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One of our favorite brands of hair extensions is Hairdreams Hair Extensions.  Hairdreams offers hot fusion hair extensions, tape hair extensions, and top volumizer hair extensions for top of the head coverage.  Hairdreams is notorious for always offering the finest hair quality you can possibly find.  Here is a look into why we love Hairdreams

Hair Quality

Hairdreams hair extensions offer two hair qualities to best match to your own natural hair.  The hair qualities are labled “5 Star Quality” and “7 Star Quality.”  

  • 5 Star Quality – This hair comes from China and is hand selected by Hairdreams strict quality control standards.  Since the hair is of Chinese origin, it is a thicker hair strand and is ideal if you have thick natural hair. 5 Star hair is available in these lengths: 12″, 16″, 20″.
  •  7 Star Special Quality – This hair is the absolute best hair you can get, from any company on the market today.   7 Star special quality hair has been hand selected, and sorted few hairs at a time to sort by quality, color, and length.  Once sorted, the hair is not chemically colored more than 1-2 shadesn only to modify the tone.  This hair originates from western European donors, which result in a fine hair strand that is perfect for someone with fine or thin hair.   Hairdreams even guarantees perfect 7 star special hair quality during the entire wearing period of 1.5 years.  7 star hair is available in these lengths: 10″, 14″, 18″, 22″ 

Application Methods & Options

Hairdreams offers several options when it comes to hair additions. Each offers different results, and here we will briefly explain each.

The most popular hair extensions method Hairdreams Hair Extensions offers is a hot fusioFusionn hair extensions system.   This is a single strand by strand method of adding hair extensions to your own hair.

Each hair extension strand has a tip that is used to attach to your hair. The bond tip is a thermoplastic nylon which softens with heat, and is wrapped around each section of your hair. When the nylon cools, it hardens and secures itself to your hair. There is no glue, or keratin used to adhere these extensions.

The difference between Hairdreams and other fusion hair extension systems is the way they attach to your hair, and how much is attached. Hairdreams offers different sizes of bonds so they really can be customized to your own hair type. There are regular, medium, small, and super-small bonds. This gives each hair type from very fine, or thick and coarse a match that prevents visibility.

Another benefit of Hairdreams is their thermoplastic nylon attachment. What does that mean? Basically, think of nylon: a fabric used in most athletic wear clothing. This fabric stretches, yet is very secure. Instead of using a glue or keratin bond like most other systems, the nylon bond is safe and secure, yet flexes and is removed easily.

tape hair extensions

Hairdreams also offers a version of tape hair extensions that uses their 5 star hair quality.

How long they last: 4-6 weeks.  These extensions are reusable, and can be re-installed once new tape is applied.  This keeps them close to your scalp, which adds comfort and keeps them discreet so they aren’t visible.

Who are they best for: Tape hair extensions are ideal for almost all hair types.  Here is an in-depth explanation of tape hair extensions.

Hair Loss & Thinning Hair Extensions

Hairdreams offers 3 types of Hair loss & Thinning Hair Extensions for top of the head coverage and fullness.

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