Dallas hair extensions

For someone who is looking for clip in fringe extensions in Dallas, the Easifringe is definitely a great option!Not only does it have the bangs, it has a tremendous amount of hair that helps fill in the front of your hairline. Built on a monofilament skin-like base, the hair appears to grow straight from your scalp. 


100% Remy Human Hair


Obviously, with human hair you have ultimate flexibility with styling the hair. However you heat style your own hair, you can also do to this system. Not only that, human hair systems always look more believable and last much longer.


This system is ideal for someone with very fine hair around their hairline, and they need some additional volume and fullness along with a bang. When adding hair around the hairline it always helps to have some sort of fringe in your style so there is maximum believability and blending. If you have a significant amount of hair loss around your hairline, more permanent solutions should be considered such as a Tophair, or microline system.

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