If you’re not used to getting Dallas blonde hair color, the whole process can be really confusing.  Should you get a partial highlight, or a full highlight?  What about lowlights?  What are they, when should you get them and how much are they?  Here I will simplify highlights in Dallas so you can feel more comfortable when visiting the salon.


What are Highlights & Lowlights?

Highlights are strands of hair that are lightened, with hair color or bleach, at least two shades lighter than the rest of your hair.


Lowlights are strands of hair that are darkened, with hair color, at least two shades darker than the rest of your hair.


Are the highlights light, natural or chunky?

This completely depends on what you are looking for.  Most trends today lean more towards natural, or finer pieces of highlighted hair.  However, there is always a place for bolder highlights.  Again, this completely depends on your preferences.

What is the difference between a Partial & Full Highlight?

These terms are used to describe the area of the head that is highlighted.


Partial Highlighs only cover part of your hair, generally from ear to ear and from fringe to the crown.


Full Highlights include having (up to) your entire head of hair highlighted/lowlighted.


Can I get Highlights & Lowlights?

Absolutely.  Partial and Full highlights are only used to describe the area that we are color.


The amount of highlights & lowlights that are done really depends on your desired look.  If you are looking for a very solid blonde look, more highlights are needed.  If you are looking for a natural look, then less highlights, and maybe even some lowlights are needed.  For example:


This look requires a full highlight – which only includes highlights.


This look requires a partial highlight – which includes highlights and lowlights.


This look is actually solid blonde, and is not done with highlights.  This is what is called a double process blonde.  Check out my other post for more information on double process blondes.


How much are highlights and/or Lowlights?

Partial Foil Highlights start at $100.  Each additional color (lowlights) is only $15.


Full Foil Highlights start at $125.  Each additional color (lowlights) is only $15.