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Hairdreams Top Hair Replacement System

Hairdreams Top Hair Replacement System

For someone experiencing thinning hair on top of the head, the Hairdreams Top Hair Replacement system is a great salon installed hair replacement system.  This system adds fullness and coverage for someone who has fine or a thinning hair part.

Why we love the Hairdreams Top Hair Replacement System

A Hairdreams Top hair hair extension topper is very lightweight, and undetectable but also adds a significant amount of volume and coverage right where you part your hair.   This system has a monofilament, hand tied base that resembles a scalp.  This allows you to have a very precise parting without showing the piece.

Who is a Hairdreams Top Hair Replacement System for?

The ideal client for Hairdreams Tophair hair extensions has fine, or slightly thinning hair on top of the head. The Tophair is attached to your hair using silicone lined hair extension beads that are specifically designed to be low profile and discreet.  The additional hair on the top hair system fills in your part with extra coverage, and the hair that falls adds fullness and 14″ of length.


Once installed, the top hair replacement system needs to be maintained every 3 weeks.  You alternate between two appointments, as we explain below:

Move-Up – This is a quick service that includes tightening the links that hold the system on to your own hair.

Removal/Re-Install – 3 weeks after a move-up appointment, you will need to have a removal/re-install appointment.  This includes completely removing the system, and re-installing it.



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