If you are looking for wavy curly hair extensions in Dallas to match your natural hair pattern, here is a look into the best hair extensions in Dallas.  Not all brands of hair extensions offer wavy or curly hair, and here is a look into how you can match your natural curly or wavy hair to hair extensions in Dallas.


Which wavy curly hair extensions are best for you?


Perfectly matching your hair’s wave pattern is something that truly requires a hair extension consultation so we can take a look at your hair’s natural texture, and offer our advice on which brand and type would be best to match. These brands offer curl patterns that can offer additional thickness and fullness, and/or length to your natural curly or wavy hair:


Bead Weft Hair Extensions 

Balmain Fusion Strands

Tape Hair Extensions 

Hairdreams Fusion Strands


Hair Extensions Consultation

We offer complimentary Dallas hair extensions consultations to take a look at your natural hair, and discuss which hair extensions would best fit your needs.  We will discuss your lifestyle, and can give you recommendations based on your natural hair type, as well as budget.  We work with over 12 brands, and every type of hair extensions available so as to offer something for everyone.