Above video shows Brandon @ Bigger Better Hair Salon explaining Balayage Highlights


Balayage Highlights Dallas | What’s the Scoop?

Everyone knows foil highlights, and how they work.  Foil highlights are applied by sectioning the hair into even sections whereas balayage highlights are “painted” on exactly where you want highlights.  Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint.  Instead of using foils and hair color all the way root-end, this is a much softer way of highlighting hair.  By sweeping the hair color, or highlights onto the hair you get a much more organic hair color that has soft transitions from one color to the next.

The end result can be either  bold pops of color, soft color melting into a lighter tone on the ends, or soft highlights.

Why would someone get Balayage Highlights?

If you are looking for a soft highlight, or sun-kissed natural highlight, balayage highlights are perfect.  Or if you are just wanting to add some targeted pieces of lightness around your face, or ends, balayage gives you a more customized color that leaves less of a “line” as your hair grows.  Balayage highlights tend to grow out softer since fewer strands are highlighted all the way to the roots.

How do you Say Balayage?

It may seem silly, but the word “Balayage” is often said incorrectly by professional hair colorists, so I think this video may be helpful to keep you from any akwardness should you decide to ask your colorist for Balayage Highlights.


Examples of Balayage Highlights

Photos from @Biggerbetterhair instagram, our official lookbook of before/after images of hair done at our Dallas Hair Color Salon.


Shine and Gloss with hair color in Dallas is something most people expect.  Sometimes, especially after a lot of heat styling, time by the pool, or sun damage to hair – the shine can quickly become dull.  Adding a color gloss or glaze to your hair color service is a great option for longer-lasting shine.  Here is the 411 on a color gloss service:


What is a color gloss?


A color gloss is a solution that adds shine and conditioning agents to your hair strands and helps seal the cuticle.  In turn, you get a semi-permenant, usually 2-4 weeks, of continuous shine and condition to your hair color.  They are also great at sealing in your hair color if it fades quickly.


A color gloss can be clear, and just add shine to your hair or it can have a translucent tone to it.  Depending on your desired result, I either use Sebastian Cellophanes or Wella Color Touch.


When should you get a color gloss?


If you aren’t a fan of coloring your full strands every time you have your hair colored, having a clear gloss done is significantly less processing than hair color and will re-freshen the shine and appearance of your ends.


This is something that is usually added on to an existing color service, such as when you have your highlights done or roots touched up.  The clear gloss only processes for around 15 minutes under a dryer, or with heat lamps.


How much is a color gloss?


If booked by itself, with a blow-dry, a color gloss service is: $70.

If booked as an add-on (with another service) a color gloss service is: $35.

For a full list of services, check out my list of Dallas hair color prices.

Blonde hair color in Dallas is something that requires not just a great knowledge of hair color, but an attention to detail that maintains the health and integrity of your hair.  This is an in depth look into double process blondes in Dallas.


What is a double Process Blonde?


Double process is just that – two processing consisting of 1.) Lifting your natural hair color to the desired lightness, and 2.) Toning the hair to your desired look.


Why does my hair need to have a double process?


This is generally required when you are wanting to lighten your hair beyond what hair color can do alone.  If you are wanting a solid blonde hair color more than 2-3 levels of lightening, then you will most likely need a double process.



What does a double process blonde look like?


As you can see from the above pictures, a double process blonde is usually a solid blonde look.  The tone of blonde depends on your desired result, but the concept is a solid blonde hair color.


Is this damaging to my own hair?


When done properly, this is no more damaging than highlighting your hair.


How much is a double process blonde?


Most double process blondes are $125-$140.

Vibrant Red Hair color in Dallas is something that requires a trained eye, mutual understanding of which shade of red you are wanting, and regular maintenance at home with color care products.  Here is a simplified look at red hair color.


Which shade of red is best for you?


As you can see from the above pictures, red hair color is a very broad spectrum of shades that require a mutual understanding between you and the stylist.  From auburn, red browns, golden reds, violet red, natural red, all the way to vibrant reds – it is very important that you bring pictures to make sure your idea of what you want is understood.


Why does red hair color fade so fast?


The more vibrant the shade, the easier it is to fade.  This is true for any hair color even beyond reds.  The reason has to do with how much “unnatural” pigment is required to achieve your look.  If you are adding a bright fire engine red, this is something that our hair’s natural pigment does not generally have, and your hair color is relying mostly on artificial pigment.


The more natural your red hair color is, the longer it lasts and is easier to maintain.  That is because you are adding more natural colored pigments to those your hair naturally has – doubling the amount of pigments in that shade.


Red hair color requires more attention to color care products in order to maintain your color’s true tone.  Also, hot showers are great for relaxing but terrible for hair color.  Rinsing with tepid>cool water significantly helps the longevity of your color.


How much is red hair color?


This depends on what type of hair color your desired look requires.  For a full list of color charges, see my menu for Dallas hair color pricing.


Covering Gray hair color in Dallas is something many women rely on to maintain their image.  This is something that seems simple, but requires different color formulation to compensate for the loss of natural pigment.  Here is a simplified look at coloring gray hair color in Dallas.


Why does hair become gray?


As we age, the cells in each hair follicle that create melanin begin to stop production of  pigment.  It is a pesky, and almost always unwanted thing that happens naturally.  The age at which our follicles cease melanin production is something that is different for each person.  Some people start to “gray” in their teen years, and some start in their 40’s or later.


What color is best for gray?


Gray hair color can be colored, highlighted, and/or lowlighted as you choose.  Permanent hair color is usually required to penetrate gray hair and deposit enough artificial pigment for full coverage.  Highlighting is also possible to lighten any unwanted darkness or tones in your gray hair color.  There are many options for coloring gray hair that can achieve your desired look.


If you are not interested in coloring your gray hair color, then a semi-permanent clear gloss is also something to consider.  It does not alter the color of your gray whatsoever, just adds shine and helps smooth the wiry texture gray hair generally has.


How much is it to color gray hair color?


There is no additional charge, and this really depends on what type of hair color your desired look requires.  For a full list of color charges, see my menu for Dallas hair color pricing.

Ombre hair color in Dallas has gone from a bold trend to a unique new standard of hair color.  Traditional highlights in Dallas are something that have been around for a number of years, but Ombre color offers a completely different look for someone who is not looking for full strand (root-end) highlights.  Here is the 411 on Dallas Ombre hair color:


What is Ombre?


The pictures above are all examples of Ombre hair color.  Ombre means darker roots that transition to lighter ends.  This can be a very bold transition from extremely dark to extremely light, or it can be a very natural blend of your own root color to a natural amount of light on your ends.  Ombre simply refers to the concept of dark to light.  The degree of this transition is up to your interpretation and can be adapted to your desired result.


How is Ombre done?


There are several ways to do Ombre hair color, but I mostly do this technique using foil highlights and balayage highlights. The amount of highlights and/or lowlights that are needed depends on how drastic you want the transition to be.  The trend began with very bold Ombre, but current trends have evolved to be a much more natural transition.


Who is Ombre color best suited for?


Ombre hair color is a very versatile way to add highlights that aren’t full strand, which gives a very natural look.  They are a great option for someone who prefers a low-maintenance hair color, but doesn’t want to have a solid color.  This color generally works best for someone who mostly wears their hair wavy, curly, or with natural movement rather than pressed straight.


How much is Ombre hair color?


Much of this depends on the amount of time required to achieve your look.  In general, most Ombre hair colors cost $150-$200.


Maintenance is very sparse since the majority of highlights are on your ends.  Most people have their Ombre refreshed in the salon every 3-4 months.