Dallas hair extensions

Blonde hair color in Dallas is something that requires not just a great knowledge of hair color, but an attention to detail that maintains the health and integrity of your hair.  This is an in depth look into double process blondes in Dallas.


What is a double Process Blonde?


Double process is just that – two processing consisting of 1.) Lifting your natural hair color to the desired lightness, and 2.) Toning the hair to your desired look.


Why does my hair need to have a double process?


This is generally required when you are wanting to lighten your hair beyond what hair color can do alone.  If you are wanting a solid blonde hair color more than 2-3 levels of lightening, then you will most likely need a double process.



What does a double process blonde look like?


As you can see from the above pictures, a double process blonde is usually a solid blonde look.  The tone of blonde depends on your desired result, but the concept is a solid blonde hair color.


Is this damaging to my own hair?


When done properly, this is no more damaging than highlighting your hair.


How much is a double process blonde?


Most double process blondes are $125-$140.