Top of the Head Hair Extensions


How does hair replacement work?

  • For someone who is experiencing hair loss, or fine/thinning hair in the crown or fringe area, hair extensions are not an option.
  • In this case, hair replacement with a top volumizer is applied and worn on a daily basis.
  • There are several sizes and shapes which integrate your own natural hair with the hair on the volumizer.
  • Some are temporary solutions which are applied on an as-needed basis with clips, and some are professionally applied and maintained on a 4-6 week basis. The end result is a natural, believable addition of volume that fills in your style and removes the visibility of a fine or thin scalp.

Is it like a wig?

  • Absolutely not. Professionally applied top volumizers have a net base that integrates your natural hair into the actual system.
  • The end result is a very natural look that can be worn while swimming, riding in a convertible, etc.
  • The net design allows your scalp to breathe, unlike a wig, and your own natural hair is used to help create the style.

 What if I have alopecia, or extremely fine hair?

  • Volumizers can absolutely be worn in these circumstances.
  • Custom designs are available should there not be enough natural hair to blend or disguise the net base.

 How long do they last?

  • The life span of each system is different, but they usually range from 7-30 months.
  • Once applied, they are maintained in the salon on a 4-6 week basis.
  • Maintenance appointments are simple appointments to make sure the volumizer is always safe and secure.


How do you maintain it at home, and/or style it?

  • Every volumizer system is of great quality human hair that can be styled just like your own hair.
  • Whether you wear your hair naturally wavy/curly, blow dry your hair with a style, curl or flat-iron, each system is capable of being worn and styled just like your own hair.