealing in your hair color if it fades quickly.


A color gloss can be clear, and just add shine to your hair or it can have a translucent tone to it.  Depending on your desired result, I either use Sebastian Cellophanes or Wella Color Touch.


When should you get a color gloss?


If you aren’t a fan of coloring your full strands every time you have your hair colored, having a clear gloss done is significantly less processing than hair color and will re-freshen the shine and appearance of your ends.


This is something that is usually added on to an existing color service, such as when you have your highlights done or roots touched up.  The clear gloss only processes for around 15 minutes under a dryer, or with heat lamps.


How much is a color gloss?


If booked by itself, with a blow-dry, a color gloss service is: $70.

If booked as an add-on (with another service) a color gloss service is: $35.

For a full list of services, check out my list of Dallas hair color prices.