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Clip in Part Extensions | Dallas Easipart

Clip in Part Extensions | Dallas Easipart

The EasiPart by Easihair are great clip in part extensions in Dallas.  If you have thinning hair on top of your head, or if you need extra volume around your parting, Easihair makes this temporary clip-in system called Easipart. If you do not have any problems with thinning and just want something to help make your color last, this system clips directly where you part your hair. In times when your roots have grown out you can also wear this clip in hair extension to disguise your roots.


This system is very similar to the Hairdreams top hair top of the head hair extensions. Wearing permanent hair extensions on the top of your head can be tricky because of obvious visibility, unless you use systems meant to hide balding or thinning on top of the head. For a more permanent solution you should consider a Microline, Top Hair or High Line by Hairdreams.


The Easipart clip in temporary hair extension system is secured with four pressure sensitive clips. The 14″ human hair comes from a mono filament base, so the hair appears to come from a natural scalp. Also, the base of this system is incredibly thin and flat which really blends into your hair. Having 14″ hair not only adds volume to your part, but it also fills in your shorter layers which really plump up your style.


To get a better visual of how it looks in real time, watch the video below featuring the Easipart and Easifringe systems in action. Each top of the head hair extension offers similar results, however they target different problems. Easipart is a perfect solution for thinning hair on top of the head. If you have a receding hairline, or mild to severe thinning on top of the head, the Easifringe covers more surface area and might be a better solution.


For the best advice and direction on the best solution for your thinning hair, a free hair extension consultation is the best bet. As a hair extension and hair replacement specialist in Dallas, I am well versed on several options for all scenarios. I treat everyone with utmost respect, and am confident there is a solution for just about every person with a need. It is a great idea to do some research before committing, but much like self diagnosing your medical problems, it’s truly important to speak with a certified professional who can give you the best options for your unique circumstances. In doing this, you will do the best thing for your image, and avoid any possible hair extension damage.

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