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Eric Rodriguez is one of our newest Dallas Hair Stylists at Bigger Better Hair, and we are so excited to introduce you to him. Eric has had the opportunity to work with the salon since spring of 2019, perfecting his techniques and learning from our top stylists. After a lengthy apprenticeship, Eric has shown a passion for the beauty industry and a skill set we are proud to have on our team.


Below, Eric answers some questions to give you a bit of insight into who he is as a person and as a hairstylist.

What are some interesting things to know about you, Eric?

I was born and raised here in Dallas; I currently live in Oak Cliff, so I know Dallas very well! I absolutely love being a part of the beauty business, and I am also a member of the Young Advocates for Sexual Health group.

Eric Rodriguez

Why did you choose Bigger Better Hair as your salon home?

I was given the opportunity to interview for an apprentice position where I would be able to work with the amazing stylists here at Bigger Better Hair. There was no way I was going to pass that up! When I was offered the position as a stylist, I was very excited to work behind the chair.

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What sets you apart as a Dallas Hair Stylist?

I have a strong background in customer service, so I will always commit to listen to clients and do my best to deliver results that are well beyond their expectations. I also value the relationship aspect of this profession, and I commit to being trustworthy and respectful to every guest.

What are some of your favorite services to do for clients?

Honestly, what I love the most about this industry is the variety that every day brings. From maintaining color to making major color changes, to giving clients the haircut that suits their face shape, to providing treatments or extensions that can give a customer the head of hair she always wanted, the creative possibilities are endless!


Who are some of your beauty inspirations that you are inspired by and follow?

I am around amazing stylists every day here at Bigger Better Hair and they give me so much inspiration. I fall under a spell when I watch them work their magic.

A couple of my newest obsessions are stylists Alfredo Lewis and Philip Wolf. That duo is amazing and work so well with each other.

What are some of your favorite places to spend off time in Dallas?

When I am not working, I love to spend my time hanging out with my family and friends, going out to eat, having drinks or just relaxing at home. My go-to bar is for sure PhD, in Bishop Arts; it’s such a laid-back place to hang out, and it’s also my part-time job. Thrift stores are another place I love to explore. My sister and I go nuts for them!! I love breakfast, so whenever I get the chance, my mom and I love to eat at Carmen’s Mexican Café in West Dallas or Norma’s in Oak Cliff. I am a crazy movie fanatic. My boyfriend and I love to catch them at our new favorite spot, Alamo Draft House.

What beauty products are your “must haves” if you are stranded on an island? 

I love my hair to look big and bold, so I would for sure need some thickening/volumizing products!! Stuck on an island I would also need sunblock to protect my skin!!!

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Eric Rodriguez
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