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Clip In Hair Extensions in Dallas

Choosing the right clip in hair extensions in Dallas can be difficult since there are plenty of options sometimes too much.   We have narrowed your options to a variety of collections that can fit a variety of needs.  Which system best suits your needs depends on a few important factors:


Let’s face it, this is pretty important. As is true with anything, you get what you pay for. This is very much the case with all hair extensions because a higher price is very relevant to the quality of hair.

Hair Quality

If you are looking for a one time wear, then quality may not be a concern of yours. If you are looking for something to wear more than once, then hair quality is a big factor. Fighting tangles and split ends are not what most people look forward to when wearing clip-in extensions.

Desired Result

Each system offers something different. Clip in hair extensions can add hair to a specific area such as a bang or fringe, add volume , or add significant length to your hair.

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What is the difference between clip-in hair extensions at the salon and ones you can get from stores on your own?

When adding hair to your own natural hair you should expect the best of quality. Most human hair used to make hair extensions comes from a select few manufacturers. This means there is not much wiggle room on price. Usually when you see something that’s a great deal, or priced low – keep in mind the quality of hair you are sacrificing. Ultimately, the quality of hair is what determines how long a set of clip-in hair extensions lasts.

Will they damage your own hair?

If worn occasionally, clip in hair extensions are a great way to add a significant amount of volume or length without causing damage to your own hair. They can also offer top of the head coverage, hair replacement, or additional fullness for those who experiencing thinning natural hair.

If clip-in hair extensions are worn daily, the risk of damaging your natural hair is extremely high. If you are looking to wear clip-in hair extensions on a daily basis, we strongly advise against this and suggest a salon installed option.

How do I buy clip in hair extensions?

A: We offer free in-salon Dallas hair extension consultations, e-mail support from a stylist, as well as nationwide shipping of clip-in hair extensions featured on our store.

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