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Cutting bangs or fringe can be a very scary if your natural hair is longer, or you have finer hair around your hairline.  Dallas clip in hair bangs are great if you just want to change up your style every now and again.  Something like Easibangs clip in hair extensions are a very easy way to add interest around your face and shape up your style. Not to mention they fill in your hairline and can possibly hide those roots for an extra few weeks!


I recommend Easibangs by Easihair because of the 100% remy human hair quality, and the small attachment. With clip-in bangs, something you should look for is an attachment that is not big and bulky because you wear this piece on your hairline, making it very visible. The smaller the attachment, like Easibangs, the easier it is to blend into your style.



Since these clip in bang hair extensions are 100% human hair, they have the believability you need in having a great fringe hair style. You wont have to worry about the hair being too shiny like most synthetic hair extensions. They are secured with 3 pressure sensitive clips to make sure they don’t move once applied. Most important, you can style these bangs to match your style each time since they are great quality human hair. They can be heat treated with any hot tool: round brush, flat iron, or curling iron.


As I always warn with all clip in hair extensions, they are not meant to be worn on a daily basis. When worn sporadically, clip-in hair extensions are a great tool to fill in or accentuate your style. If worn daily, the weight of the clip can very well cause damage to your own natural hair, which is far from what you want to do! If you are looking for a more permanent top of the head hair extension system, you should look into the microline or tophair permanent options.


Easibangs Cost: $100 Customization/Cut: $65

Since these bangs come in a one size fits all length, they are almost always too long to be worn straight out of the box. They are designed to be longer so a professional hair extension stylist can cut them to the exact style you are looking for.

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