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Why choose Bigger Better Hair?

If you’re looking for the best hair extensions Dallas salon, you have found us.

We have a combined 20+ years of experience with hair extensions from multiple brands, and every attachment method available today.

We also continuously attend advanced education to keep current, and offer new technologies that we believe will offer a better solution as they come available.

Our  training and experience is something we take pride in, and never take lightly.  Hair extensions are not a one-type-fits-all kind of service, which is why we will always commit to offering multiple attachment types, brands, textures, and price points.

To us Bigger hair is Better Hair.  No, we don’t mean the big hair our grandmothers’ made famous.

Today, more than ever, there have been some amazing advances in the hair extensions industry that have opened the door to style options that many women never had the ability to achieve naturally.

To us, big hair means what ever you want it to mean.  From adding more hair that helps add volume, to adding extra long length because yours might not grow long and full. 

What ever your goal is, we are confident in our abilities, the brands we work with, and the education and experience we have working with all types of hair extensions.

Hair extensions are an amazing tool that can help enhance your look without the horror stories you may have heard.

We take pride in our work, and offer multiple hair extension services that offer you a fool proof hair extensions experience without compromising your own natural hair.  We will always hold true to our integrity, and have no problem saying “no” if we feel what you are asking for would risk damaging your own hair.

We take our reputation very seriously, and have no problem setting clear and realistic expectations so there are no surprises for you during, or after your installation.  We have many clients who have been wearing hair extensions without a break for 10+ years, and we see many brides looking to amp up their look for a special time in their life.

We also have many clients who have grown their hair out after wearing extensions they needed because of a previous salon’s color or cut mishap. This is because we know hair extensions, and we offer services that put you and your own natural hair first.

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Dallas Hair Extensions Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some general questions and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Who Wears hair extensions in Dallas?

Women of all ages, lifestyles, and professions wear hair extensions.  We work with clients who are wanting extreme length, everyday women looking to vamp up their style, or someone who has just always struggled with fine or thin hair.  We work with girls in college to women in retirement. Simply put: there is no set type for who wears hair extensions.

Some people tell their friends and family they are wearing them, some don’t. The best hair extensions aren’t seen or noticeable as they seamlessly blend and just enhance your look.

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Can you get length and/or add volume with hair extensions?

With hair extensions, the possibilities truly are endless.  With hair extensions, you can definitely make your long hair dreams a reality.

However, length isn’t the only use for hair extensions, as they can make a huge difference for someone who is just looking for additional volume to fine or thin hair.

We have clients that wear hair extensions to grow out a haircut, or hair color damage from a previous salon mishap.  Some clients just struggle with fine or thin hair that simply doesn’t grow past a certain length.

Some of our clients also use hair extensions to accentuate their hair color without the chemical damage that comes from coloring their own natural hair.  We also have plenty who are just looking for longer hair with extra volume, and wear hair extensions purely for cosmetic additions.   Again, the possibilities are endless.

Which hair extensions are best for your hair type?

Determining which hair extension system you should wear depends on many factors and can only be 100% determined during a free hair extension consultation.  We really need to see how thick/thin your hair is, and how long it currently is compared to how long your goal is.  That, in conjunction with your lifestyle give us insight into which method of hair extensions would work best for you.  Things to consider:

Your natural hair type and density

 This is the most important factor so you wear a system that your hair can support without damage.

Your Lifestyle

 How often do you workout, wash your hair, or swim? Certain systems are meant for a specific woman, so it is important we choose a system that fits your lifestyle.  And let’s be honest, this also includes your budget.  The fact is, regardless of which type we believe fits your hair and end goal, it needs to be something that is financially viable as all methods require ongoing maintenance.

Your styling abilities

Let’s face it, adding hair means increasing your styling time. For some women this can be a big turnoff, but to others it’s an opportunity to finally have hair that will hold a curl and maintain a style.

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Dallas Hair Extensions Consultation

Will hair extensions damage your own hair?

The only times you see damage from hair extensions are when one of three things happen:

The wrong type of hair extensions are applied to your hair

Something too heavy, or with too strong of an attachment. This is why a consultation is necessary so we can discuss your expectations and we can see your natural hair type.

Not using proper hair extension care products.

Hair extensions require a certain level of products to maintain their health, and keep stress off your natural hair.

Irregular maintenance visits in the salon.

Each type of hair extensions requires maintenance or reapplications. Not following the recommended time for maintenance or reapplication can increase the potential for damage.

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