One of the most important things to having beautiful hair extensions, wigs, or clip-in hair extensions is the perfect color match so they blend into your own natural hair.  We specialize in hair extensions, wigs, and clip-in extensions and work with multiple brands so as to offer the perfect color match hair extensions to your own hair.   Here are a few things about the perfect color match hair extensions that we offer.

Do they need to be colored prior to installation?

We can (almost always) match your hair color using our color swatches, and we order the hair that is already pre-colored.  There are times for certain colors that require coloring the hair extensions before installing them.  While this is rare, this is something we are trained and experienced with doing so we can offer a perfect color match guarantee.

What if you have several tones in your hair?

Many times, we use multiple colors of hair extensions to create a perfect color match to your own hair.  In your hair extensions consultation, we will discuss the hair extensions do’s and don’ts so you are comfortable with the system that best suits your natural hair.  We will also match your color so we order the perfect color match prior to installation.

Color Match Guarantee

We stand behind our work by offering a perfect color match guarantee, and should there ever be something you feel doesn’t blend perfectly, we will always fix it.  This has yet to happen, but we ensure you the color match is nothing for you to be concerned with.

Can you change the color of hair extensions or wigs?

We definitely don’t recommend coloring hair extensions unless you absolutely have to.  The biggest reason is the hair has already been processed since it is usually from a dark haired ponytail that has been colored to get to its color you see when you purchase it.  Any additional coloring is additional chemical processing, which can decrease the soft quality of hair.  In times when it is absolutely necessary, we know which brands to work with and how to color the hair so as to not affect the quality.

When searching for where to get hair extensions in Dallas, it is very important to do solid research for someone who specializes in hair extensions. Here are my top 3 reasons why it is important to have your hair extensions installed by a stylist who specializes.


1. Options
When looking for hair extensions, it is of utmost importance that you have them installed by someone who is trained and certified on multiple types of hair extensions. Why? There is no one size fits all when it comes to extensions.


The type of extensions I would install on someone with fine or thin hair is very different than those best suited for medium to thick hair. If someone only works with one type of hair extensions for all hair types, I suggest you run!  That is why I work with several brands, and types of hair extensions.  I want to offer the best hair extensions for every hair type, lifestyle, and budget.

Since I work with several types of hair extensions, we can find the type that best suits your hair type, lifestyle, and budget.

2. Damage

Damage is something we have all heard of happening from hair extensions. The potential for damage is there with anything: the sun, hair color, chlorine, and definitely hair extensions. If you have hair extensions installed by a stylist who doesn’t specialize in hair extensions, you greatly increase the odds of damaging your own hair.

As a hair extension specialist in Dallas, I have several years of experience that gives me insight on the best type of extensions for every hair type, and allows me to help educate clients on proper maintenance to make sure there is minimal damage. After all, the stakes are pretty high. There is no point in adding hair extensions for length and volume, and then losing what you didn’t have before when they are removed.


3. Guarantee
I offer all clients a service commitment that guarantees the color of your hair extensions will blend with your own hair to your satisfaction. I also guarantee the haircut will be to your liking. I also commit to your overall satisfaction of your installation – so if any hair extensions slip, or need to be moved there is no additional charge to have them re-applied.


The reason I can offer this guarantee is because I am confident in my ability to provide a stellar hair extensions service. Many years of experience have given me the insight to the best type of hair extensions for every hair type, and setting up clients to have the best experience through the life of your extensions.

Everyone keeps hearing about Halo Hair Extensions in Dallas!  These halo wire extensions are the easiest and best way to add fullness or length without the damage and stress that comes with clip in hair extensions!

If you want extra fullness or length for a night out, or special event the halo wire hair extensions are the best option, in my professional opinion.  Clip-in hair extensions are difficult to apply, and they can be very uncomfortable because they are actually pulling on your own hair to stay in place.  Halo Couture wire hair extensions use a miracle wire that holds it to your actual head – not hair.

Of course, I have to remind anyone who is looking for any kind of addition on a day to day basis that I always recommend having a longer-term method of hair extensions applied.  This minimizes the risk of damage and stress.

Check out this video where they install one halo extension and the awesome amount of length and volume it adds to her hair!  They come with a VERY substantial amount of hair that is incredible quality.   Something like this can last for many years with proper maintenance.




Being a Dallas hair extension specialist, I work with several brands of hair extensions in Dallas so I can offer the best options for my clients. Platinum seamless hair extensions in Dallas are known for their great hair quality and for the versatility in several application techniques to fit almost all hair types.

Curious about Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions in Dallas?

Here’s my professional review…


How do they work?


The Platinum Seamless InterSeal System™ attachment method system combines 100% Human Remy Cuticle Hair with an individualized paper thin medical grade tape attachment. Two panels of the medical grade tape are taped to each other with a thin slice of your hair securing them to your own hair. The attachment stays in your hair for 6-8 weeks, at which point it needs to be removed in the salon and the same hair can be re-applied after I replace the tape. They are a very gentle hair extension option, which means the risk of damage to your own hair is minimal.



Which hair type are they best for?



Platinum seamless hair extensions in Dallas are best for almost all hair types. Whether you have fine, thin, thick or wavy hair¸platinum seamless offers options for everyone. Also, there are several attachment methods that suit all hair types and lifestyles to ensure a strong bond that remains invisible and flat to the touch.


• No lumps, no bumps, no plastic, no metal, no rigid polyurethane, no glue.

• Damage free, touchable, comfortable, natural looking and feeling hair.

• Platinum Seamless provides ultimate versatility so you can always be in style, whether you wear it straight or wavy, up or down, pulled back at the sides, or in a high or low ponytail. Incredible hair you’ll love to wear!

•  Available in: 37 color shades.  Solid and Hi Lighted colors available

•  Straight and body wave styles


Platinum Seamless tape hair extensions are one of my favorite brands for my clients looking for Dallas hair extensions. Tape hair extensions are quick to apply, easy to remove, and the easiest to maintain on a daily basis. Interested in more information? Contact me for a free hair extension consultation so we can discuss options based on your own hair type, lifestyle, and budget.


Interested in the other hair extensions brands in Dallas that I offer?  Check out my best hair extensions guide:

Being a hair extensions specialist, I get an overwhelming request for Dallas top volume hair extensions.  For someone who is experiencing hair loss, or they want more volume on their crown area, traditional hair extensions aren’t the right solution.   For a great addition of volume on the crown area, the Hairdreams Highline top volume hair extensions are a great system my clients love.


How does it work?

Feel free to check out my Dallas hair replacement guide for a detailed look at the hairdreams highline top volume hair extensions system.  Simply put, the highline is bonded to your natural hair (bottom side down) on your crown, then your hair is pulled through the netted design.  The end result is a significant addition of volume on your crown area, and the highline easily disappears without being visible.  To maintain the system, we re-install it every 6 weeks to keep it secure at all times.

Check out this after picture of a client who wears a highline on a daily basis.  The left shows it in her hair, and the right picture has a red arrow to help you find the actual highline system.  Even with the arrow, the system is vitrually undetectable!

For more information on other top volumizing hair extensions in Dallas, check out my Dallas Hair Replacement Guide.


For someone looking for clip in top extensions in Dallas, the Jon Reneau mono top is a great option.  This clip-in hair extension system is great for someone who is looking for temporary addition of volume and density on top of the head.  This system gives coverage from the front hairline to the crown.




How it works


The Jon Reneau mono top uses pressure sensitive clips to secure itself to your own natural hair.  The hair is attached to a monofilament lace-front base that creates a natural appearance of a dense scalp.  It comes in two lengths, medium and long.




Once we match your color and order the piece, we then schedule a customization appointment.  In this appointment, I make sure you are comfortable putting the mono-top in and taking it out.  We will also do a blending haircut to make sure it seamlessly blends into your style.





Jon Reneau Mono Top: COMING SOON


Customization: $75


Micro link hair extensions in Dallas are a method of adding length or volume to your own hair.  This type of hair extension gives very similar results as a hot fusion method, except there is no heat or glue used in the application.  Here is a simplified look at i-tip micro link hair extensions in Dallas.


What are I-tip or Micro link Hair Extensions?


This is another way of saying cold fusion.  These hair extensions are applied using a metal cylinder that integrates a small section of your hair, and adds the hair extensions inside the tube.  When the link/tube/cylinder is clamped closed the extensions remain adhered for 2-4 months.   After 2-4 months of wearing, the cylinders are re-opened and the extensions are moved up and re-clamped closed.  After that wearing period, the hair extensions are replaced with new hair.


Are they safe?


These hair extensions are ideal for someone with normal-medium hair type.   The silicone lining of each link protects your hair from the metal link.


How much do they cost?


For a professional opinion as to whether these are the best option for your natural hair, a free hair extensions consultation is suggested.  In this  appointment we can discuss what you are looking for and I will offer solutions that I recommend to you.  It is truly a no-pressure appointment that I require all new hair extensions to have so as to choose the best method for your hair, lifestyle, and budget.

Cold fusion hair extensions

Cold fusion hair extensions in Dallas are somewhat new, and many people don’t know about the technology.  This is a simple look into cold fusion hair extensions so you can get a better understanding when looking into fuller or thicker hair in Dallas.


What is fusion?

The process of using adhesives to attach hair extensions to your own hair.  Cold fusions are different than hot fusion because they do not use heat to adhere the hair extensions to your natural hair.  The two methods of cold fusion include:


Ultrasonic Waves –  Rapid ultrasonic waves soften (melt) the adhesive, instead of heat.  While the bond is softened, it is then wrapped around small sections of your own natural hair.


Links / Cylinders / Locs – These very small metal links are lined with silicone to protect your natural hair.  A small amount of your own hair is pulled through the cylinders, and the extensions are added.  Once clamped close, these cylinder links keep the hair extensions attached to your natural hair for up to 3 months with no adhesive.


Are they damaging?


Cold Fusion hair extensions are relatively new hair extension technology, with a lot of buzz about being non-damaging.  As a hair extensions specialist, I have a couple of issues with these damage-free claims:


  1.  Weight of cylinder/links/locs – If the cylinders are used, they are an additional weight on your natural strands, on top of the weight of each hair extension.


  1. No heat = No damage – I’m not buying it.  This is something that sounds fancy, but as a hair extension specialist I know the specifics of what it takes to apply hot fusion: 320 degrees of heat, and about 3 seconds per section of hair.  320 degrees of heat is less than that produced by your hair dryer, curling iron, and flat iron.  So, is the heat a factor of damage with hair extensions?  In my honest opinion, no.  Not unless you have very fragile, damaged hair.  In that case, I wouldn’t even recommend fusion hair extensions.




To sum it up, I don’t recommend cold fusion hair extensions to my clients.  If someone’s hair isn’t capable of withstanding the heat, or removal of hot fusion strands then you probably aren’t a candidate for the extra weight of the links/tubes.  Also, you will still have to withstand the tedious removal of a cold fusion should you opt for a ultrasonic method.  I would recommend tape extensions for someone whose hair requires extra attention to potential damage.


Hot fusion hair extensions in Dallas are very common, yet can be very confusing to someone new to hair extensions.  Here is a simple look into fusion hair extensions so you can get a better understanding when looking into Dallas hair extensions.


What is fusion?


The process of using adhesives to attach hair extensions to your own hair.  Hot fusion means heat is used to fuse (or attach) hair to your own hair strands.  Heat is used to soften (or melt) some sort adhesive that will then harden when it cools back down.  While the adhesive is soft, it is wrapped around a section of your hair so when it hardens it remains attached.


How it works


Fusion hair extensions are individually wrapped around small sections of your own hair for a very natural look.  They usually remain attached for 3-5 months, and then they need to be removed and either re-applied or a new set installed.  During those 3-5 months, you will visit the salon for regular maintenance appointments where they are individually inspected for shedding and separated to prevent tangling.  With regular maintenance visits, the possibility of damage is minimized.


Are they damaging?


Fusion hair extensions have been wildly popular for around 20 years, so there are strong opinions on both sides of the answer to this question.  In my professional opinion, fusion hair extensions are not damaging when these 3 basic rules are followed:


  1.  They are properly applied by a trained professional who recommends them for your hair type.
  2. They are maintained in the salon every 4-6 weeks for a Tidy Cut.
  3. They are removed by a trained professional with proper tools and solutions.


Who should wear fusion hair extensions?


The ideal client for fusion hair extensions has moderately thin to normal natural hair, not thick.  They have an active lifestyle that requires frequent ponytails, and/or minimal visibility.


How long does it take?


Fusion hair extensions in Dallas usually take 1.5 – 3.5 hours depending on the amount of hair extensions that are applied.  Removal generally takes 1 – 1.5 hour(s).


How much do they cost?


Fusion hair extensions have a very wide range of pricing.  Much of this depends on the length of hair you need, and how many extensions your end result requires.  For a better idea of how much Fusion hair extensions in Dallas cost, refer to my salon services and price menu.

Seamless skin weft hair extensions in Dallas are becoming very popular for clients looking for fuller thicker hair or extra length hair extensions without damage.  Here is a simple look at Dallas seamless skin weft hair extensions:


What is a seamless skin weft?


Seamless skin weft is a type of base for hair extensions that is very thin and flat, and matches the hair color on the extension for a seamless blend.   This attachment base is made out of a polyurethane so as to keep the hair extensions in-tact and give a sturdy attachment for adding tape.  Sometimes a seamless skin weft is also used in micro-link hair extensions.


Seamless skin weft hair extensions are very flat and comfortable when worn.  They lay very flat against the head and don’t create any points of pressure when felt, or when you lay your head down.


How Much do they Cost?


Check out our salon menu for a complete Dallas hair extensions price list.