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Our name is Bigger Better Hair, so if you know us, we love Big Hair! We can’t recommend our favorite teasing brush enough.  The Spornette Little Wonder Brush is a teasing must have!  The bristles are a combination of boars hair and nylon, which give a great grip and tease with ease.  The other end of the brush comes to a point, and is perfect for sectioning your hair quick and easy.  Here we explain why we love the Spornette Little Wonder Brush, and why we recommend it to all hair extension clients.

spornette little wonder | Spornette Little Wonder Brush

Why we love it

Besides having the perfect name, Spornette’s Little Wonder Brush is a tried and true brush that’s not just good for teasing.  This hair extension friendly brush is nice and petite, and fits easily in your purse for on-the-go extension brushing and/or teasing for a night out and about.  This miracle brush is one of the first brushes that founder Walter Sporn debuted in the late 1950s, so you know it must be doing something right since it’s still around.

How to Use It

This brush is our secret weapon for nailing up-dos and Dallas worthy hairstyles because the tail of the brush is perfect for sectioning and grabbing hair.  The nylon and boar bristles perfectly tease to add bouncy volume.

If you’re wearing hair extensions, this on-the-go size brush has flexible bristles that you don’t have to worry about pulling or tugging on your extensions.

Start with dry hair and use the brush’s tail handle to section the top layer of hair from your crown into three or four sections. Lift one section in the air and use the brush to comb from top to bottom in short, quick strokes. Repeat steps for the other sections, and brush lightly over the top of hair. Pull hair into a ponytail or bun, add somehair spray, and behold your newly glammed-out ‘do.




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