Everyone keeps hearing about Halo Hair Extensions in Dallas!  These halo wire extensions are the easiest and best way to add fullness or length without the damage and stress that comes with clip in hair extensions!

If you want extra fullness or length for a night out, or special event the halo wire hair extensions are the best option, in my professional opinion.  Clip-in hair extensions are difficult to apply, and they can be very uncomfortable because they are actually pulling on your own hair to stay in place.  Halo Couture wire hair extensions use a miracle wire that holds it to your actual head – not hair.

Of course, I have to remind anyone who is looking for any kind of addition on a day to day basis that I always recommend having a longer-term method of hair extensions applied.  This minimizes the risk of damage and stress.

Check out this video where they install one halo extension and the awesome amount of length and volume it adds to her hair!  They come with a VERY substantial amount of hair that is incredible quality.   Something like this can last for many years with proper maintenance.