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Hairdreams Highlines Hair Extensions System

Hairdreams Highlines Hair Extensions System

The hairdreams highline hair extensions system is designed for top of the head fullness and scalp coverage at the crown.   For slight to mild thin hair around your crown, the Highlines hair volumizing hair extensions system is a great way to add significant volume and coverage.

About the Hairdreams Highlines Hair Extensions System 

Hair extensions and hair replacement technology has made leaps and bounds with helping those who need more coverage and fullness on the top of the head.  Most traditional hair extensions systems are not designed to be worn on top of the head, but this system is.
The Highline is perfect for adding fullness to your crown area to add to your natural hair. Even if you don’t have thinning issues and just want to pump up your style, this system is an amazing way to add some body.

How it works

The Highline is a salon-installed extensions system that is attached to your natural hair much like the microline hair replacement system. Using a bonding ring, or mini hair extension beads, the piece is secured for 3-4 weeks.

Much like the Microline system, the Highline uses a net with hairdreams 7 star specialty hair attached. The net has spaces for your hair to be pulled through. This way the net works its way to your scalp, and the added hair and your hair blend together seamlessly.


Maintenance & Upkeep 

After the initial application, you will need to have the Highlines piece maintained every 3-4 weeks. In this appointment, the piece is made sure to be as close to your scalp as possible so it always remains secure.  This system is designed for everyday wear for up to 9 months.

Highlines System + Hair Extensions

Since hair extensions can only be placed so far up the head so they aren’t visible, the Highlines system is designed to only fill in the top of the head, and add coverage around the crown.  If you also are needing to fill in your ends, it can definitely be worn with hair extensions.


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