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Donate Hair in Dallas | Children With Hair Loss

Donate Hair in Dallas | Children With Hair Loss

Anytime we have a client who is wanting to donate their hair, we recommend they use a great organization called Children with Hair Loss instead of the other donation companies many of us have heard of. Here’s why we recommend Children with Hair loss when donating hair in Dallas, and how to schedule an appointment if you are interested.

Looking to donate hair in Dallas?

We do not charge extra for hair donations, in fact we take care of printing the paperwork and shipping your donation ponytail(s) to Children with Hair Loss for free.  All we charge at our Dallas Hair Salon for hair donations is the normal cost of a haircut service.  Feel free to call or text us, or you can schedule online 24/7 via this link:

About The Company: Children With Hair Loss

“CWHL opened in September 2000. After researching, we didn’t find any other organizations that were giving human hair replacements to children at no cost. CWHL’s mission and goals were to never charge a family at a time when they need the most help. After years of intense fund raising, CWHL was able to purchase their first building in 2005. The headquarters resides in South Rockwood, Michigan in an old renovated fire station. Originally, CWHL’s focus was on children fighting cancer, until we found out that there were a lot of other reasons why children lost hair including Alopecia, burns, Trichotillomania and other rare diseases and disorders. To this day, Children With Hair Loss has never charged a child. Currently, we provide a customized human hair replacement and care kit to over 300 children a year.”(Quote taken from the CWHL website)

I met some volunteers from the company who had a booth at a beauty industry event for professionals.  Every single person there was volunteering their time, they had paid for the booth from donations outside of the organization.  Their commitment to simply help children with absolutely no out of pocket expense is amazing, and I couldn’t keep recommending any other company to clients looking to help.

Why Use CWHL instead of Locks of Love?

This is simple: CWHL donates a hair replacement solution to a child for free until they turn 21. Locks of love, according to their website at the date of this posting, lists the retail on these hair pieces between “$3,500 and $6,000.” Free versus $3,500+ when we’re talking about children…. this is a no brainer in our opinion!

⇩⇩⇩How to Donate Your Hair ⇩⇩⇩

To donate your hair, the donated hair must be:

  • Minimum of 8 inches in length.
  • Clean, dry, and in a ponytail or braid. (Rubber band still attached.)
  • In a ziplock back, and mailed in an envelope to “Children With Hair Loss” and write in your information you wish to share.

Helpful Tips Before You Cut:

    1. Print the Donation Form (click image above) and write in your information you wish to share.  Children With Hair Loss will send a free certificate back to you via mail to ensure they received your donation.
    1. Remember to take these items to your salon of choice: 1 ziplock baggie large enough for your ponytail, 1 envelope large enough for your ponytail, and a few ponytail bands you don’t mind sending with your ponytail.  (This helps keep the hair secure during mailing.)
    1. Double check by measuring your hair to ensure you can donate at least 8 inches of length or longer.
    1. Visit any hair salon that does haircuts, with all of the above items, and have your stylist cut the ponytail and place in a ziplock bag.  Your hair should be clean and dry before cutting, and you should have it in a ponytail band.  Cut ABOVE the band so it holds your ponytail in tact.   Do not send a wet ponytail.  
  1. Mail your hair donation (in ziplock bag) with the printed donation form to Children With Hair Loss.  (The address is on the donation form) 

 Watch this video so you can better understand how to donate hair to CWHL.

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