Interested in Fusion hair extensions in Dallas?  As hair extensions specialists, we work with many brands, and offer many types of hair extensions to match every hair type and lifestyle.  Here, we will take a look at fusion hair extensions and help answer any questions you may have.

What are fusion hair extensions?

Fusion Hair Extensions use small bundles of strands that are connected to a tip that is made of some form of adhesive: keratin, nylon, crystal bond are a few of the most common materials used. When this adhesive material is heated with extension tools, it slowly softens to a gel like adhesive.  We then wrap this adhesive bond around a section of your hair, and it cools almost immediately.  Once cooled, these extensions will remain in your hair for 3-6 months.  At that point, they need to be removed, and a new set installed.

Recommended Hair Types

The fusion hair extension method can be used on all hair types, but in our professional opinion, this type of system is best for someone with normal – thick hair strands, and density.  The reason we do not recommend these extensions for someone with fine hair strands is the increased possibility of damage to fine and weak strands.


  •  Fusion hair extensions will remain installed for 3-6 months.  The amount of time they remain is a personal preference, and depending on the brand used for installation.  Some are meant to last longer, some shorter.
  • Fusion hair extensions can not be moved up, or re-used.
  • These extensions take more time than most others to install, which explains why they come with a higher installation price.
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