Are you a soon-to-be Dallas bride seeking hair stylists for your big day? We’ve got you covered.  We have an amazing team of Dallas Wedding Hair Stylists with more than 30+ combined years of bridal hair styling experience.

From gorgeous updo styles, to trending bridal styles, we can create your dream hair for your special day! As always, consultations are complimentary so you can discuss your goals with a stylist, and we can help setup a game plan with one of our Dallas wedding hair stylists

What sets us apart is that our stylists are also very experienced with all types of hair extensions that other stylists may not be familiar with.  We offer a variety of services for Dallas Bridal Hair whether you are looking to come in to the salon for your style, or having a Dallas Bridal Hair Stylist who comes to your wedding location. 

Below is an outline of our Bridal Hair Services so you can see which best fits your needs. 

On-Site Services | We come to you

Our on-site services include one of our Dallas Bridal Hair Stylsits traveling to your location up to 10 miles from the salon.  Should your location be further than 10 miles, no problem; we just may ask for a travel fee not to exceed $50.

What the stylist provides:

Everything you will need to style you and/or your bridal party’s hair.  We bring clips, combs, products, and tools to create the perfect styles. 

What you need to know before:

Please come with clean, dry hair as a shampoo bowl doesn’t usually fit in a stylist’s car 😊 Also, inspiration pics of your desired style are always welcome so you and your stylist are on the same page. 

On Site Services FAQ

VIP Blowout

This on-site service includes a salon quality blowout.

VIP Single Person

This on-site service is for one person and includes a blowout and extended iron work, or upstyle.

VIP Full Day

This on-site service entails 8 hours of a stylist dedicated to your style, and includes touch ups or re-styles throughout the day.

This is great for bridal photos, special events, or times where you know you will need a beauty guru beyond the initial style.

Group <5

This on-site service includes 4 hours of a stylist, who can perform styles for up to five people. Detailed iron work and/or an upstyle is included for each person with this service. We recommend this for a bride and her bridesmaids.

Group <10

This on-site service includes 1 stylist for 8 hours, or 2 stylists for 4 hours who provide styles for 6-10 people. This service includes detailed iron work and/or upstyling for each person.

This service is perfect for the bride and her bridesmaids, or family members.

Group 11+:

This service includes multiple stylists and would require a complimentary consultation so a game plan can be created.

In-Salon Services | You Come to the Salon

If you aren’t interested in a stylist being on-site, we offer the same services in our Dallas Hair Salon for Brides.  Below is an outline of these services so you can better understand our In Salon Bridal Hair Styling Services. 

What you need to know before:

We highly recommend consultations and trial runs before such important events.  It’s always best to come in for a complimentary consultation and discuss your options with a stylist. 

If you are not in Dallas, and your event will be here, we can also do this via email where we see pictures of your hair and inspiration pictures so a stylist can game plan before your actual day. 

On Site Services FAQ


This in-salon service includes a shampoo, and round brush or flat brush style for one person.

Blowout and Ironwork

This in-salon service includes a shampoo, and blow dry with extended time for flat or curling iron work.

Blowout and Upstyle

This in-salon service includes a shampoo, blow dry and extended time for ironwork and an upstyle.

If you have any further questions on our special event styles or would like to book, feel free to reach out and schedule a consultation where a stylist will go over details and set up a game plan for your special day.

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